She was wearing her best dress, a beautiful pale purple dress that illuminated her. She had a purpose. Her eyes were full of knowing. She got into her car and drove at a fast pace. Her head was full of rage. She was going to do what she should have done long ago. The night was young, small clouds had rolled over a crescent moon as she drove underhead. It was mysteriously peaceful that night. Nothing was to be heard.

At last she stopped. She opened her door and quietly closed it as she knocked. The garden pathway was small and yellow, parted by two small lawns of grass. The grass appeared white in the moonlight. She waited and then patiently knocked again. A light flickered on somewhere within the house. She heard a lock click and the door creak open.

He stood there horrified. His face was heavily lined and pierced. He backed away as Courtney strode in. Her haughty posture was just as he remembered it. He had lost the ability to speak, he was stunned. The mocha skinned girl looked at him with a deep loathing.

"Duncan..." she said in her softest most angelic voice, "this is the knife you carved that skull for me with..." she held up a small carving knife. Duncan did not understand. Courtney stepped closer, she was not sorry for what she was about to do yet tears started forming in her eyes. Duncan seemed to realise as his eyes lit up with fear mixed with loathing and astonishment. Courtney may have sensed a form of admiration in him as well. She sobbed quitely as she did it...

Plunging the knife into her former lovers heart she watched him fall backwards. Blood oozed out of the wound she had created with his own knife. His last few breaths were quick and forced. Crying loudly she threw herself upon the knife in her hand and slumped against Duncan's body. His mouth cracked into a small smile as he said with his dying breath,

"That's my girl..."

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