When Chris invites all of the campers to Camp Wawanakwa for a 10 year reunion, tentions rise between old enemies, and new relationships blossom. This story is rated for everyone 10 and up, as it involves law breaking, relationship struggles, and some concepts that may confuse young kids. Nothing in the way of bad language or raunchyness though.

Total Drama Reunion ~ 10 years later

Gwen woke up like any other morning, and saw her cell phone blinking sporadically on her kitchen table. She had fallen asleep on her couch again, not having enough will to even take the short trip down her hallway to her bed.

Must be another scam text. Was the first thought that came to her mind.

“You have one new message. New message, 1,” the cell phone’s eerie robotic voice called out.

“Hello *GWEN* this is Chris McLean, from Total Drama Island. This is an invitation to join me, and your fellow ex-campers in Muskoka, Ontario, from July 17 to 23 for a special reunion, at Camp Wawanakwa. Please RSVP by…”

Gwen flipped the phone shut again. To her it felt good, like the sense of relief you get after closing the door in a bad date’s face. She needed a second opinion on this situation. She called the first person who came to mind.

A groggy voice groaned into the other end of the phone.


Gwen searched her kitchen wall until her eyes locked on her clock. It was 5 in the morning, oops.

“Oh sorry Trent, I didn’t realize what time it was. Did you get that message?”

“Yeah I got it a few minutes ago.”

“Oh good, so I didn’t technically wake you up.” Gwen was interrupted by a long yawn.

“When you put it that way, yes. So what do you think? Do you want to go?”

“I’m not sure; do you think we should even bother?” Gwen could hear that Trent was fully awake now.

“Well think about it Gwen, I mean we spent a whole summer of our lives with the guy, the least we can do is acknowledge him! What do we have to lose?”

“Dignity, pride, limbs?”

“I’m serious Gwen! You know what? I’m not giving you a choice! We’re going, me and you, camp Wawanakwa, no backsies-outsies!”

“I would argue with you, but it’s 5 in the morning and I’m not in the mood.”

“Well I’m declaring victory on this one! I’ll talk to you later.”

Gwen flipped the phone shut and let out a sigh of relief. Her pride wouldn’t allow her to go willingly to the old camp, and she was glad Trent put up an argument about it. Although she wasn’t looking forward to seeing Heather or Courtney, she really was excited to go back to the old camp. Trent had tried to convince her that Courtney wasn’t that bad once you got to know her better. Gwen was very aware of the strong bond Courtney and Trent took up as teens, and knew that that bond was still there. Perhaps the worst part was that Gwen’s relationship with Trent wasn’t set in stone, but deep down, Gwen knew that Trent was all her. Wasn’t he?

The first thing that came to mind when Geoff heard the message was “Road Trip.” The thought of a big reunion with Duncan, D.J. and all of the other guys made Geoff jump with joy. In fact, he was jumping for joy multiple times, on a brand new couch. Geoff called his girlfriend.

“Hey Bridge, are you on your way home yet?”

“Yeah I’m coming right now. Why?”

“Check your voicemail!”

“Okay, I have to get off to check it.” She hung up and Geoff waited with anticipation. As soon as his phone started to vibrate, he slid it open in a flash.

“Road trip!” Bridgette squealed.

“That’s what I was thinking!” Geoff exclaimed, “Are you up for the drive?”

“Are you kidding? Of course I am!”

“Ok Bridge, we’ll talk about it when you get home.”

“Geoff, before you get home I need to ask you something.”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Are you on the new couch?”

Geoff’s eyes filled with fear and amazement.

“No, no, what would make you think that?” Geoff nervously asked.

“I just know you too well. I’ll talk to you soon. Love you!”

“Talk to you later Bridgy Bear!”

Geoff hung up and carefully climbed off of the couch. He then scanned their living room for hidden micro cameras, but realized that Bridgette would never do that.

We’re gonna have such an awesome time seein’ our old buddies! Geoff though.

He couldn’t help but listen to the message again.

“Hello *Geoff* this is Chris McLean, from Total Drama Island. This is an invitation to join me, and your fellow ex-campers in Muskoka, Ontario, from July 17 to 23 for a special reunion, at Camp Wawanakwa. Please RSVP by May 17 by calling back this number. Thank you!”

Then an idea hit Geoff like a speeding bullet. Something else would occur on their road trip, and he knew just what it would be…

Lindsay screamed when she heard Tyler’s phone ring. That song always scared her, and hearing it at 5 in the morning wasn’t exactly any better. Lindsay ran down the stairs and through the hall to the living room to stop the horrible wailing coming from Tyler’s phone.

One new voicemail? Lindsay thought, Who calls around leaving voice mails at 5 in the morning?

“Hello *Tyler* this is Chris McLean, from Total Drama Island. This is an invitation to join me, and your fellow ex-campers in Muskoka, Ontario, from July 17 to 23 for a special reunion, at Camp Wawanakwa. Please RSVP by May 17 by calling back this number. Thank you!”

“Awww come on!” She said out loud. She knew that Tyler would want to go to this reunion thing, but she definitely didn’t. That would mean seeing Heather, and Sue. Oh wait, her name was Courtney, sue was what she did. Sue as the verb, not the name Paula explained to her. Paula always was the smart one.

Maybe if I just delete the message...

But her genius plan was ruined when she heard Tyler open the front door, back from the gym. She put his phone back on the table, and rushed to the kitchen, pretending to be making breakfast.

“Hey Linds! What’re you doing up so early?” Tyler asked.

Oh gosh… he’ll know something’s up. I don’t wake up until noon on Saturdays! She thought.

“Oh, I couldn’t go back to sleep! I don’t know why.” She had a feeling she was giving him that sheepish grin she gave when lying.

“Whatever you say Linds. A voicemail? This early?”

Lindsay silently groaned.

“No way! They’re having a Total Drama reunion in Muskoka soon! It’s gonna be great seeing everyone.” Tyler half- shouted.

Lindsay’s phone then rang, its perky little tune breaking into her thoughts. She listened to the voicemail pretending to be interested, even though she had already heard the message.

“Yay!” Was her response to Tyler’s excited reaction, although it was not how she was feeling inside.

D.J.’s phone rang out through the dead, still air of his room. His ancient rabbit, Bunny, hopped anxiously in his hutch. D.J. hurriedly stumbled out of bed to release his pet from his enclosure. He scooped him up and cradled him delicately. He then stretched his arm out and slid his phone open.

“Hello *Devon Joseph* this is Chris McLean, from Total Drama Island. This is an invitation to join me, and your fellow ex-campers in Muskoka, Ontario, from July 17 to 23 for a special reunion, at Camp Wawanakwa. Please RSVP by May 17 by calling back this number. Thank you!”

D.J. thought for a moment.

Well I don’t think I’m doing anything that week.

D.J. sat for a moment petting Bunny and reminiscing about his time with his friends on the island. He barely even talked to them anymore.

“Devon Joseph, what are you doing up at 5 in the morning” D.J.’s mother called into his room.

“Just thinking Mama.”

“As long as you live under my roof, there will be no thinking at 5 in the morning!”

“Ok Mama.”

I really have to get my own place. He thought.

But then again, D.J loved his mama, and his mama loved him, so what was the point in leaving. Maybe if he found someone he loved as much as mama… Was that even possible?

Courtney could hear his car pull into the driveway outside her apartment window. She ran around her house, frantically throwing things into her bag.

Why did I wait until the last minute? That so isn’t like me!” Courtney wondered.

A loud car horn sounded from far below.

Courtney silently protested, “Yeah, yeah, I know! Shut up!”

She quickly filled the small ceramic bowl on the floor with kibble.

Feed her every other day. She doesn’t eat much. Courtney jotted on a sticky note.

She reached down to pet her small, purring cat when the horn sounded again. Courtney ran down the three flights of stairs, and ran across the grassy lawn to the sedan that sat idle in the driveway. She slid into the front seat, and let out a huff of breath.

“What the heck were you doing in there?” the man in the driver’s seat asked.

“I forgot to pack some stuff, and I had to feed Jinx. Thanks for the ride by the way.”

“No problem, but what’s the name of the hotel we need to get to?”

“It’s in Muskoka, but I can’t remember the name. It’s in the voicemail.”

He handed Courtney his phone and she called his voicemail.

“Hello *Duncan* this is Chris McLean, from Total Drama Island. This is an invitation to join me, and your fellow ex-campers in Muskoka, Ontario, from July 17 to 23 for a special reunion, at Camp Wawanakwa. Please RSVP by May 17 by calling back this number. Thank you!”

“Ummm…. We’re staying at the camp.” She waited tensely for Duncan’s reaction

“Alright Courtney, let’s go!” Duncan replied.

“Whatever happened to calling me Princess?” She thought, as she let out a sigh of discontent.

Heather wouldn’t have even considered going to the “stupid reunion” if she wasn’t as successful as she was, and didn’t have something to show for all of her hard work. So there she was, on a plane to Muskoka from her penthouse in New York City.

I wonder what that gothic Gwen girl is going to think when I pull up in my limo to the camp. Heather thought.

“Excuse me, Ms. Simmons? Do you need anything?” chirped the flight attendant.

“Nothing thank you.” Heather replied.

I wonder what Lindsay has been up to. Are she and Tyler married?

Heather had trouble recalling the details about the other ex-contestants lives.

“This is your pilot speaking, we are approaching Muskoka, and we expect to be landing in appoximatly ½ hour. Thank you.

One half hour until the apocalypse begins.

Heather couldn’t help but smirk a little.

She looked inside my purse and twirled the label around her fingers

DragonEsque: By Heather Simmons

My mother was right. Hard work does pay off.

Eva was going to make one thing perfectly clear. She did not go all the way to Muskoka for a dumb reunion; she also had a referee conference.

Maybe I shouldn’t go… She debated

They all think I’m some raving pshyco lunatic with anger problems. I just wish I could show them that I’ve changed.

Eva kept driving along, trying to control the wave of emotions that were sweeping over her. She had never admitted that she’s not as tough as she acts. All throughout her life, she had to work tougher than everyone else, had to be tougher than everyone else. But at least she had a few people who understood her. Eva realized that her condition was starting to flare up again. Anxiety started to build up around her, so she held down 3 on her phone, and set it in the car dock.

Calling Izzy…

“Hello?” Izzy screeched.

“Hi Izzy, it’s me.” Eva whimpered.

“Oh hey Eva what’s up?”

“You’re going to that reunion right?”

“Yeah, I’m trying to catch a ride right now!”

Eva could hear horns blaring, in the background of wherever Izzy was. Eva let out an amused chuckle when she saw Izzy jumping around on the side of the road.

“Oh wow! What a coincidence!”Izzy said, looking at Eva like they ran into each other at the supermarket, rather than on the side of a busy toll way.

“Come on, hop in.”

Izzy dove into the front seat, and Eva began confessing her emotions to the crazy redhead. Izzy was such a great friend. Eva could trust her with anything.


It was Sadie’s first time on a plane. She knew she wouldn’t have freaked out like that if she had known that the other plane was landing on another runway. It was coming straight at them; Sadie felt that a panic attack was in order!

“Sadie! Calm down, its landing on runway B. We’re on runway C!” If the young woman sitting next to Sadie wasn’t her best friend, she would have killed her.

“Oh ok, I’m ok. I’m fine!” Sadie said as she felt her blood pressure go through the roof.

“Ok good. We’re gonna take off any minute. When we’re in the sky, you’ll feel better.”

I knew we should have driven. How did I let her talk me into this? Said thought.

“Attention, this is Pilot Fitzgerald. We are ready for takeoff. Please buckle your seatbelts, and we’ll start our flight to Muskoka.”

Finally! Sitting here is stressing me out.

As soon as the plane’s wheels left the tarmac, it felt like a huge weight was taken off her shoulders.

Camp Wawanakwa here we come.


So there Chris was, “devilishly handsome”, waiting for all of his old campers to arrive. It was strange to him that he couldn’t wait to see them. He tortured them for half a summer, and couldn’t wait to see if they had amounted to anything. Chris had heard a few little bits about a few select campers. He knew that Heather had a fashion line, Noah was respected in the technological world, and Justin was a plastic surgeon, or at least studying to be one. What he was really curious about was if any of their relationships had lasted.

Maybe that way, he thought, I could be responsible for something good in someone’s life.

He had heard that Tyler and Lindsay were already married, but he hadn’t been able to figure out if anyone else was together.

From my television show, came a happy couple. Chris was proud to say the least.

“Chris, someone just pulled up in a Lamborghini!” Chef Hatchet bellowed from the kitchen.

A car better than mine? What is going on here?

Noah pulled up in his yellow Lamborghini, waiting for the chorus of “wow!” that would sound when he walked in.

Dang it. Nobody’s here yet. He silently cursed.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the pessimist himself.” Chris had walked out of the mess hall to meet the young entrepreneur.

“Hey Chris, haven't seen you in a while.”

“Well you're the first one here. We can walk over to the dining hall if you want, wait for the others there.

Oh great, waiting with this yahoo. Noah thought, this ougtha be interesting.

“Sure, let’s go.”

Chris and Noah quietly trudged back to the dining hall and sat down at one of the rustic tables.

“So Noah, what've you been up to?”

“Mostly developing new technology for the video game world.” Noah explained.

“That explains the Lambo.” Chris replied.

“Yeah, it puts bread on the table.” Noah remarked.

He probably would have continued gloating, if it hadn’t been for the arrival of his dearest friends.

Izzy felt that her hitchhiking scheme paid off, mostly because she scored a ride with Eva. She couldn’t understand why people called it dangerous and risky. When Izzy had managed to drag a reluctant Eva into the dining hall, and saw who was sitting at the old bench tables, she almost peed herself. Almost.

“NOAH!” Izzy screamed. It was meant to be a normal volume, but things never really worked out between her brain and my vocal chords. The estatic young woman ran over and pulled Noah into a bear hug.

“Hi Noah, how's it goin' buddy?” She said, as she held Noah at least 8 inches off the ground.

“Great Izzy! Please put me down!” She released him from her grip, and the ruffled young man went to hug Eva.

“Isn't this heartwarming?” said Chris. There wasn't ANY sarcasm in his voice, which Izzy found quite strange.

Then the wonderful fuzzy feeling Izzy had been given by this display was ruined when she saw him walk in.

Owen wasn’t as excited to go back to camp as some people would have expected. Owen had tried to convince himself that what happened to Izzy wasn’t his fault. He didn’t mean to hurt her like that.

Owen’s mind raced.

I thought I could trust him. I really did. He's my brother, so how could he do that to me? Brothers are supposed to stand by you no matter what, but he turned against me. Why did he turn against me?

“Hey big guy!” Noah snapped Owen right out of his thoughts. Owen replied by saying the first thing that came to his mind

“Okay, whose Lambo is out front?”

“Right here!” Noah gave Owen a high-5 and stepped out of the way. He motioned slightly towards Izzy who was looking dejectedly down at the floor, sitting at the table. Eva whispered something to her and smiled comfortingly.

You're going to have to confront her at one point. Do it now!

Don't do it yet, she's already upset, this will just make it worse!

Owen wrestled with the thoughts floating through his head. Owen just pretended like the melancholy girl sitting there didn’t even exist.

I have to time it right. I have 1 week to try and win her back. Owen reasoned with himself.

Failure is not an option.


The road trip didn't go exactly how Bridgette had planned, but she still felt it was fun. She could have sworn she’d booked the hotel for the 16, not the 17th.

Oh well,Bridgette thought, it sure was an adventure!

Sleeping in the car wasn’t the worst place she had ever spent the night.

As she lazily walked into the dining hall, she half expected the place to be jumping with people, but barely anyone had arrived yet. Izzy practically jumped on top of her, and Eva seemed to let go of the grudge she had once held against Bridgette. In fact, the prematurely aging woman seemed to be enjoying herself.

“Bridgy! How are you?!” Izzy bellowed.

“Squished!” Replied a compacted Bridgette.

Izzy didn’t seem to get the hint, but eventually released her grip.

“So, how are you and Geoff?” Eva asked as she approached meekly.

She's so different... it's weird…Bridgette thought.

“We're ummm… great, we're, uh, doing good, how have you been doing?” Bridgette was caught off guard.

“Oh good, you know, working 9 to 5!”

“Yeah I hear you!”

What does she do again? Bridgette wondered.

Geoff was messing around with Owen and Noah.

He's such a great guy... I got so lucky. If it wasn't for the show I might never have...

Bridgette’s thoughts were cut off when more campers swarmed the dining hall.

Zeke didn't know how so many people all managed to arrive at the same time. It was quite the coincidence. Zeke was approached by a short woman with a round face.

“Ezekiel? Is that you?”

Who in the world is this eh?

Ezekiel only then noticed the collection of moles on the side of the woman’s face and realized it was Beth.

“Beth! Wow, you look great!”

“Aww thanks Zeke, so do you!”

Ezekiel then got lost in thought as Beth started up a conversation with him.

Wow, that’s really Beth? But she was so awkward at camp…

A tall man with bright orange hair then walked in, Beth nearly screamed as she ran over to glomp him.

Harold walked in feeling pretty awkward after his and LeShawna’s messy breakup. He felt like hiding under a rock when he was approached by her.

“Hey Harold baby, how's it goin'?” Harold was surprised to hear no resentment in her voice.

“Uh hi LeShawna. Listen I'm sorry about what happened...” Harold replied

“Honey, don't you worry. It just wasn't meant to be. Things change, and so do people.”

Well she sure has moved on fast.

Harold’s eyes searched the crowd for Courtney or Duncan. She could hold a mean grudge, and he was just a bully. They were a heck of a team.

Then, he heard a squeal, and immediately knew who had entered.

What a rush! Thought Tyler, Our old camp, old friends, and I’m even here with Lindsay!

His marriage to Lindsay still hadn’t sunk in despite the fact that they had eloped nearly 7 prior.

“Yo Tyler, what's up man?” D.J. asked upon Tyler’s arrival.

“Not much guys, but life sure is good!” Tyler replied

“You can say that again dude! Can't wait to hit the lake like old times! Gonna be awesome!” Geoff exclaimed.

Geoff always had a way of putting good energy into the room.

“Yeah! Go Gophers!” Tyler said to get his Bass friends riled up.

Owen then came stumbling through their path when he saw the new arrivals.

Owen nearly knocked Trent over to get to get to Gwen. She looked ready to explode under his huge arms, but Trent knew she loved getting squished by their old friend. Trent subconsciously scanned the room for her. He secretly couldn’t wait to see Courtney for the first time in months. Sure they talked, but it would be so great to see her.

“Trent! How's it goin' man?” Justin asked.

“Great man, how about you?” Trent asked, although he was uninterested.

“Great! Have you seen Alejandro anywhere?”

As always, Justin was worried that he would perhaps not be the most handsome person in the room.

“Actually, the reunion is for the Island cast only.”

Justin looked relieved.

“That's too bad. I guess I'll talk to you later right?”

“Sure man, nice talkin' to ya.”

Trent had to stifle his laughter when he saw who had entered next. There was Cody walking confidently along. He must have grown half a foot since when he had last seen him. Heather followed him in, a slightly annoyed look on her face as she did so.

Trent thought, Things haven’t changed a bit.

Duncan drove angrily along the highway. He couldn’t believe traffic was so bad on that turnoff. He reasoned that the only way to make up for the lost time was to go faster, much faster. Courtney was asleep in the passenger’s seat, and that was good for Duncan. It meant he could speed without getting yelled at by his disapproving girlfriend, if that’s what you would even call her.

God, in an hour we're gonna be at the camp.Duncan thought. It seemed unreal, mostly because he had hated the place so much at the time. Now he was going back. If someone had told him he would be doing this back then, he would have called them some choice words, and drop kicked them to China.

Then it happened. Duncan could hear the sirens blaring behind him. He wasn’t afraid at all of the cops. He was much more afraid of the person slumped over in the seat next to him.

“I am so dead!” Duncan said out loud. He pulled over to the side of the road, and the Courtney’s limp body sprung up.

“Are we there?” she whispered, voice groggy.

“Ummm not exactly.” Duncan replied

She opened her eyes all the way, and when she saw the flashing blue and red lights in the rear view mirror, they were the size of softballs.

“Duncan? What did you do?”

Those kids didn’t even notice Chris, which truthfully, he loved. It meant he could blend into the background and take in everything. Owen had DJ and Geoff in duel headlocks, Gwen was chatting with LeShawna, and Katie and Sadie were admiring Justin. It was just like old times.

“So it looks like we have everybody but Courtney, and Duncan!” Chris announced.

“Has anyone heard from Courtney or Duncan?”

Bridgette called out from a corner of the room, “Courtney texted me that they'll be here any minute. Duncan got pulled over.” There was a collective snicker from the crowd, and Chris couldn't help but snicker himself.

“We're here!” came a squeal from outside. Courtney walked in, her eyes locked on someone in the crowd. Duncan walked in afterwards looking quite flustered. Harold’s eyes darted back and forth, and Trent pulled Courtney into a bear hug. It was strange to Chris that some people hadn’t quite let go of the past. He knew that hidden under all of the changes in physical appearance, lay the same teens that he knew, and loved to hate. Bridgette tackled Courtney, while the boys from the Bass team plus Owen went over to greet Duncan. Then it began.

“Sorry we're late but we got pulled over.” Duncan explained.

'We got pulled over? You mean you got pulled over!” Courtney retorted.

“You were in the car, so you're a part of this!” Duncan insisted.

“I wasn't even awake!”

“I was barely speeding!”

“Your dad clocked you at 97 miles per hour!”

Chris knew everybody must be wondering the same thing.

“Yes, my dad pulled me over people!” Duncan announced.

“You know what? Let’s drop it.” Courtney whispered.

“Sure.” Duncan sighed.

Then Chris thought, Time can change appearances, but it can't change what's inside...

If Katie knew Chris, he would definitely try to put them through some sort of crazy challenge.

“Hey Campers! First order of business is to take a little trip to the past. We are all going up to the cliff to take a dive into the lake, like old times.” Chris announced.

Oh I remember that challenge. That’s when Izzy switched teams so I could be with Sadie.

Katie noticed that Izzy wasn’t acting quite as quirky as she usually did. Sadie had told her of rumors that Izzy had been locked up for quite some time in a federal prison. Katie wasn’t sure for what, but she was Izzy, the eccentric redheaded Izzy! She couldn’t have done anything that bad.

The women went to the communal bathrooms to change, and Sadie ran up to Katie with an exasperated look on her face.

“Oh my gosh Katie, you know that Justin is studying to be a plastic surgeon? He said that, when we’re like, 40, if we need any Botox we can give him a call! He said we can CALL him!”

“Sadie, don’t get so worked up! He’s just a regular guy.” Katie tried to reason.

Katie and Sadie dragged themselves up the cliff, and waited with the others for Chris and some other assorted “campers” to arrive.

Once Chris, Courtney, and Duncan had made it up to the edge of the cliff, the craziness began.

People were joking, and screaming, and threatening to push people off, until Chris sounded an air horn.

Same old Chris. He’s gonna make us jump while he uses a jetpack or something. Katie thought.

Then Chris surprised everyone, perhaps he surprised Katie the most.

“Now, let’s see who will make the jump this time. The lake is clean, don’t worry. We cleared the toxic waste from season 4 away years ago. So who would like to go first?”

Almost every eye on top of the cliff was scanning the area, seeing who would volunteer.

Chris looked slightly annoyed.

“Okay then. I guess I’ll have to go first.” Chris said.

Lindsay gasped with surprised, and D.J. raised an eyebrow. Chris walked to the opposite side of the cliff, took a running start, and launched himself off of the edge. Katie peered her head over the edge of the cliff. She heard a splash and whoop of laughter.

“He made it guys!” Katie exclaimed.

“Let’s go Lindsay! To the extreme!” Said Tyler. He dove off the cliff and managed to enter the water cleanly, much to everybody’s’ surprise.

“Wait up Tyler!” Squeaked Lindsay as she hopped off the cliff.

One by one, people started jumping off of the cliff. Owen jumped off, creating a large splash, and Heather was pushed into the water below by Noah, who could no longer stand her complaining.

Meanwhile, Katie was trying to convince D.J. to jump, while Duncan was arguing with Courtney.

“Court it’s just water!” Duncan groaned.

“It’s like 500 feet down!” Courtney whimpered.

“Actually its 70, but that’s okay too.” Duncan joked.

“Would you shut up? You know I wasn’t able to do this before!”

At this Duncan scowled and grabbed Courtney’s arm. He began to drag her to the edge of the cliff. She managed to escape his grip for a moment, but he caught her and jumped off of the cliff. Katie looked over the edge and saw Courtney’s arms and legs flailing wildly.

D.J. bent over next to Katie slightly to watch the display.

“EEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Courtney screamed.

“YOU INSENSITIVE JERK!” Was the high pitched scream that came from below.

“See D.J.? Courtney made it! I’ll jump with you.” Katie said sweetly.

D.J. sighed but replied, “Okay. Let’s get this over with.”

Katie grabbed D.J.’s hand and pulled him off of the cliff with her.

Before Katie could even see D.J.’s expression, they had hit the water.

Underwater, Katie opened her eyes to try and find D.J., however she couldn’t see him.

When she surfaced, she found D.J. floating on his back, laughing.

“Ha-ha! I’m floating! That wasn’t bad at all Katie!” He chuckled.

“See I told you! You just had to face your fears.” Katie said.

Katie tried to locate Sadie, just to find her sitting on the beach flirting with Justin. Strangely enough, it seemed to be working…

Gwen was walking back to the cabins with LeShawna after the big cliff dive that afternoon. It was starting to get dark outside.

“Gwen, honey, you are my best friend, and I have to ask you something.” LeShawna said.

“Yeah sure, what is it?” Asked Gwen.

“Do you know what’s been going on with Izzy? I mean I have heard some… well… things.”

“What kind of things?” Gwen asked.

“Well… I heard that someone ratted her out to the RCMP for something. At least that’s what I heard.”

“That’s odd I truthfully don't know… Well let’s go change so we can get to bonfire ceremony.”

“I hope I don’t get eliminated!” LeShawna joked.

Wow… maybe Izzy really is dangerous? Nah!

Courtney had just finished getting dressed and trudged out of the communal bathrooms, into the now pitch black night, when she heard a low growl.

“Okay Duncan, I know it’s you. You can come out now.” Courtney scoffed.

A bush about 8 feet away shook slightly and something growled again

Now Courtney was slightly worried. Duncan always gave up when she caught him.

“Duncan? Stop messing around.” Courtney said, as she started to back away from the bush and back into the bathroom.

Something lunged from the bushes and grabbed Courtney in a death grip. She let out a shriek, and was pulled down to the bathroom floor, which only resounded in laughter from her attacker.

“Did I scare you?” laughed a voice in her ear.

“Trent!? What were you thinking? You could have killed me!” Courtney screamed.

“Oh come on, it was funny! I didn’t mean to scare you that bad!”Trent snickered.

“I was not that scared. But I hit my head on the floor.” Courtney said, while rubbing the back of her head.

“I’m sorry! Just be glad I wasn’t some crazy psyco like a chainsaw guy, or Izzy!” Trent reasoned, as he pulled her to her feet. At that moment Gwen poked her head through the bathroom door.

Uh oh… Courtney thought.

“Ummm… hi Trent, Courtney. I came to find you guys, and well, here you are.”

“Hey Gwen, you should have seen this girl’s face! I jumped out at her from the bushes, and she totally freaked!” Trent said.

“Yeah, but now I’m seeing double. Bad things happen when head meets floor tiles.”

“Well, the ceremony’s starting. Let’s go.” Gwen interrupted.

She doesn’t think we were up to something does she? Gwen grabbed Trent by the arm and hastily pulled him from the bathroom, while Courtney followed awkwardly.

Beth sat of to the side at the bonfire ceremony. She remembered the day she got booted off of the island.

It was all Heather… Beth thought, The evil witch convinced everyone. That tiki statue had nothing to do with it! It was her bossiness that caused the losing streak.

But there was no changing the past. Ezekiel tried to explain that to Beth when she vented to him on their walk up the cliff.

“There’s no point in getting angered about what happened eh. I mean, I got voted off first, but you know what? I’m glad. If I wasn’t voted off, Courtney would have been, and she would have never gotten to know Duncan. I’m kind of responsible for something good eh!”

Now Zeke came and sat next to a disgruntled Beth.

“You know Zeke, you aren’t like I remembered.” Beth remarked.

“Well I’ve gotten out more, had time to think about things. My life is pretty good.”

“I’m glad. Maybe we should, you know, go…”

Beth was interrupted by Chris.

“It’s time for our first reunion marshmallow ceremony!”

Beth couldn’t help but see the strange face Ezekiel was making. This must have been bringing up some bad memories.

“The first marshmallow goes to… Ezekiel!” Chris beamed.

Ezekiel pulled himself up from the log he had positioned himself on and accepted the marshmallow with a comedic bow. An enthusiastic round of applause rung out through the night.

“And because I’m lazy, I’m just gonna pass around this bag of marshmallows for you guys to distribute yourselves.”

Chris tossed the bag of Marshmallows to Owen, who took one, and then snuck another one into his mouth, which Beth happened to notice.

“Well guys, I hope you enjoyed your first day back at Camp Wawanakwa! You guys can bunk in the cabins, but remember, boys get one side, and girls get the other! No funny business!” Chris said with mock seriousness.

With that, Beth rose from her seat to go set out her personal items, and claim a bunk, but before she could walk away, Zeke caught her arm and spun her around.

“Erm, Beth, I just wanted to say, I uh, it was really nice talking with you, and, um, if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m, I’m here.”

Beth tried to suppress a giant grin with little success.

“Thanks Zeke, it was nice talking to you to.” Beth turned around and slowly walked away, trying to hide her blushing face.

Cody lay in his bunk trying to figure out how he could play this. He felt guilty about evesdropping, and then scemeing about it.

Is it right to be doing this for a girl, ehm, woman who I had a crush on in high-school?

He couldn’t help it. He had loved her for the longest time, and he wasn’t about to blow it again.

Okay, so I tell her what I heard, and then, whatever happens, she’ll think I’m on her side. Yeah, that’s perfect. But how do I play it?

Cody wasn’t sure how he was going to say what he heard to Gwen. I mean, would she even care? It’s not like she was in to Duncan anymore. She was into Trent.

Trent, Trent, Trent. What’s so great about him? What Is it about him that drives her wild?

Cody couldn’t figure it out. But maybe Duncan had the same thing. Was it the bad boy thing? The mysterious thing? It was driving Cody off the deep end.

Cody had finally figured out what he would say to Gwen.

I’ll just pull her off to the side and say, “Gwen, I don’t know if this interests you or not, but I overheard Courtney and Duncan arguing. It was something about speeding tickets, and Courtney said that she couldn’t trust Duncan. They agreed that they’re just friends.” Cody could finally relax. He had exactly what he was going to say. Maybe then Gwen would appreciate him, feel like he’s her ally. Maybe she’d even like him a little?

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