Eastern Eagles
Gender Male
Hair color Orange
Eye color Violet
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship  ?
Family  ???
Friends  ?
Enemies  ?
Fear Losing his friends
Talent Thinking positive and making friends

Rei is labeld as The Friendly Optimist in Total Drama: Lost Island


Not much is known about Rei's life before TDLI, but what is known is that he sure is one swell guy. Rei loves to think positive and look at any situation in the best light. Often times, you can hear him saying his signiture phrase, "Let's think positive," even in the most dreary of situations. He is also very friendly and eager-to-please, but tends to rush recklessly into things. Although he has good intentions, Rei tends to accidentely cause problems or make situations worse. Rei treats people with the utmost respect, especially his friends. The producers speculate that Rei joined Total Drama: Lost Island in order to make new friends and win some cash.


  • Rei is pronounced Ray
  • Rei is an edit of Cody 

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