Reggie, labled as the Wannabe rocker is a contestant on Total Drama Cruise.

Reggie joined Total Drama Cruise for the money to get some rock and roll equipment.

Boogieing Cougars
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Welcome to Total Drama Cruise!"
Place Twenty-Second
Relationship None
Friends Sophia
Enemies Brianna
Fear Losing his guitar
Talent Playing the guitar.


Reggie's Dad gave Reggie his old guitar and he fell in love with it immediately. Reggie took lessons since he got his guitar and now he thinks he is ready to go to the next step. Reggie sent in a CD f his guitar playing and got rejected but he keeps trying. He talks and acts like he is a real rock star though. He joined Total Drama Cruise one day because he decided he needed new equipment and relax at the same time.

Challenge Guide

Chapter 1 - Reggie arrived at Total Drama Cruise and in the challenge he fell off his surf board pretty early. His team lost and he voted for Conner.

Audition Tape

The camera shows a teenage boy on the stage of a rock and roll concert "Hey my name is Reggie and you should pick me for your show because I'm an amazing guitar player ad everyone loves me. Just look at me now." Reggie says proudly "Security! A weird kid is on the stage for a rock and roll concert!" says a man offstage "I gotta go! Pick me for your show!" Reggie yells as two big security guards chase him away.


  • Reggie is a redesign of Justin's original design.
  • Reggie arrived in the third boat and was the second one off the boat.
  • Reggie received three votes.
  • Reggie sat on Stu's bleacher.

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