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Reflection by CrystalNeonSummerSnow

Summary: Do you ever wish that you could go back in time and decode what people say or are about to say? Well, Duncan does. Since Courtney's tragic death, he's not acting like the same wolfish bad boy he was before. He's skipping school, spending less time with his gang, and can't even see his reflection in mirrors! What gives? Well, every story has to have another girl involved....

Chapter 1: Questions

I just knelt down in the rain, staring at the inscription on the tombstone,

Courtney Megen Bell Tanner


Even though being a bad boy you mustn't cry, I couldn't help but break that rule. Some evil witch poisoned my soulmate's drink; I hope Courtney's parents are suing her. She was innocent, clean, a regular 18-year-old that wears Abercrombie; what's the crime in that?! All I have to remember her was that last moment we spent on her deathbed; I remember it like it was yesterday.

Two months ago, I heard about Courtney dying from a poison that was found in her drink. I rushed over to her house as fast as I could. The horror I saw: Courtney as pale as a ghost. Luckily, she was still alive... but barely.

" Duncan?" she whsipered.

" Courtney! Are you okay?"

She rolled her almond eyes and yelled softly,

" I'm on my deathbed, dying! Do you think I'm okay?"

I just laughed. I like it when she gets angry, but just realizing that not seeing her get angry anymore made me numb. She'd always kick the dorks butts, like Harold Ho-weenie (Harold), Barry the Bookworm (Noah.), and Molar Bear (Cody.).

" Here, take this."

She handed me her friendship ring. My eyes widened; did that mean she's ending it all just cause of her soon-death?

" Don't worry, Dunkey. I'll always love you with all of my burning, dying heart! But since I always want you to be happy, give this to...... her."

My eyebrow ring raised.

" Who's 'her'?"

" You know, her......"

Then she kissed me gently and that was it. She died with her hand in mine; my hand grasped hers so tight I felt like I'd never let go. Yet, her parents don't really like me so much, so I left ever so slowly........

Now it's the present and that memory still looms in my head like a reaper. In my dreams, I can still hear her creaky voice repeating, " You know, her......". She left me alone with too many questions: Why didn't I protect her? Who was the "her" she was talking about? And the biggest question of all: Is there ever gonna be such a thing as love for me anymore?

I wasn't just sad, I was also angry; angry at the witch that poisoned Courtney and angry that none of my friends left anything to pay respects. Those jerks don't even know how special she was. Besides, their "conflicts" toward her were just asymmetrical; not mutal enough. Before I left to my apartment, all I left to pay my respects was a bouquet of petunias and my footprints to the gate.

Chapter 2: Sleepless

All those nights after the funeral, I spent hours of the nights awoken with the sounds in my mind; I'll I could hear in my apartment was the beating of my heart and the sound of Courtney's voice. Fresh as a tic-tac, hair of silk, she was the best thing I had ever had in life, and now she's gone. What's left of life to enjoy? Ever since her death I haven't commited a crime in weeks; not even a nasty Tweet to Harold.

Back to the sleepless numb core of my soul, I couldn't even dream; thinking of Courtney isn't even a dream, more like a nightmare. Every night, I'd go out to the balcony and stare at the moon. It reminds me of how much the moon shined when we had our first kiss on the boot camp episode. Even though the shine of Lady Luna up there was beautiful, it wasn't enough to make me feel better; it made me more depressed cause it reminds me the (seemingly) romantic moments we shared...

I kept up that cycle every night; every night I'd go to the balcony and reminisce about all the memories brushed up in my mind. Every night didn't have much suprises... until durring my last night of winter. That's right, my last semester of Senior Year.

Whatever, I thought, I'm just gonna skip it again.

Well, I went into the bathroom to wash my face when something disturbing happened: I looked in the mirror and I couldn't see my reflection, just Courtney's! The reflection just frowned and weeped,

" Why didn't you protect me?"

At that moment, I finally had a meltdown. I took my hairbrush, threw it at the mirror, and broke down crying. Now not only I can't see my reflection, I'll I can see is the reminder of what I didn't do. I was her boyfriend, I shoulda protected her, and I didn't. I let her slip away from the world, not the witch, and there was no way I could revive our love...

Chapter 3: Changes

" Duncan? Please come out." Gwen pleaded.

I didn't respond. Sure, Gwen's my best friend and sure she's the only thing left in the world that's good, but I just wanted to be alone. Besides, how could she help? Courtney and Gwen hated each other for me. Yet she still knocked on the door.

" Duncan, I know you're upset that Courtney's dead, but you've skipped school since her funeral; if you skip for too long, you'll never make it into collage."

" I wasn't planning on going to collage." I snapped, trying to sound like the tough boy I was.

" Open the door, Duncan!"

" No."

" Alright, then we'll just talk through the door."

" Whatever."

" Listen, I know how much Courtney meant to you, but you can't spend the rest of your life locked in your apartment, depressed and angstful."

" I'm not depressed."

" Then why did I hear you break something in the middle of the night?"

" It woke you?"

" It woke everyone, dude!"

" Well, I was just practicing my moves for.... when I face her."

" Who's 'her'?"

" The witch that poisoned Courtney."

" Uhh, I don't think you'll find her."

" Why not?!"

" She was.... murdered yesterday."

" Whatever, I'm still gonna start swinging at people who're happy 'bout her death."

" Duncan, before you start swinging, think clearly now. You don't have to avenge her death by violence. All you can do is share memories with people that care."

" Huh, name one. No one cares about me."

"....... I do."

At that moment, I opened the door. No use trying to wipe away the tears that stained my apricot cheeks. There was a bit of an awkward silence, but then I spilled,

" Gwen, when I last talked to Courtney, she gave me her friendship ring and said that I should give this to another girl. I didn't know who, but I think I know who now."

She nodded her head and smiled, waiting for the answer. I was about to answer, but like a chicken-heart, I told her there was more important buisness to attend to. Her smile disappeared, but she wasn't annoyed. I closed the door, but secretly watched her walk away through my peep hole.

The next day, I decided to get the courage to head back to school, but along the way, I ran into my old bad boy gang. My friends Claw, Flame, and Venom, cornered me.

" Hey, puke-face!" Claw growled.

I was scared of what they thought of me now, so I just squeaked a soft, "Hi.".

" 'Hi'? That all you got? Dang, all that time in that apartment changed you more than I thought."

" Sorry. I wish I could talk more, but I have to head of to school."

" School?" Flame and Venom laughed. " Why? Did they allow the girls to wear taffeta cocktail gowns?"

" No. I just thought I spent too much time at home."

Venom angrily stared me down and barked,

" What it IS with you?!?!?! Since that bossgirl took a dirt nap, you've been actin' like Sissyville, Canada. Population: YOU!"

When it comes to terrifying, Venom should get a medal for it. Despite the shiny dome on his head, he's tougher than a cinder block wrapped in metal and covered with steel. Even though he can intimidate anyone, he can't intimidate me. I got angry, threw those three thugs into the dumpster, and screamed at 'em,

" Don't ever bring up Courtney! EVER!"

As a ran away, they whooped and cheered.

" That's the mohawk we know!" Flame laughed.

Chapter 4: My Immortal

Even though my old friends were impressed that I lost my temper at them, it still wrecked our "friendship". I never hung out with them when they do bad stuff like robbing Hot Topic or selling drugs. Yet, a miniscule part of my confidence came back. I was finally able to come to school and public events since I'm famous. Every one is a memory in my mind, but one night was the most memorable...

Gwen became a solo recording artist and wrote punk rock albums like Ruthless, Battle of my Heart, Stop, ect. She never really wrote or covered love songs, but one night, durring her concert in town, she sang a song she covered for me... My Immortal by Evanescence. She said it was the first track on her new album, With You, the only album where she wrote punk love songs. After the concert, I emotionally embraced her and thanked her millions of times. At that moment, I tried to work up the courage to give her the friendship ring, but then, the paparazzi chased us into her limo.

" Talk about annoying." Gwen muttered.

I played with her locks a little and maybe even played footsie with her; I never flirted with a girl like that before. Not even Courtney... probably cause she didn't allow me to. Still, this wasn't the first time we flirted in the limo before, but it just wasn't that heated. In fact, last night, we even accidentally kissed cause someone pushed us closer together. Still, it wasn't a true first kiss.

At her door, I almost drooled. The glow of her belted black plaid tube dress punched me in the face like that. No girl had looked that gorgeous. We closed our eyes and were about to have one more "accident"... but I quickly pulled away.

" What's wrong?" Gwen asked.

" I can't, I won't. Not since last night."

" That was just an accident."

" Yeah, but this isn't an accident.... This is a mistake. I'm sorry Gwen."

I called a cab and left the confused morbid gothic behind.

Chapter 5: Accusations

The next day, I walked out of my apartment to go grocery shopping, but at that moment, I saw Gwen talking to the gang that I rejected before. They laughed and all that, so I wasn't interested in it at first. Until I saw Gwen hand back a half-empty bag of a pinkish powder... the exact same powder that was used to poison Courtney's drink! I stomped over to her.

" Gwen!"

" Duncan! Uhh, this isn't what it looks like."

" Oh, so it doesn't look like your handing these jerks the poison that killed Courtney?"

" Okay.... It is kinda what it looks like, but I'm not---"

" As trustworthy as I thought you were. I can't believe this. That explains why you talked me out of finding the witch that poisoned Courtney; that's cause the witch that I almost kissed was you."

" No, no, no! I promise you I did not poison her! Sure, we hated each other, but I wouldn't be that morbid!"

" Well, you told me once that if you saw that porcelain, cursive, stuck-up girl again, you'd destroy her."

" I was just angry. I'd never do that."

" Oh, and this powder is just sugar they wanted to borrow? I knew it was a bad idea to start a relaitionship with you."

I instantly covered my mouth. I know when I get angry, I'd accidentally reveal something stupid, but this was big. While the three boys laughed the meat out of their lungs, she just blushed and bit her midnight blue lip. She finally took a breath and said,

" I guess that explains the friendship ring deal a few weeks ago."

She ran off embarrassed. Even though she knows, she was still the girl that killed Courtney. Who could've proved me wrong? Well, suprisingly, Claw and his gang turned themselves in and Gwen was handing the bag of poison to throw away. Even though I figured out who killed my beloved, I should probably feel truimphant and joyous, but instead, I'm totally confused. Now that I helped my first Total Drama love, I gotta help my second one.

Gwen and I haven't talked to each other for a month; we don't even Tweet each other on Twitter anymore. Why did I do something so stupid? Now when I looked into the mirror, not only did my reflection not appear, this time, Gwen's reflection appeared. It put it's hand against the glass and said,

" I love you."

Scared to death, I ran back to Courtney's grave to get away from her. My Adam's apple felt gone... just like my happiness. I lost both loves and I can't fix it. I guess you never know what you have till it's gone.

Chapter 6: Conscience & Dreams

I looked at the frost-covered inscirption again, just as darkhearted as the first.

" Hi, baby. It's me, again, Dunkey. Well, I know you want me to be happy, and I know the 'her' you told me about 5 months ago: it's Gwen. I know you hated her and I know you know I love her, but... I'm just not ready to give you up for her. And now, even if you allowed me, she still won't talk to me cause I embarrassed her in front of those lugheads who poisoned you. I just don't think there's any hope for me anymore! I'm sorry, but... I can't lose you all over again. I love you."

Then I ran away back into my apartment. The cycle continued again that night... only someone was there to join me: my conscience (a devil with fire hair that has golden angel wings and a black halo.). She tapped me on the shoulder and whispered,

" Something's bothering you. It's a woman, isn't it?"

I looked at her in estrangement and said,

" She's almost a woman; she's 18, soon to be 19."

" You hurt her, didn't you? Go to her. Fix everthing."

" Who are you anyway?"

" Your conscience. As you can see, I'm just like you: a devil that's really an angel at heart."

" Well, I know I hurt the woman, but if I fix it, I might start a relationship with her and my old girlfriend passed away."

" She wants you happy, right?"

Before I answered, she handed me a ruby red heart-shaped bottle.

" Drink this before you go to bed and she'll appear in your dream. She'll tell you the way."

" Thanks, conscience."

" And remember this: we'll meet again soon."

When I turned my head to look at her, she was gone. I nodded my head and whispered,

" Agreed."

That night, I headed into the bathroom with the bottle in my hand and saw no reflection at all. I glared at the mirror and confidently said,

" I shall be frightened no longer."

I drunk the bottle and went to bed.

In my dream, I was on a golden cloud and the soul of my Courtney appeared. Tears of release ran down my cheeks.

" Courtney!"

We embraced. Her body looked transparent, but felt human.

" Hello again, Duncan."

" The potion worked! My conscience reunited us."

" Violet-Grace? Oh yeah, she looks ominous, but she's got a good heart. Anyway, she summonded me by telling me your in a tiff with Gwen. Listen, I told you I wanted you happy when I died, so please listen to me. Yes, I hate her, but I know you love her. Don't let true love slip away just cause of me. No matter what, I'll always have a special place in your heart."

I shed a couple more deltas of saline fluids while we kissed. When we released, I moaned,

" I missed you, Courtney."

" I missed you, too, but know I must leave."

I quickly grasped her hand and begged,

" Wait, I'm still not ready to let you go; if I let go, I'll never see you again."

She smiled and whispered,

" Violet-Grace said you'll meet her again and she's not real. If you can see her again soon, you'll see me soon. I promise."

After some forced breaths, I let go of her hand and saw her fade into the light.

Chapter 7: Happy Endings

In the morning, I texted Gwen to meet me at the Churchill River. When she arrived, she was wearing Wolfsbane purple lipstick.

" What is it, Duncan?"

" Gwen, I'm sorry I accused you of poisoning Courtney. It's just, I thought when she passed, it was my fault cause I didn't protect her. So, I get very protective about the subject, but I break down at the same time. I mean, every time I look into a mirror or water, I can't see my reflection."

When we both saw Gwen's reflection, she got the point.

" Duncan, I wasn't just embarrassed about the accusation, I was embarrassed because I thought that if you thought I killed her, I didn't think you'd find out how I feel about you."

A sudden pause made us blush and smile. In that moment, I slipped Courtney's friendship ring onto Gwen's finger. She looked in astonishment.

" Gwen, I love you a lot, and if you truly love me, then we should be together."

" Always."

Then we closed our eyes and kissed.

Okay, so hooking up with Gwen wasn't bad. In fact, it worked out well because durring Senior Year at collage, we got married and 16 years later had a baby girl named.... Courtney. My life turned out as a happy ending, and I'm reminded by that whenever I look into the mirror.... and see my reflection.

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