Rabbid Raccoons
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Red (Dyed)
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated "Dodgeball Mania"
Place 21st
Relationship None
Family Parents
Friends None
Enemies Joshua, Suzy(one sided on their part) Zev
Fear Nothing
Talent Nothing

Randy is The Emotionless Kid of the group.


Ever since Randy was a little kid, his father never cared for him. He couldn't care less about what Randy did to himself. His mother is never around but loves him dearly, it's just that her job prevents her to be with Randy. So pretty much all his life Randy has lived with friends. Randy is extremely passive, and would never do anything to hurt anyone. His "friends" know that so they began to use him in ways no one could and should ever imagine. He's done drugs, stolen stuff, and even humiliate himself in front of everyone, all because his "friends" told him to do so. All that humiliation has made him who he is. He joined Total Drama Craziness because his "friends" told him to.

Time on TDC

Chapter One: Randy arrived and freaked Joshua out. He didn't do much for the rest of the chapter. He was placed on the Rabbid Raccoons.

Chapter Two: Randy told his roommates to get ready for the challenge. At the challenge, he didn't do very well. His team lost but he was safe.

Chapter Three: Randy really didn't do much in the beginning. In the challenge, Randy tried to get the Squirrels flag but, he was captured by Leanna. His team lost but he was safe.

Chapter Four: Randy wasn't that active this episode. During the challenge part, he went slower then most but still was okay. His team lost but he was safe.

Chapter Five: Randy really freaked Suzy out. During the dodgeball challenge, he didn't do very well. His team lost and he was eliminated.

Audition Tape

Randy is shown with some people behind him. One of the guys say,

"Are you ready Randy?"

"I guess." Randy coldly says.

"Hi, this is Randy, he's auditioning so he could be on the show and win it for all of his wonderful friends. Isn't that right Randy?" One of the guys ask.

"Actually, I was thinking about spending the money on myself." Randy says.

"Oh you're so funny. We know what you mean." The same guy says. He turns to the camera and continues, "So put him on. He'll be a real puppet."

"I don't want to do this." Randy says.

"Yes you do!" One of the guys yell.

"I guess I do." sighs Randy.


  • Randy's hairstyle is based off of the interns from the Total Drama series.
  • Randy's conflict with Zev wasn't always going to be the story After Chapter Three, I decided that I liked writing the conflict.
  • Except for his conflict with Zev, I never felt any emotions when writing for Randy.
  • Randy's audition tape shows how his friends control him.


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