Rachael (SS)
Flaming Bears
Flaming Directors
Team Victory II
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDI: Smackout!
TDA: The House of the Deceased
Place TDI: 10th
TDA: 8th
TDWT: 1st
Relationship Mark
Family Mother
Friends Matthew, Violet, Jeremy, James, Eryn, Louis
Enemies Peter, Jennifer, Madison, Ethan
Fear Bears

Rachael, stereotyped as The Friendly Girl, is a character in the Second Season series by Fedora Kid. She was a camper in Total Drama Island: Second Season and was on the Flaming Bears team. She returned in Total Drama Action: Second Season and was on the Flaming Directors team. She returned for the third season, Total Drama World Tour: Second Season and was on Team Victory II, where she went on to win the season. She is 17, has long, brown hair, and has a casual, laid-back, and friendly demeanor, widely considered one of the most likeable contestants in the series.

Total Drama Island: Second Season

The Campers

Rachael was the 13th camper to step off the boat, and was placed on the Flaming Bears team. At the very end of the episode, hoped aloud that their first challenge would have nothing to do with the 1,000-foot cliff from the first challenge of the original season.

The 1,000-foot Climb

Rachael participated in the ninth round, facing off against James for the Psycho Squirrels. While James fell off of the cliff a quarter of the way up, she made it to the top, thus bringing the score to six to five, in favor of the Bears. However, the Bears went on to lose the challenge despite this, and at the Bonfire that night, Rachael was the sixth person to receive a marshmallow (being the last of the invincibility-winners to do so).

Don't Touch the Food

Rachael gave up in the challenge at about 3:00 P.M. on the first day. She was the fourth person to give up in the challenge, and the second Flaming Bear to do so (after Isaiah). However, she was spared when Matthew later won the challenge for the Bears.

Dodgebrawl 2

Rachael was one of the five Bears who participated in the first round, eventually being eliminated by a ball thrown by Mark (the ball was originally intended for Matthew, who ducked and allowed it to hit Rachael behind him by accident). For the second round, she was switched with Jennifer. She didn't participate again until the fifth and final round, where the score was tied two to two. She was the first person eliminated from the round when she was hit by a ball thrown by Peter. Nevertheless, the Bears won once again.

The Show Mustn't Go On

Rachael was the one who came up with the overall idea for the Bears' skit, which was about a group of teens who would be trapped on an island by the evil "Kirk Magellan" and his assistant, "Cook Machete." All of this was an obvious parody of Chris and Chef's cruel treatment of the campers, which impressed the team. For the skit, Rachael named her own character "Raven." In the skit, Raven was one of the five surviving characters who defeated "Kirk Magellan" and escaped from his island. The Bears' skit was decided as the winning skit by far, scoring their third victory in a row.

The Island of the Dead

When the Bears were declared to be the shooters and decided to split into smaller groups, Rachael was paired up with Jennifer. They both heard Josh yelling as he tackled Ruth and Luke to the ground, eliminating both of them. The two girls encountered the three, who all turned to attack them. Rachael managed to shoot out Josh after he eliminated Jennifer, only for Jennifer to turn on Rachael in a surprise attack and tag her out. In the end, with Jennifer having invincibility and Josh, Luke, and Ruth all thoroughly eliminated, only Rachael was left to continue on in the game, now acting as a zombie. She later snuck up on Matthew, Violet, Samantha, and Daniel, only to be noticed by Samantha and eventually shot out by her. Despite this being her second elimination, it was not long before she was given another chance, and she reappeared with the other 11 who chose to return for the end of the challenge. Despite this being her third chance, she still failed to win invincibility, and the Bears lost the challenge. At the Bonfire that night, she was the 7th person to receive a marshmallow.

Not Quite Famous 2

Rachael acted as one of the three judges for the Bears, alongside Matthew and Violet. They all decided on Jennifer, Daniel, and Matthew to participate (although Daniel had to be replaced with Ruth due to a mysterious injury that he suffered later in the day). Later, when Peter was singled out as the culprit behind Ruth's massive fall during her act, Rachael was one of the nine campers who chased him off into the woods to exact revenge on him. The Bears eventually lost the challenge, and Rachael was third person to receive a marshmallow that night.

The UCC (Ultimate Crash Course)

In this episode, Rachael was mostly a background character, as she did not participate in the challenge at all. The Bears managed to win, regardless.

The Sucky Outdoors 2

When the Bears arrived at the campsite, Rachael helped Daniel and Matthew pitch the tent. Later, when they all ended up lost and in a cave with no compass, Rachael, surprisingly enough, did not take part in the massive argument that split the whole team in half trying to decide who to blame for their predicament (between Daniel and Matthew). The Bears eventually lost, allowing the argument to be settled anyway. Rachael was the second person to receive a marshmallow that night.

Wawanakwa Scavenger Hunt

Rachael played her first significant role in a challenge in this episode, when she teamed up with Jennifer and Daniel to go after the single most valuable item on the entire list: Chef's chef hat, worth 1,000 points. Although it is never revealed how exactly they managed to get it, Daniel's plan involved Rachael being attacked by a giant pink snake (which, although wrapped completely around her, did not appear to harm her in any way) while holding a flute in one hand. Nevertheless, they managed to get the hat, which won the challenge for the Bears by a mere 100 points.

Phobia Factor 2

Rachael revealed that her worst feat (ironically) is bears. Rachael's turn did not come up until towards the end of the episode, in which she was the second-to-last Bear to go up (behind Daniel). Her challenge was to last 10 seconds in a cage with an angry bear. Although Rachael was heavily contemplating doing the challenge to help her team, fear overpowered her and she backed down, adding that she felt that her team was already going to win. Although they did so by only one point, Rachael's prediction came true when Matthew won the challenge for the Bears, sparing her once again.

Return to Boney Island

When the group decided to split into smaller groups, Rachael was, once again, teamed up with Jennifer. They were the first group to lose a member, when a zombie dropped down from a tree and landed on Jennifer, knocking both of them out. Rachael heard a scream nearby at that moment, and ran off to help, forced to leave Jennifer behind. She arrived just in time to save Isaiah from a zombie. By the time they came back for Jennifer, she was gone. They eventually reuinted with Matthew and Luke, and the four of them decided to take canoes to Boney Island. Rachael shared a canoe with Matthew, while Luke and Isaiah took another. The latter pair's canoe was attacked by zombies along the way, and only Isaiah managed to abandon ship and climb into Matthew and Rachael's canoe, while Luke was taken away. These three then encountered Josh, Violet, and Mary in another canoe. The six of them managed to make it to Boney Island, only to be attacked by a swarm of zombies. They first took out Mary (once again by dropping down on top of her from a tree), and then Rachael (when a herd of them swarmed around her). Eventually, it was all revealed to be one big challenge, which the Bears lost. At the Bonfire, Rachael was the 4th person to receive a marshmallow.

No Pain, No Game 2

The last known status of Rachael's performance in the challenge is that she was one of the final six (along with Matthew, Violet, Peter, Jennifer, and John), left in the challenge by the beginning of the third round. Rachael was known to reach the last five (after Mary was eliminated), and that she, Matthew, and Violet were all eliminated by the eleventh round. At the Bonfire, Rachael was the 6th person to receive a marshmallow.

Total Treasure Island

Rachael was revealed to be one of the five members of the brand new Matthew's alliance, alongside Matthew, Violet, Jeremy, and Mark (who was the last to join). They all agreed to share Invincibility should any one of their members find the hidden chest. They were the first group to arrive at the old Boathouse and locate the chest, which was stolen by Peter. Rachael and Jeremy helped Mark up to his feet after Peter knocked him down, while Matthew and Violet chased after him. They eventually managed to get it back at the bear cave entrance after Isaiah lost it, and the five of them soon encountered Tim, Mary, Luke, and Jennifer. After a quick game of tossing the chest back and forth, the chest ended up falling off the edge of the 1,000-foot cliff. Jeremy jumped after it and retrieved it, only to have it swiped by John. John eventually dropped the chest when he ran into a tree, and Matthew retrieved it. However, Peter stole it from him after punching him, and won invincibility once again, greatly upsetting the five in particular. At the Bonfire, Rachael was the 4th person to receive a marshmallow.

Hide and Be Sneaky 2

Rachael was the last member of Matthew's alliance to be discovered, and was also the last camper overall to be caught and sprayed by Chef. At the Bonfire, Rachael was the 5th person to receive a marshmallow, and the first of the non-Invincible campers to do so.


After the obstacle course was revealed and the challenge was explained, Rachael was called up as the first participant. Rachael managed to slide down the starting slide perfectly, stopping just before the mud, and climbed the old rope ladder. She was eliminated still early on when she was on top of the second-to-last hydraulic platform, which shot up from underneath her and sent her flying into the mud below. Rachael found herself in the bottom two at the Bonfire that night, alongside Isaiah. Similarly to Luke's elimination in the previous episode, her being the first eliminated in the challenge (although she fared better than Isaiah) was most likely the reason for her elimination, and she was sent home. Before she left, Rachael comforted her four remaining alliance-mates and received a group hug from the other eight campers (with Peter sitting out) before she departed.

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island

Rachael teamed up with three of her old alliance-mates (Jeremy, Mark, and Violet), with Matthew not included due to him choosing to keep his $100,000 rather than participate in the hunt for the million dollars. They were the first group to find the case hidden deep in the bear cave. Rachael had to cover Jeremy's mouth to keep him from screaming when they encountered the sleeping bear. They all worked together to get the case from behind the bear, with Mark successfully tossing it to Violet. The four of them tore out of the cave moments before the bear awoke and encountered Josh, Ruth, and James, diverting it from the group of four. They soon encountered Daniel, Jennifer, Samantha, and Madison. Although they managed to fool Matthew's alliance into thinking that they were about to give up and let them keep the case, they eventually snatched it from them further down the road when Jennifer tripped Mark (who had the case) and took it from him, the four of them running off with it. The four of them eventually ran into John, who had the case. They worked together to come up with a plan to trap John by snaring his foot in a vine and hanging him upside-down from a tree. This plan worked, and Rachael picked up the case after John dropped it. The four of them left John behind and ran off with the case. A while later, after they slowed down and were walking through the woods, they heard a rustling of leaves nearby. A nervous Rachael was too busy looking around and walked backwards nervously, tripping on a rock and falling into the river nearby. She dropped the case, which floated down the river and eventually fell down a waterfall. They eventually made it to the bottom of the waterfall and searched frantically, to no avail. Eventually, they returned to the campgrounds, thoroughly exhausted both mentally and physically. They arrived just in time to notice John and Mary in the helicopter with the case, right before they were shot down by Daniel's spear gun. The four of them, Daniel, Jennifer, and James all scrambled to catch the case as it fell from the sky, only for it to bounce off of James's head and bounce towards the main lodge. The six of them chased after it and ran right into the main lodge, moments before the helicopter and the ATV crashed into it simultaneously, creating an explosion that destroyed the main lodge and the case. Subsequently, all four members of the alliance and 9 others were given the chance for another million dollars in the next season.

Total Drama Action: Second Season

The Castmates

Upon arriving at the Film Lot, Rachael admitted that what she feared the most about the show was the many ways Chris tortured them, to which Isaiah and several others agreed. In the series of Confessionals after the girls unpacked in their trailer, Rachael admitted that she was focusing more on Mary than on Ruth (as many of the others were), due to her past actions and reputation for being devious.

The REALLY Wild West

When the teams were being selected, Rachael was the third to be chosen by Violet for her team, which was named the Flaming Directors. She did not participate in any of the three rounds of the challenge, but her team went on to win nevertheless.

Medieval Capture the Flag

When Chris explained the challenge, Rachael was the first to ask Chris a question about the challenge, asking what would happen if every member of a team was tagged out. Chris responded that, obviously, the team would lose the challenge entirely. Eventually, Rachael was one of the only three members of the team left, alongside Josh and John. Rachael eventually sneaked into the forest shortly afterward and managed to steal the flag just as Jennifer noticed her. Jennifer gave chase, but Rachael managed to make it back to her territory with the flag. However, due to Mary making it back to the Producers' territory with the Directors' flag a split second before Rachael, the Directors lost anyway. Rachael, alongside Daniel, received the first Award that night due to winning Invincibility.

Cops 'n Robbers

When the Directors were declared to be the Robbers, Rachael and Mark were placed on the Reconnaissance Team together, with their job being to spy on the other team across the street with binoculars. Through their reconnaissance work, Rachael discovered that Tim was hiding behind the teller's desk in the main lobby, and quickly warned Daniel and John about this. Later, when the team was trying to decide how to break into the vault, Rachael agreed with Violet when she said that the drill was better than blowing the vault door open entirely with bombs. Later, Rachael furiously called Daniel and Mark down into the room where all of their equipment was, having discovered that their drill was smashed into two pieces on the floor in a clear act of sabotage. This resulted in a change of plans for their approach to the vault, and Mark and Rachael had to act as decoys. They both burst through the front door into the lobby and dashed up the stairs, drawing Luke and Jennifer away from the teller's desk and allowing John and Daniel to move in. It was revealed shortly afterward that Rachael outlasted Mark, who had been caught by Jennifer and Luke. Just as she was frantically reporting to John, she screamed and the connection was cut, implying that she had been captured. However, due to the bombs completely destroying the entire building along with the vault, the Directors lost. At the elimination ceremony that night, Rachael received the fourth and second-to-last Gilded Chris of the night, and was the first non-Invincible member of the Directors to win one.

SWAT Vs. Predator

In the challenge, Rachael was the first to be eliminated. While she was wandering through the cave on her own, she was silently eliminated by the Mystery Castmate, whom she never even saw. However, the Directors went on to win the challenge anyway, so Rachael was spared.

"Super" Heroes?

In the challenge, Rachael was the third Villain to reach a target; a cash register in a pawnshop. She was noticeably disappointed by the lack of originality and creativity as she pressed the button, and in the Confessional, admitted that Chris's excuse of a low budget was pathetic. The entire time, she was unaware of being watched by the Mystery Castmate, at work once again trying to get the Directors to lose. Just as Luke approached the building and heard something inside, the Mystery Castmate grabbed Rachael from behind and threw her out the door for Luke (and a late-joining Mary) to eliminate. However, thanks to John, the Directors went on to win the challenge anyway.


When the Directors were asked if anyone could play instruments, Rachael revealed that she could play the guitar. During set-up and rehearsal, Mark and Rachael spent some time talking over various subjects such as their history with their respective instruments and how much they liked the songs that Violet had picked. It was revealed that Mark had more or less revealed his feelings for Rachael to Violet, who was trying to help him get to know her better. Mark approached Rachael first to ask her about her history with instruments. She revealed that she had been playing the guitar since she was eight, having always wanted to play. Her mother tried to get her to play the piano, but Rachael gave up on it since she felt that they were "too boring," and the guitar was more exiting. Just before the show started, Rachael revealed that she occasionally got stage fright ever since a play in the third grade. However, Mark comforted her by reminding her that the audience consisted of fans rather than haters, which cheered Rachael up. By the time their team was up, she was no longer nervous. After John had to sit out for the third and final song due to drinking hot water, Rachael had to sing the final song alongside Mark and Rachael, occasionally singing a duet with Mark. Their team easily won the challenge. In the aftermath of the elimination, Rachael thanked Mark for encouraging her, and after a brief conversation, they kissed, thus forming the second couple in the series.

The House of the Deceased

In the beginning of the episode, Rachael and Mark already had their arms around each other, and everyone else on the cast knew by now that they were together. After the cast was placed in the haunted house, Rachael wasn't seen for most of the episode. When she encountered a booby-trap of two axes swinging in front of a door that she had just opened, her new boyfriend Mark, watching from the control tent, was noticeably worried about her. She then encountered two zombies with balls and chains, cornering her into a dead end. She then heard a familiar fluttering behind the nearest door, and opened it to unleash a swarm of bats onto the two zombies, distracting them long enough to allow her to escape. Soon afterward, she ran into Jen, the only other person left in the house. They both then saw the massive double doors down the hall from them, with two massive windows overhead that allowed sunlight to shine in. Realizing that this was the exit, they both raced towards it. However, Jennifer grabbed Rachael's shoulders and threw her back, sending her collapsing to the floor and allowing Jennifer to escape. This act caused Rachael to be automatically eliminated from the challenge, and Jennifer revealed that the deliberate attack was out of spite for her and Mark getting together. Despite Rachael's elimination, she was more or less avenged when Jennifer was voted off that night in the series's first double elimination.

TDA Aftermath II

Rachael was the third special guest called out onto the stage, following Tim and Luke resolving their conflict. She admitted that she was, to say the least, stunned by Jennifer's betrayal. She admitted that she wasn't about to go all out against her and hate her guts forever, but she could not imagine forgiving her anytime soon. Thus, when Jennifer came out, the insults were instantly flying. Eventually, Isaiah decided to settle it through a court case, Truth or Trapdoor style. Jennifer went first, thus forcing Rachael to sit on the couch the entire time. Right after Jennifer began, Rachael already interrupted her, thus causing the trapdoor to open. However, she reacted quickly and grabbed onto the edge of the open hole, saving herself from falling into the boiling water below, which noticeably disappointed Jennifer. When it was finally Rachael's turn to speak, she gave a much calmer and more emotional speech, reflecting on the time she spent with Mark and how she is still rooting for him. However, when she eventually gave a shout-out to Daniel, saying that he understood why he hated Jennifer and that she would side with him against her any day, Jennifer snapped and they started fighting. Eventually, both ended up right on the couch. Isaiah decided to end it by pressing the button that opened the trapdoor manually, dropping both girls into the boiling water.

Total Drama World Tour: Second Season

Episode 1

Rachael was the second person to step off the bus at the beginning of the episode alongside Mark, whom she was holding hands with. She then greeted Matthew with a hug. Rachael was the second person to use the Confessional after the new season was revealed, and expressed obvious enthusiasm at the new season and the notion of traveling around the world. She stated that she hoped to go to Romania, where her mother's ancestors were from. She also added that she loved to sing and thought of herself as having a great singing voice. After Ethan got rid of Eryn through his first of many little tricks, Rachael complimented him on removing the dangerous blonde, and offered her condolences when he stated, after his "oil and water analogy," that his uncle lived in the Gulf during the great BP spill of 2010. However, this was revealed in the Confessional to be a lie. Later, she easily wound up on the team with all of her fellow former members of Matthew's Alliance, plus James and minus Jeremy. She quickly took it upon herself to comfort Mark after he found out that the challenge involved submarines, to no avail. Though their team ultimately did win the challenge despite Mark's panicking, the free ballot that night where anyone could be voted off made Mark an easy target. Rachael, Mark, and several others voted for Madison that night, and Rachael herself received the 12th Barf Bag, and second-to-last Barf Bag out of all those who didn't receive any votes. However, despite their efforts to see Madison eliminated, it was Mark who was voted off due to his panicking earlier. Rachael, though devastated, shared a final moment with Mark where he told her it was her time to make it far in a season, which she promised to do for both of them.

Episode 2

In the tightrope-walking challenge, Rachael was the fourth and final member of Team Victory II to step up to the challenge. She ultimately managed to cross the rope successfully, scoring the second point for Team Victory II after Violet. However, this made her unable to participate in the base-jumping challenge, although their team would eventually win that half due to James landing right on the bulls' eye.

Episode 3

Like most of the other members of Team Victory II, Rachael mostly sat back in the challenge and let Matthew take control of their boat for the duration of the race, and they eventually managed to score another narrow victory.

Episode 4

Not much was known about Rachael's performance in the challenge, other than that she was the 7th person to drop out, and lasted approximately 8 hours before doing so. Eryn managed to win the challenge for Team Victory, scoring their fourth victory in a row.

Episode 5

When Violet finally became frustrated with Matthew's demeanor, she turned to Rachael for advice on how to handle it. Rachael seemed stunned at the implied notion of throwing challenges to humble Matthew, but didn't openly oppose the idea. Ultimately, she agreed with Violet's idea of letting the challenge play out normally and seeing where it went from there. Subsequently, the team won its fifth consecutive challenge - once again thanks to Eryn - although they still lost a teammate when James was eliminated due to not singing in the reprise.

Episode 6

Once again, Rachael was alongside Violet in being complacent as Matthew and Eryn did most of the work. When they finally arrived at Alcatraz, Matthew told Rachael and Violet to pair up and go down one corridor while he and Eryn went down the other way. Matthew and Eryn ultimately found their team's cell (off-screen) and won the challenge once more.

Episode 7

When Violet suddenly took brief control of the team, and decided to split the team up, she assigned Rachael and Matthew into one pair and paired herself up with Eryn. During their time alone in the compound, Matthew asked Rachael if something was wrong with Violet, to which Rachael said she felt it was more likely that something was wrong with him. She then finally told him, in a nutshell, about his behavior in the competition up this point, and how his sudden burst of over-competitiveness was so unlike him. She suggested he revert his ways quickly, but only after he explain why he had become this way in the first place. Matthew finally began to tell his story, but just then, Rachael was dragged into the nearest doorway by an unseen tentacle that wrapped around her mouth to silence her before dragging her into the darkness. Thus, she was the first member of Team Victory II eliminated in the challenge (although they would go on to win, thanks to Matthew), and no one else heard Matthew's story the entire time. She, like everyone else, was shocked and devastated at Violet's medical evacuation from the game at the end of the episode.

Episode 8

In her first challenge away from Team Victory II, Rachael was first teamed up with Mary and Nicole on the second-floor platform of the castle's tower, their base of operations. Before the final wave of attacks started, she was one of the few teammates who remained in her original position on the platform, with Nicole switched out with Eryn. The two of them were taken out by Ethan's final paint missile, which destroyed the platform and allowed Louis to sneak up to the top of the tower to take out the final team member, Mary. Thus, the boys win Invincibility and the first three Barf Bags. In her first elimination ceremony ever, Rachael received the fourth Barf Bag overall, and the first out of all the girls. She, along with Nicole, was one of only two girls that night who didn't receive a single vote. Like a majority of the other contestants, Rachael voted for Samantha to be eliminated.

Episode 9

Shortly after the beginning of the challenge, Rachael stumbled upon Matthew as he was giving up in the challenge. Matthew finally got the chance to finish telling his story in the form of the musical number My Story, with Rachael as the sole audience member. When he was finished, Rachael was horrified and felt nothing but sympathy for her friend, who had renounced his previously competitive nature and was determined to make things right by giving up in the competition. Handing off his own paintball gun and magazine to Rachael, he wished her the best of luck in the challenge and the overall competition. Rachael reluctantly left Matthew alone and continued on, unaware that she was being followed. She eventually took notice of another contestant in the vicinity, and nervously backed up into a doorway to try to fend them off, only for Eryn to sneak up behind her, pinch a nerve on her shoulder, and knock her out. Eryn subsequently took her belongings and continued on, where she met a very similar fate at the hands of Mary. Louis and Nicole went on to win the challenge, and at the elimination ceremony, Rachael received the fifth Barf Bag. Despite Matthew's wishes to be voted off that night (which was successful), Rachael instead voted for Ethan, alongside Louis and Nicole.

Episode 10: YK2

Rachael, for the most part, stayed towards the general middle area of the race during the challenge. Her major appearance in the episode came when she caught up to Louis as he stopped at the nearest flagpole for a break. Louis asked her for relationship advice, admitting that he was "quite interested in" a girl in the competition. Rachael agreed to help him out, provided he told her who it was. He told her (off-screen), and the two bonded as she gave him relationship advice the rest of the way up. At the elimination ceremony, Rachael received the second Barf Bag. She, along with everyone else, voted for Mary to be eliminated that night.

Episode 11

Rachael, alongside everyone else except for Eryn and Nicole, chose to do the scavenger hunt portion of the challenge throughout the Notre Dame cathedral. As part of Ethan's evil plan (a duplicate of his plan back in East St. Louis), Jessica was assigned to follow Rachael throughout Notre Dame and piggyback off any progress made by Rachael. This time, however, Rachael eventually found out about her pursuer and (off-screen) overpowered her and restrained her. She appeared towards the end when, after Louis was knocked off the balcony by Ethan, Rachael caught him as he fell past a lower floor and pulled him back in, saving his life. Together, with Louis's memory of what the final clue said before he lost it to Ethan, they headed towards the Grand Organ located in the heart of Notre Dame. Just as they arrived, though, Ethan appeared from behind a pillar and struck Rachael in the back of the head with a metal candlestick, knocking her out and dueling Louis for the prize. Louis eventually managed to succeed and win the challenge. At the elimination ceremony, despite her original intentions of voting for Ethan as revenge, Eryn managed to convince Rachael to vote for Nicole instead. Rachael received the third Barf Bag that night, and Nicole was sent home.

Episode 12

Towards the end of the challenge, Louis and Rachael wound up working together for the third - and final - time in a row when Louis ran into Rachael. They followed one of the blinking red lights to a reactor on top of a building. When trying to decide who should deactivate it, they did one quick round of rock, paper, scissors, which Louis won with rock over scissors. Thus, Rachael had to pull the lever, with Louis accepting that if it was the correct reactor, Rachael alone would win Invincibility. However, since Louis could read Russian, he recognized the Russian writing on the side that deemed the reactor a fake, and backed away as Rachael pulled the lever. The subsequent release of knockout gas rendered Rachael unconscious, with Louis barely able to escape. For the second time in a row, Louis went on to duel it out with Ethan over Invincibility, and in the final elimination ceremony, Rachael finally got her chance to vote off Ethan, along with everyone else. For the first and last time in the season, Rachael herself received a vote against her from Ethan, and thus received the third and final Barf Bag while Ethan was sent home. Following Ethan's trickery in taking Jessica out of the Jet with him, Rachael ended up in the final two with Louis.

Series Finale

In her final pre-challenge confessional, Rachael declared that she was no longer going to hide under Mark's shadow, and would step out and become her own person. She acknowledged the threat poised by Louis, and although nervous, was determined to beat him in the finale. When all of the previous 23 contestants were told to pick a side, Rachael wound up with the overwhelming support of every single one of them except for 7 (John, Isaiah, Anna, Mary, Nicole, Ethan, and Jennifer). By the end of the musical number The End, Rachael had fallen behind in the footrace, and Louis gained a solid lead, particularly after he went straight to the shore and caught a cab. However, Rachael's clue led her to continue down the Don River rather than on land, towards the Prince Edward Viaduct. Halfway up the river, Mark was dropped from the helicopter into the river next to Rachael as her "lifeline." She jumped in and helped him back into the raft, where he took up the oar and paddled the rest of the way up the river. Once at the viaduct, Mark gave her the hint that he was instructed to tell her: "Not exactly a foot long, and not exactly $5." Rachael instantly solved the riddle, which led her to the subway tracks underneath the bridge. Upon arriving at the base of one of the bridge's major support beams, she found a coil of rope left on a hook for her to use to climb up the bridge. She saw her next clue on top of the third rail, with subways constantly passing through. Using the rope, she knocked it off the dangerous rail and picked it up, having to dodge two trains in the process. The clue led her to the CN Tower in the heart of Toronto, where Louis was arriving at that moment as well. After the helicopter swung in to take Nicole and Mark away, Louis and Rachael fought for the first elevator. Rachael managed to get the upper hand by mule-kicking Louis in his groin, knocking him to the ground and allowing her to steal the first elevator. Louis managed to recover quickly enough to grab the second elevator, giving chase. However, since Rachael was not as familiar with the layout of the CN Tower’s main pod, she was unaware of the fact that the elevator went all the way to the third level of the pod, and thus, she stopped at only the first level. Louis, who regularly traveled to the CN Tower, went all the way to the elevator’s maximum height of the third level, thus regaining his lead. He also decided to take full advantage of Rachael’s unfamiliarity with the tower, stealing all of the remaining red arrows on paper taped to the walls, which showed her which way to go. Thus, Louis made it to the roof first and located the two parachutes that were set aside for the final part of the challenge. Rachael caught up to him at that moment and confronted him, to which Louis responded by tossing all of the arrow papers off the roof. At that moment, Chef explained the final part of the challenge to the finalists: Use the parachutes to land on the wing of the passing Jumbo Jet, and make it to the hatch on the fuselage first in order to win. Louis threatened to toss one parachute off the roof, to which Rachael tackled him. After a brief scuffle, they both separated and put on their own parachutes. After a long standoff, Rachael made the first jump and barely managed to land on the front of the wing, dangling over the edge and dangerously in front of one of the engines, her parachute dragging behind the Jet. Louis made the next jump and actually managed to land right on the wing without even deploying his parachute. Although he appeared ready to win, Rachael pleaded with him to help her. He first advised her to cut off her parachute with the detachment cord, which she did. However, this did not help her as expected, and she continued to dangle precariously over the engine. With further pleading, Louis finally decided to help her. However, just as he pulled her up onto the relative safety of the wing, she took full advantage of the moment and kneed him in the groin once more, tossing him off the back of the wing. Louis was capable of landing safely due to still having his parachute, while Rachael continued on into the hatch. Thus, Rachael won the final challenge, the season, and the two million dollar prize. Louis was brought back aboard by Carl in the helicopter, where, despite a long, awkward, and intense standoff over her betraying him after he saved her life, he ultimately acknowledged that she had defeated him in an underhanded way, and admitted defeat. Rachael, overwhelmed by his forgiveness, accompanied by the fact that he gave her a good run and was a good friend in previous challenges, decided to shock everyone by agreeing to split the money with Louis 50-50, giving each of them a million dollars. They both then joined the entire cast (including Chef and the 6 interns) in singing the final musical number, I Wanna Be Famous, as the Jet flew off into the sunset, ending the series.


  • Rachael is the only female to win a season.
  • Rachael is the only season winner to never win a challenge for her team or win solo invincibility in that season.
  • Rachael is noticeably based off of Bridgette for having a relaxed, friendly, and casual attitude.
  • Rachael is the only member of Team Victory II who was not eliminated by Ethan.
  • Rachael is one of only seven contestants to compete in all three seasons, the others being Violet, Mark, Madison, John, Mary, and Isaiah.
    • Rachael is the only three-season participant to do progressively better in every season than the previous season. In TDI, she came in 10th. In TDA, she came in 8th. And in TDWT, she made it to the final two.
  • Rachael is one of only two contestants to make it to the top 10 three times, the other being Mary.
    • They are also the only two contestants to make it to the merge three times.
    • Along with Jessica, Rachael and Mary are two of the only three female contestants to ever be the highest-ranking member of their team overall.
  • Rachael was one of the first two contestants to be eliminated in a double elimination in the series, as she was automatically eliminated by a challenge before Jennifer was officially voted off in TDA.
    • Coincidentally, her boyfriend Mark was one of the next two people featured in the second double elimination in the series, as he was voted off right before Eryn was accidentally ejected from the competition due to a trick by Ethan.
  • As Rachael and Violet arguably have the strongest friendship out of anyone else in the series, the two of them noticeably share many similarities:
    • Both competed in 3 seasons.
    • They have the top two highest amounts of participation out of any contestant in the series, as Violet has competed in 42 episodes while Rachael competed in 36 (although Rachael is tied with Mary).
    • They are both the only two females to make it to the final two.
    • They are two of the only four contestants to be the highest-ranking female member of their team (along with Jessica and Mary).
    • They are two of the only three female contestants to appear in every episode of at least one season (TDI and TDA for Violet, TDWT for Rachael), the other being Jessica (TDWT).
      • They are also two of only eight contestants to appear in every episode of at least one season, the others being Matthew, John, Mark, Louis, Ethan, and Jessica.
    • They are two of the only three contestants, and the only two females, to be on both "Flaming" teams in the series (the other being Daniel).
    • They have been on the same team in all 3 seasons, and are the only two contestants to do so.
      • Coincidentally, every team that they have been on was the "superior" team of the season.
    • They were the only two members of Team Victory II who never won a challenge for that team.
    • Both were in Matthew's Alliance.
    • Both were the only females in Matthew's Alliance.
    • Both were involved in the first two relationships in the series (Matthew/Violet and Mark/Rachael).
      • Coincidentally, both of their respective boyfriends were also in Matthew's Alliance.
    • Both were the first two contestants to be automatically eliminated by a challenge.
      • They were each also the only person in a season to be automatically eliminated, as Violet was the only one in TDI, while Rachael was the only one in TDA.
    • Both were eliminated in a double elimination at some point in the series (Rachael in TDA and Violet in TDWT).
    • They are two of the only three 3-season participants who were never the first person eliminated from their team at one point or another, the other being Mary.
    • They were the only two members of Team Victory II to never win a challenge for that team.

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