Author's Note: Third in a series of alphabet one shots, this one's about Bridgette and Alejandro. Enjoy!

Alejandro was strong in the game. An eagle in flight. A sly fox. He was smooth. He was manipulative. He was Alejandro. He had thrown away countless contestants but one thing worried him. What if they came back? For their revenge. The same trick never works twice. He tried not to think about it. He hated Economy Class but there was no choice.

"All contestants please report to the cargo hold," said Chris through the speaker. Alejandro did as he was told.

"Alrighty contestants! We're bringing back one loser to the competition!" Chris beamed at Alejandro. Behind him was a crate. He took out a crossbar and open it. There was a shadowed figure. Many other contestants gasped before it approached. He could make out a blue hoodie and a messy ponytail. Bridgette.....

Memories of the first girl he's thrown away returned. She was a keeper. Alejandro didn't know why he did it. He tried to shrug it off but he knew he was sorry and he was going to pay. As the surfer girl stood up at full height he cursed in Spanish.

"You brought surfer girl back?" asked Heather.

"Yes he did," Bridgette replied. Oh how he remembered that voice. Bridgettes's eyes fell upon him as she stared in disgust.

"Back to Economy Class!" ordered Chris. Bridgette felt anger. She needed her vengeance. To avenge Harold, LeShawna, Noah and the rest of them but deep down she was still attracted to the hunky teen. She followed him to Economy Class.

"You look a little tense. Here let me rub that." Bridgette massaged Alejandro's macho body.

"Ah. Much better," Alejandro sighed.

Alejandro awoke. It was dark. He scanned the contestants. There was Cody, Heather, Courtney and of course Bridgette. They were all sleeping. Alejandro smiled at Bridgette's sleeping form. She let her hair down, the ribbon was next to her. Also beside her was a picture. Alejandro went to her posessions. He looked at the picture. It was of a blond boy with a cowbuy hat and a pink unbuttoned shirt holding Bridgette. In his tiny heart he felt a little jeaolosy. He was about to grab the picture and rip it up before a small hand grabbed his wrist.

"Ha!" exclaimed Bridgette triumphantly. Alejandro scowled.

It was the elimination ceremony.

"Here's one for Sierra and Cody that means the bottom two are Bridgette and Alejandro," Chris called. Bridgette flashed Alejandro a devilish smile. Chris continued, "and the loser is........"

There was a long dramatic pause. Alejandro sweaed while Bridgette sat patiently in her seat. She was so innocent. So pure. Alejandro felt guilty.

"................................................................Bridgette!" Chris called the final name. Alejandro felt like he was about to burst.

"Grr!" he growled at the blond surfer girl. But inside he knew he deserved this. He put on his parachute and jumped but the same hand that Bridgette used to grab him the night before held onto him.

"Bridgette?" Alejandro's eyes were full of fear.

"Goodbye, Alejandro....." she let go of the screaming teen, "R is for Revenge........"

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