Quillon, the Barrio Boy, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

While most of Canada speaks either English and/or French, Quillon grew up in a mostly Spanish-speaking area in Vancouver that is as close to a barrio as the country is going to get, even closer than the name "Barriault"!

He is street-smart and sassy, and his knowledge of three languages (English, French and Spanish) could come in very handy. He is also a huge fan of the show "Mind of Mencia", and has no tolerance for anyone who disses his favorite comedian. Despite the fact that he is often seen wearing a bandana around his head, he does not wish to join any gangs... because that is not how his Mami and Papi have raised him.

Oh, and his name is pronounced "key-YOAN", though most of us will probably end up pronouncing his name as "kwill-un" anyway.

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