Quentin, labeled The Prankster is a camper in Total Drama Infinity.

Gender Male
Hair color Fiery red
Episode Eliminated "That was hilarious, painfully hilarious!"
Place 8th
Relationship None
Family older brother and sister
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Losing his edge


Being the youngest child in his family, Quentin never got as much attention from his parents as his big bro and sis. So he went out to do his own thing: pranking people nonstop. Quentin's a master at egging and TPing people's houses, sneaking up behind people and giving them wedgies of all kinds, and spray painting buildings into submission. Quentin is constantly on the run from his victims who constantly seek revenge on Quentin for his constant pranks, and he is also on the run from the police. Quentin takes great joy in pranks, as they give him a feeling of satisfaction. Quentin joined Infinity to find more victims of his pranks.

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