This story is rated R.
It is not suggested you read it if you are sensitive to violence, swearing, or explicit content.

Queens of Drama


It's been three years since Total Drama Island first aired. The ex-campers are now 19-year-old celebrities, who are ready to attend to college. Once there, a murder spree starts as someone who knows something is ready to finally get rid of these guys.


Main characters

  • Gwen Leebrook, a beautiful girl who has left her goth-style behind and is ready to start a new life in university.
  • Heather Wilson, a mean girl who wants to be part of a sorority named Sigma Kappa.
  • Courtney Barlow, a genius girl whose family is expecting everything from her college years.
  • LeShawna Edwards, a rude girl who hates 'rich and snobby girls'.
  • Beth Gadon, a nerdy girl who wants to get rid of Heather and get the final spot in Sigma Kappa.

Recurring characters

  • Duncan Nelson, a rebellious boy who constantly gets in trouble.
  • Trent McCord, a talented boy very close to Gwen.
  • Harould Froud, a boy who hates Duncan, and secretly loves Beth.


It Happened That Night

Coming soon.


  • This is based on upcoming FOX's show, Scream Queens.
  • Just as Scream Queens, this will be an anthology non-competition series.
  • The characters' last names are taken from the voice actors who portrayed them.

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