The City Folk
Gender Male
Hair color Black, white, tan, blue-gray
Episode Eliminated "TBD"
Place TBD
Relationship None
Family None known
Friends Biskit
Enemies Pashmina
Fear Decidophobia, Hydrophobia,
Talent Eating, playing video games
Counterpart Owen
Origin American


Punchy, labeled The Feline Underachiever is a male contestant on Total Drama: Animal Crossing

His favorite color is red, his favorite food is anything with potatoes or fish, he loves to play video games as well. He was on The City Folk


Punchy is incredibly lazy and loves sleep, he is never motivated and sets low standards for everything. He is nice despite all of this, but is socially awkward due to his habit of passing out out of no where.


In Chapter 1, Welcome to Town Wawanakwa, Punchy is introduced as a contestant with his bags, despite Christopher, he still says nothing to anybody, instead he passes out at the end of the dock, which, when Merengue sees, she is very clearly confused. He easily befriends most of the male competitors on the show, and is later placed on The City Folk, which he shows no emotion/reaction to.

In Chapter 2, It's a Wawanakwa Christmas! Er- Toy Day, Punchy is a member of The City Folk, and watches Pashmina deliver the gifts. He is in the bottom 2 with Pashmina, and not surprisingly, Punchy is declared safe and Pashmina is eliminated, placing last.

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