Priscilla Joanne, The Sheltered, was competing in Total Drama Pop Stars and was on Team Baritones and The Stealing Racoons.

Priscilla Joanne (TDPS)
Team Baritones

Stealing Racoons

Priscilla Joanne
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Blah Blah Land"
Place 9th
Relationship Chris (one sided on his side) and Richard
Family Mother, Father, Brother and Grandmother
Friends Richard, Ulrich and Gennifer
Enemies Nina, Victoria, Chris and Bryan
Fear Boys
Talent Running Away From Boys


Priscilla Joanne or PJ has always been sheltered by her family which has caused her to be very anti-social. Priscilla Joanne has never been on any sports teams nor has she ever been in any school clubs. Priscilla Joanne also never dates since she knows her family won't like it. Born and raised by her mother and father, her brother and her grandmother Priscilla Joanne has never been alone. Another thing that sets Priscilla Joanne apart from other girls are her rather large breasts. Priscilla Joanne has always been afraid of her chest since in attracted other guys she doesn't like. While running from boys she cam across a producer of Total Drama Pop Stars who asked her if she's be interested in appearing on the show. She only agreed since the producer was female and didn't even notice her large chest. Priscilla Joanne wants to win the money to pay her family back for giving her all of their love.


Meet The Singers: Priscilla Joanne, along with Richard, was the second to last contestant to arrive and apon arriving Chris saw her chest and gave her his cellphone number so they can "talk" after the show ends. This creeps her out and makes Richard laugh calling the moment awkward. After Victoria boasts about herself beign fan favorite Priscilla Joanne, along with everyone else, glares at her. Also after the challenge she, along with, Bryan, Sam, William, Victoria and Ulrich, glares at Nina and Jessica for causing them to lose the first challenge and voted for Jessica because of it.

Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again: Priscilla Joanne showed some concern when Sam snapped at Victoria an when he reveled his OCD she stated Sam's yelling at Victoria as a possible red flag. Priscilla Joanne won her match againt Tia by knocking her out after they exchanged cross words.

Wild It Up: After it was revealed that Xavier had quit Priscilla Joanne went to talk to Richard and told him that she knew Sam was going to quit. Also she found out Richard likes her and they shared their first kiss before returning to the others. She was placed on The Stealing Racoons team with Nick, Richard, Bryan, Victoria and Gennifer by Chris, She also was happy when her team won the challenged even though she questioned the challenge.

Hide 'N Stink: Priscilla Joanne tells Gennifer that she was scared by what Bryan said about monster movies earlier but later got over it when she and Gennifer went to go hide. She was later seen caught by Chef along with Gennifer and they were placed in a cage. She later voted off Bryan over Victoria since it was his fault they lost by talking about useless facts.

Fear Fabrication: Priscilla Joanne was seen running out of her cabin to see blood on the ground after Victoria screamed and was shocked to see the blood. Priscilla Joanne faced her fear by seeing a cage full of male models whic made her uncomfortable. She ended up passing the challenge for her team and was happy to be on the losing team.

Blah Blah Land: After Victoria said she had a weird dream Priscilla Joanne had the same weird dream as Victoria. When Ulrich was crying about William being gone she asked him what was wrong she lost the challenge. Ulrich confided in her about his self-harm and told her to keep it a secret which she promised by lying to her boyfirend, Richard, saying that she and Ulrich were having girl talk. Priscilla Joanne was voted off since she lost the challenge for her team and saved Victoria.


  • Priscilla Joanne is the only contestant with two first names
  • Priscilla Joanne's nickname PJ is the same as DJ's from TDI since his real name is Devon Joseph

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