Image Name Occupation
Laura Harrison Aspiring Model and Actress
Being an aspiring model and actress, Laura prides herself on her ability to fool others. Upon applying for the show, she stated that her skills in acting will be able to help her fool the other players into thinking she's a helpless girl trapped inside of a big, scary house with a bunch of brutes. Can she use her acting prowess to win the game, or will it be her ultimate downfall?
Felicity Johnston Farm and Ranch Hand
Felicity is what one would probably call a tomboy. Having lived in the country basically her whole life, Felicity has decided to apply for the all new reality show coming to a city nearby. Her audition stated that her abilities on a farm could help her out inside the house in many ways. Could this country girl's kindness and willingness to work help her out in this game, or will her kind heart break her spirits?
T'Rika Cooper Accountant
T'Rika is the epitome of sassy coworkers. This drama queen is always a part of some sort of fight or argument (that she most likely started). The twist? She's never the target. She prides herself on being able to make other people argue over tiny things and cause distractions. Her audition stated that, "In a game like this, if someone is ever targetting you, just put the heat onto someone else and let them vote each other out." Will this help her in the game, or will it cause her ultimate downfall?
Lady Rose Actress
This self proclaimed "princess" lives to please herself and nobody else. Having played the roles of many queens and princesses in movies, this actress has stuck herself in the mindset of a real princess. Because of this, she remains dressing in tiaras and fluffy dresses. Her audition was a simple video of her on a shopping spree, purchasing many wild attires. After three applications, she finally sent something useful and was put on the show. Can this princess in training win it all or lose big time?
Jasmine Layton Aspiring Author
Jasmine is an aspiring author that has written sixteen different transcripts for her first novel. Because of this, she hopes to advertise it in her confessionals in the game. If she is successful, hopefully a publisher will find her and publish her novel! Will this big time author surprise the competition, or is she using it for advertisement?
Raymond Steele Unemployed
Raymond finds himself unemployed time after time for being an extremely clumsy person. He has tried plenty of jobs, but yet he has come up short each time. He needs to win this money so he can stop mooching off of his parents and live somewhere nice while he finds a job that suits him and his lifestyle. Can this clumsy oaf make light of his situation and win the game?
Harry Toepher Hair Stylist
Harry is an excitable hair stylist that enjoys creative weaving. He gets calls all the time about exotic hairstyles, and he always completes them -- and more. Harry will cut your payment in half if one compliments his hair. Will this cocky hair sylist use this to his advanrage, or will he ultimately fall?
Eddie Stewarts College Student
This perfectionist student will stop at nothing to win the money. His college tuition is far through the roof, and of course, he can't afford it. He plans on using his looks to mess with the other competitors in the house. If successful, he will be able to manipulate them into doing his bidding whlie his charms last. Will this self entitled model of sorts be able to win the game with his looks?
Shawn Brookes Police Officer
"Police officers never win these games because we're seen as extremely strategic and dangerous," Shawn says in his interview. He plans on hiding the fact he is a police officer until he is completely comfortable with revealing it. He prides himself on his strategic ability. Will he be able to rock the competition?
Moseby Donalds Tumblrite
One such tumblr user, Moseby, prides himself on being able to "slay" the competition in tumblr survivor games. Not only this, but he also has an account on Tengaged and Zwooper. This unusual competitor thinks he has what it takes to win over the competition and dominate physically (despite not doing anything physical at home). Will this tumblrite make his way to the end with his knowledge of the game, or will he be sent packing for stupidity?

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