This is the first thing I'm posting here, and I hope whoever reads any of these likes them.


Beth is a bit odd

She is not herself at times

Though her soul is pure


Bridgette loves surfing

She also loves all animals

The Earth brings her joy


Cody strikes out a lot

He just cannot catch a break

But just keeps trying


Courtney is bossy

She pushes people around

Yet she can be wild


DJ is damn strong

A hard outside soft inside

His mom is his life


Duncan seems quite harsh

At times that is very true

Though not every time


Eva has a problem

This titan is short tempered

She will break you dude


Ezekiel dude

The homeschooled wonder boy

This guy has bad luck


Geoff is a true bro

This dude loves to party hard

He is way too nice


Gwen is a loner

She prefers her diary

But she just needs friends


Harold is a nerd

We are talking geek supreme

Just don’t pick on him


Heather is scary

This Queen B is a terror

It all comes around


Izzy is insane

This psycho may just kill you

So please watch your back


Justin is pretty

His abs are chiseled like stone

But his mind is weak


Katie loves Sadie

They are BFFFLs



Leshawna is boss

This sister is straight gangster

Do not mess with her


Lindsay’s beautiful

This blonde bombshell draws in guys

But not for her wits


Noah is genius

This snark is smart but lazy

Sports are not his thing


Owen’s disgusting

This dude brings the energy

Do not give him beans


Sadie loves Katie

They are BFFFLs



Trent is a cool guy

He likes to play the guitar

Injuries find him


Tyler is a jock

Perhaps he should practice more

Chickens man chickens


Coming soon

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