Pixie Dust by CrystalNeonSummerSnow

Genre: Humor/Romance

Pairing: AlejandroxOC

A/N: I know, I know, I've been writing too many romance fics, but hey, it's what I do.

~Chapter 1~

"Pixie! Wake up; it’s time for school!" I groaned at Mom's yelling. At least that explains why I don't plug the alarm in.

My name's Pixie Picard, regular teenage freak/geek. As you can guess, I'm not really like most girls; I'm really a lot more punk that the rest. The reason I labled myself as “geek” though is because I'm the only emo chick in school that can actually take a test and pass it instead of falling asleep.

I wouldn't really consider myself a Goth because I still were those colorful stuff that most girls in school would, but I don't, repeat DON'T, wear pink; or lime green; or any other color Nicki Minaj's wigs are. I'm more like the person who would listen to Good Charlotte and hide her stupid diamond stud earrings (thanks a lot for making me look gangsta, Mom; really appreciate it) with her grey hoodie. Yeah, as you can tell, I'm not popular. I'm really more like the person to watch the entire Saw series and not feel the urge to run into a stall into the bathroom to vomit up some popcorn. In fact, mindless gore can really soothe someone as bitter as me.

My family, as you could guess, drives me insane. Mom and I hardly have anything in common, Dad is up there where he belongs 'cause of a car accident, and my sister Evelyn is just your average, expected blonde -- she's popular, arrogant, dumb, proud, and not surprisingly the first person to faint after peeking at me watching some random gorefest on YouTube.

Evelyn and I do certain things to annoy each other; for example, she always poses in one of her stupid sequined dresses and brags about how her bottle blonde hair defies gravity, and I watched Saw IV and Saw 3D over and over in the living room (I know those two movies sucked, but so did watching her modle her pink tube dress, so we're even).

"Pixie! Wake up!" Mom repeated. Being in Washington for so long really bums your mood, especially with the fact that it's always raining outside with occasional moments of thunder and lightning; yet an annoying mother yelling from downstairs is twice as mood-bumming.

It didn't take long for me to get dressed; I just threw on the usual: my khaki Starbucks-print one-shoulder, ripped jeans, and black pumps. Other times, I would put on my fake lip piercing just to freak Evelyn out again, but I wasn't in the mood for it today.

Downstairs, iCarly was playing on the TV and the smell of burnt bacon and mushy eggs made me want to gag myself. Mom's a terrible cook. I didn't stick around to eat; I just grabbed my backpack and headed out into the rain, ignoring Mom's insisting that I put on my yellow slicker.

"Everyone, run for your lives! It's the Bride of Chucky!" Melissa smriked at me, causing thunderous laughter in the process. I just rolled my eyes and sat behind the driver.

Melissa was once my BFF because of our love for rock music; but that was in 6th grade, of course. Now I'm in 12th grade and our styles--no, her styles change. I was still the same emo loser while she began listening to crappy pop music and wearing those stupid lacey tanks you'd see at Old Navy. She became one of the clique chicks and now she somehow targetted me. Well, at least Christmas vacation would be here soon and I wouldn't have to see her grubby little face for the rest of the month.

Everything in Washington is really a boring routine for me; I'd go to school, get made fun of by her, make a snarky comment or two about her under my breath, and then leave lunch early because that's the last period and the buses load up by then. I do pretty well in school, but the teachers still hate me; especially Mr. Burnson.

Mr. Burnson was my physics teacher and described me as another "gutter punk". I barely even pull pranks and already, he gives me detention just because of what I wear (what's the big deal about ripped jeans? It's a lot better than the usual crap he wears). Once, he gave me a D- on a PowerPoint I did for class, and I worked so blinkin' hard on it for two whole weeks! He barely even teaches; he just stands there with an ugly tie and writes the answer on the board before we even knew what the question was. Since he thinks he's so smart, maybe his brain expanded his head causing him to lose all his grey hair.

Going down the halls, I grabbed my sack lunch and just decided to eat in the halls. But before I could even dig into my sandwich, footsteps were directed at me. Evelyn knelt down besides me and pinched my cheek.

"Hey there, Grinchie." she laughed. She called me that when I knocked one of my favorite white sweaters into a bucket of green paint. Actually, it looked pretty cool like that. White's my only favorite color because you can make it look pretty without trying. I slapped her hand away and that just made her smile more.

"Whaddaya want, Blondie?"

"I got exciting news," An eyebrow rose at her. Her idea of good news is just when her favorite pair of skinny jeans are on sale. Instead of shoving her iPhone in my face to show a picture of those jeans, it was instead a text from Mom. At least she doesn't hover so much on the phone. My eyes widened at the bold text.

We're moving tonight :)


There was only one thing I couldn't help but say at that. Thank you, Lord!

~Chapter 2~

The drive to Toronto was very quiet that night. But I didn't care. All that was really great was that I would finally leave the crappy place I called home, and the terror I called school. Sure, it seemed like a stupid decision to leave Washington for Canada, but hey, at least people like Melissa wouldn't be there.

Mom got a job offer--finally--in Toronto for a big sales pitch on children's books. Of course, it took a month to find a new school for me and Evelyn to go to, but it's worth it if it means finally leaving my dreary, rainy Limbo.

I didn't talk to anyone throughout the car ride; all I did was shuffle through my playlist and let my pet cat Coraline snuggle up to me in my lap. I bought Coraline a two years ago because of my love for black cats, and since there was a black cat in both the movie and the book, I just thought, What the heck, Pixie? Name her Coraline. Evelyn suggested the name Melissa just to bug me, but I responded by saying it'd be better than naming it after her.

Soon, when Awake and Alive started playing, a sign appeared. Toronto, 8 miles away. Awesome. We were almost there. But I masked my excited smile with drowning myself in the rock music one of my favorite bands sang in concert.

The other good thing about moving to our new home was that Mom will actually let me style my room however I wanted it to, saying that since I'll be heading off to college in a few months, I can be able to handle designing my room maturely. Maturely, riiiggght. That's actually the first time she ever used that word to me.

As you can guess, Mom and I barely get along. She's so strict, she wouldn't even let me see Toy Story 3 thinking that it's too violent; and I got grounded because I snuk out and saw it with Evelyn. It was just one blinkin' scene! If it was more than once, it wouldn't have gotten the G rating, would it? Sometimes, I just wished that she could lose the boring self-assured, bossy look and have fun, for once. Yet, the backlash would be that she doesn't know the lingo very well.

Rolling my eyes at the thought, I just continued to drown in rock music from Skillet to Evanescence to even Paramore until we got to the house.

I fell onto my new bed with a happy sigh. Finally, the perfect room was done. Green paint covered the walls, Good Charlotte (and other nameless Hollywood people) posters were wall to wall, and I bought a futon bed that had a blanket with red handprints all over. Working a whole Saturday to get it done was finally worth it, and in a funny twist, Evelyn got the attic as her bedroom. I'd like to see her style that.

Coraline meowed for a moment and jumped onto my desk. I allowed her to for a moment until she was nearing my laptop. She jumped down before I sat up and snuk into the closet. That time, I just ignored it. There were a lot of skaggy, flower-printed dresses in there that I doubt would even fit a flag pole. Maybe I'll give 'em to Evelyn later on; she's skinny enough to fit in them.

A mirror was dropped on the floor, but it wasn't broken. Staring at it, I laughed at how my long, brown hair just made my greyish blue eyes even uglier. That was another thing Evelyn teased me about; she thinks she's a beautiful princess 'cause she has bouncy, blonde hair and emerald-green eyes and I'm just the ugly maid that has flat, long hair and eyes that are the ugliest shade of blue in the eye color rainbow. Well, she has this disgusting scar on her thigh, so what's her excuse?

She got that scar one day when I pulled a nasty prank on her; I "accidentally" broke one of Coraline's toys and stuffed a broken piece into Evelyn's skirt pocket. Who knew that a cat's fury can really make a scratch hurt more? She wasn't hospitalized, but I was grounded for a month, as you can guess. Well, she deserved it after completely wrecking the case for my autographed picture of Jennifer Tilly; but thank goodness she didn't wreck the picture.

Soon, my happy memories were cut short when Mom came in and laughed at me tangled in the futon sheets.

"You excited about school starting Monday?" I didn't bother to reply; she already knew the answer would be an "ehh". She then dropped this book in front of me and I just looked at her. "They sent us a yearbook from last year. Your new classmates are in the 11th grade section; they haven't really changed much from what Ms. Neil said on the phone."

I didn't really had much of an expression when reading. Besides, I was only gonna spend several months with these guys and gals, so there wasn't any need for excitement. Skimming through the pages, all I saw were the usual geeks, cheerleaders, and outcasts (like me). Well, at least school wouldn't be as bad as it was in Washington.

The only thing I did notice was there was this Latino dude that looked too familiar...

~Chapter 3~

Hmm, so far, school hadn't been so interesting. It was all the same. The minute I walked through those doors with my regular cardigan and boots, one girl with a halter and tacky shorts came up, smirking.

"Nice clothes. Still shopping in the boys' section in the mall?" She placed a hand on her hip and snorted at me for a moment. I scoffed at her pathetic attempt to intimidate me and said,

"Yeah, because I got tired of showing my navel desperately at passing nerds."

Remembering last night when reading the yearbook at night, I think her name was Heather; but I barely cared when I saw her embarrassed look from the corner of my eye. She just groaned in annoyance and flipped her hair while leaving. Already, I loved this school, 'cause I actually 'fronted some desperate cheerleader.

Heading to my locker, this pale girl accidentally ran into me and we both went falling to the ground. She apologized, but I just laughed and shrugged it out. She stuck her hand out to help me out.

"Hey, I'm Gwen."

"I'm Pixie. Why were you in such a hurry?"

"Had to get away from the chess club. They're worse than Cody." That was when my eyes widened in surprise. I couldn't believe I forgot that I was talking to Gwen from Total Drama! She was my all-time favorite character; and that made me quickly remember that I 'fronted Heather as well. Good. I hate Heather; she walks around acting like she's God's gift to reality TV. Well, if she was, would she still be wearing that outfit? Laughing, Gwen turned around and saw Evelyn chatting up with some boring ol' cheerleaders.

"Wow... I didn't know Christina Aguilera had a sister."

"Nope, 'cause she's my sister."

"Oops, sorry."

"Hey, who said I asked you to say you're sorry?"

We laughed in unison for a moment and then the bell rang for 1st period. Advanced English. Cool! That's my favorite subject. And best of all, Gwen's in all my classes, but Evelyn isn't! It's about time I didn't have my twin sister to bug me all day. Somehow, I already had a feeling this wouldn't be so bad after all.

"Alright, everyone, take your seats," Ms. Peacock said softly. She's my Advanced English teacher, and already, she seems nice. She at least isn't the kinda teacher that would wear stupid-looking thick-frammed glasses and yell a lot. She turned her laptop off and smiled.

"My name is Ms. Peacock and the reason I say that is because I see we have a new student!" she said in a very happy tone. She patted my shoulder. "Young lady, please stand in front of the class and tell them your name." I nodded.

"Hey, my name is Pixie Picard."

"Pixie. Hmm, what a beautiful name!" she chirpped, "Is there a reason why your mother named you that?"

"Actually, Mom didn't name me Pixie; Dad did. The reason why is just because when I was born, I crawled out of Mom's arms and reached for a book called Peter Pan. And like the saying goes, you have to have faith, trust, and pixie dust." Her smile grew wider.

In my mind, I groaned. Same ol' routine I see in cartoons; everyone starts to introduce themselves to the new kid. So far, all I got were just regular basketcases and jocks. However, one boy stood up and his name was what made me almost gasp.

"My name's Alejandro Burromento, and it's nice to see you again."

That name was the name of a person I wanted to forget...

As you could guess by the emphasis he put on the word "again", Alejandro and I knew each other back in 6th grade as well as me and Melissa knew each other. Al was the same way he was now -- manipulative, smooth, and all the girls adored him... well, except me.

With it being the age of iPhones and insult clichés back then, I wasn't all that interested in him. I really would've rather choked and gagged and slit myself than be with him. With the look in his eyes, I knew those were the eyes of a snake; I knew instantly he was evil.

Before you guys even begin to think my situation was like Heather's on World Tour, it wasn't; the difference was that I didn't even love him the slightest bit. Really, I didn't. We were barely together, anyways. Yet one day, during gym, he walked up to me casually when he noticed I had a white cast on my leg. It was surprising that he actually cared. I just went off-topic with a joke and then, oddly, we became friends after that.

Of course, Al had very different feelings about me compared to how I just thought of him as a kinda okay guy. After he left me to head back to the volleyball game he was playing, he signed my cast with his name and cell number. We both laughed and I rolled my eyes in a cynical way. He didn't really flirt with me much, but our friendship didn't last long.

The reason that Melissa and I hate each other was by 10th grade, he manipulated Melissa when they began to date. Sure, I may've seemed annoyed, but it wasn't because I was jealous; it was because I knew he was cheating on her. I tried to tell her, but she got all mad and accused me of stealing him. Angry, I yelled at her saying that I didn't know "stealing" your BFF's boyfriend was mistaken for being a real friend in my world. When he broke up with her over a text, that was when our friendship crumbled. And I still can't even fathom how she could still have my e-mail after that; she only uses it to send hate mail anyway. Dumb little prick.

After that, I vowwed never again to talk to Al; but the night my 4-year friendship with Melissa ended, I remembered that I kept the cast Al signed in my closet (just in case I had to call when I forgot homework, okay?) and dialed his number. And with that, I screamed at the top of my lungs at him. I never stopped yelling; not even to take a breath and try to calm down. And worst of all, I actually said I hated him, And we haven't spoke since.

Still, I haven't talked to Al for the rest of the class, but we were definetely surprised to see each other in 1st period. And with a convenient twist, he's in all of my classes, too. Well, thank God that we don't have assigned seats next to each other.

But why, exactly, was it that when I looked at him for a moment, he smiled? We hate each other, right...?

~Chapter 4~

Wow, this feels like the first time I stepped into a lunch room and something actually smelled good. I walked in line and a lunch lady scooped up some food and let it plop on my orange tray. Hmm, pasta primavera? Bit formal, but it's way better than ordering eating leftover Chinese noodles Mom makes. Heading over to the cooler to grab a Coke, that was when we bumped into each other.

"Sorry," I muttered. He nodded in response.

"So, uhh... I guess we'll be going to school again." I said next, trying to at least start a conversation.

"Yeah, I haven't seen you since... well, since you said you never wanted to see me again."

I laughed awkwardly after he said that. He then pointed at the table nearest to the door. Oh boy, I thought, he actually wants to sit with me. He doesn't even remember what I said back then? Ignoring my thoughts, I sat next to him without a care. Taking a bite out of my pasta then, it soon became quiet. But then he turned around and smirked,

"Please don't tell me you're actually afraid to talk to me."

"Well, I did say a lot of mean things back then."

"2 years is a longer time than you think, Pixie," he laughed, "but Alejandro never holds grudges with old friends."

Smiling then, we just talked about few things throughout lunchtime. What we talked about, I don't remember, but it was actually a better day than I thought. Who knows? Maybe Al and I might become friends again.

"How was the first day of school, honey?" Mom asked while stirring some boiled potatoes around in the crockpot. I didn't really get into big detail about it; all I said was that I met Gwen and there's teachers that actually like me. Strangely, I didn't tell her about Alejandro. When she heard about my past blowout at him, she never wanted me to talk about him again. I don't know why, but I guess that's her overprotective side talking again.

Evelyn was where she always was: in her room, trying on new clothes. Good thing I come home later than her; whenever I come home earlier than her, she ends up yapping about every single detail that Mom would actually care to listen to. Falling onto the couch and channel surfing, Coraline meowed as she curled up into my lap again.

Still, remembering lunch today, not only was it the first time in a year that I stepped into a cafeteria, it was the first time in 2 years I talked to Al again. Oddly, we have somethings in common: we both listen to rock or R&B music sometimes, we love the movie Black Swan (I know, with a strict mother, I thought I would never see it, but in a weird twist, she loved it), and we're very passionate about our interests.

As unlikely as this seems, I think I'm actually becoming... happy.

Evelyn raced down the stairs and laughed at me sprawled out on the couch.

"Two animals sleeping together. How cute!" Mom banged her wooden spoon inside the pot. That was her way of getting one of us to stop teasing each other. What surprised Evelyn the most was that I didn't even have the need to respond. Yawning then, I laid against my pillow and prepared to fall asleep. But before I could, my cell phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered. I was replied to with a short 'hey'. It was Gwen.

"So, you and Alejandro, huh? What's up with that?"

"It's nothin', really. We just knew each other back then in 6th grade." She mockingly wolf-whistled.

"No wonder you were so surprised to see him in English. I mean, I thought you'd blush a little bit, but honestly, your face looked like a blood vessel burst."

Laughing, I continued our little pep talk with going off topic with everyday stuff: homework, family, wondering when Ke$ha can wear a parka, y'all probably know how it is. Hanging up when finished, I ran to my room and got online.

Melissa sent 2 new messages, which I sent to the junk file; there's 600 total, honestly. It's always the same, inane remarks: I hate u. Y r u still here? Who do u think u r? So cliché. isn't it? Yeah, well, I didn't really care as I got on YouTube and let my thought drown in music. I'm still trying to sing random songs to try and work on my voice more. I know I was thinking about hiring a vocal coach, but I'm broke right now.

Well, when I started singing Your Love by Nicki Minaj, something in my gut told me there was a deeper reason as to why I "randomly" sang that song.

~Chapter 5~

Ugh, great. There's a play going on called Romeo & Juliet; I absolutely hate that story! We all know what happens: two teens meet, two teens elope, two teens hate their families, and then two teens become suicidal. Not really much of a happily ever after, is it? Well, why is it that every blinkin' time in winter, a certain school has to relive it in a play?

The only thing I could enjoy of the auditions was watching people get rejected and leave in tears. Especially Heather. Boy, were the judges hard on her; they said her acting was so bad, she wouldn't even play Othelo well. Hmm, I doubt she'd make a convincing black dude, not that I would, either.

Shuffling through my rock-n-roll playlist on my iPod, I felt a little tap on my shoulder. Alejandro. Oh, joy. Turning around, he held up a little highlighted part of a script. I high-fived him for getting the part.

He walked through the doors and I heard a soft "Psst" behind me. It was the play producer.

"Hey, girl, you auditioning?" I responded with a headshake. He grabbed my wrist. "Well, it's your lucky day; we need a Juliet!"

Tussling at his grip, I was then introduced to the judges. Well, at least Ms. Peacock was the head judge, so maybe this would be a breeze for me. At first, I was kinda unsure about this, but then someone teased saying that Alejandro can't use a pineapple as Juliet. Wow, even adults watch World Tour. Shrugging, I remembered a few sentences from last year's play at my old school:

I'll look to like, if looking liking move;
But no more deep will I endart mine eye
Than your consent gives strength to make it fly.

Instantly, I was responded to with thunderous applause that I worried would shatter the windows behind them. Shaking hands with the judges, I smiled at what just happened. I was dragged walked in there as Pixie, and walked out as Juliet. Hmm, I never knew what an actress I could be. But one question did remain:

Was I happy to be Juliet for a different reason other than just 'cause? Was it because Alejandro got the part as Romeo? And... wait a minute, there's a love scene in here? Oh, boy...

~Chapter 6~

Evelyn laughed so hard about me getting the part, I think milk was spewing out of her nose. I rolled my eyes and snacked on my corn dog. I knew it was a bad idea to invite her along with me and Gwen; but as always, Mom says we have to "bond more". How can I bond with her? I see her every blinkin' day; though it means to tease each other, that's really how our sisterhood should work.

"You got the part as Juliet? You?" she smirked, pinching my cheek, "I had no idea my wittle sister was an aspiring actress."

"I'm not an aspiring actress and I'm not your 'wittle' sister. We're twins."

"Yes, but I am the oldest by eight minutes." Gwen flicked an olive from her nachos at her. I smiled.

"But still," she began, "I have to agree with Glinda over here. When did you get interested in Shakespeare?" I shrugged and glanced out the window.

"Gwen, you know I hate Romeo & Juliet; but I was just sitting outside and one of those sleazy producers grabbed my wrist and... well, here I am."

They both burst with laughter. I faltered a chuckle in return. Yeah, that was extremely embarrassing. I'd rather be in a production of Carrie than Romeo & Juliet; at least I wouldn't die over some boy. Then, Gwen elbowed my ribs gently.

"Something tells me that there's another reason why you auditioned, and that reason is probably Latino."

"Lay off, Gwen," I teased, "you know that I haven't talked to Al in 2 years. Besides, we've never really dated and this is just a part for a play."

"Uh-huh, suuure..." We laughed on and continued our time at Scilliy's Snack Shack. At first, I thought it was gonna be some oldies' restaurant, but strangely, this is the hottest teen hang-out... or, at least it is at night. Still, why would Gwen suspect Alejandro was the reason I auditioned. Those punknuts made me audition anyways. There's nothing else really to explain....

But why was it when I left, my cell started ringing and he was the caller?

Waiting for traffic jam to answer, I picked up the phone and faltered out a "hello". A chuckle was his reply.

"A little anxious to talk to me, now, aren't you?" I rolled my eyes.

"Shut up, Romeo."

"Heh, no problem... Juliet." Oh, crap. He found out. I was silent for a few more minutes, but then I let out a sigh and bit my lip, waiting for his response. Instead, he chuckled again.

"Don't worry, I know this is just a play; in fact, that's why I called. I called to congratulate you on getting the part."

"Please, there's no need to congratulate me; I didn't even consider auditioning; one of the producers just grabbed my wrist and said they needed a Juliet."

"I had a feeling you were forced to act; judging your stereotype, I never pegged you--"

"An aspiring actress? Please, I'm barely more than a girl."

Silence. Why did I say that? Eveyone knows that a girl is suppose to be confident.... Yeah. Right. I'm the mouse everyone mislabels a rat. How delicate. Tapping my fingers on the steering wheel, Al then coolly replied,

"Care to meet me in the school auditorium? Maybe, we can rehearse in there."

Letting out a soft OK, I hung up. He wants to meet with me in the theater? That's the first time in years that anyone's invited me to anything. Call me crazy, but does this mean this is...

...a date?

Nah, I'm just a little high on the Coke. That couldn't possibly be true.

"You're heading off to school at this time of night?" Mom sternly asked. I nodded. She then scoffed, "But it's freezing out there. The last thing I need is for my daughter to catch a cold." Hey, I had a black velvet jacket and jeans to wear, so no need for her to complain and force me to wear a stupid puffy coat now. Before I walked out the door, Evelyn came down stairs and naïvely asked,

"But, isn't the school guarded?"

"It's a school, Blondie, not a national bank." With that, I left.

Driving down to the auditorium gave me pleanty of time to think about all of this. Predictable questions filled my head, especially this one: How were we going to rehearse all of this romance crap? I'm not afraid to admit that I was a little nervous about rehearsing with someone who turned my whole life upside-down, but judging about how red my face was when he called, I had to get a grip.

Entering the auditorium without a care, a spotlight shined.

"I thought you needed some light," a voice laughed. I looked up and saw that he disappeared. Turning around, he was behind me.

"D'you do that a lot? The whole disappearing out of sight thing?" He smiled and latched onto my wrist. We walked calmly to the stage and he showed me to the balcony. Of course, that's the most memorable scene of all Shakespeare time. Standing down from there, Alejandro read his script and then, something changed inside my mind.

But soft; what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou her maid art far more fair than she
Be not her maid, since she is envious
Her vestal livery is but sick and green,
And none but fools do wear it. Cast it off.

In that instant, some odd, warm, jittery feeling came to my stomach. Wait, what was it again? I couldn't really describe the feel, but I didn't hate it that's for sure. Yet, somehow, the way Al recited Romeo's forgotten words made Heaven sigh as well as me. It was romantic in its own right. And soon enough, that brought out the inner Juliet in me.

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
Of, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I'll no longer be a Capulet.
'Tis but thy name that is my enemy.
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
What's Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo called,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff the name;
And for thy name, which is no part of thee,
Take all myself.

Instantly, he started clapping.

"That was amazing, Pixie! When did that come on?"

"I dunno, really," I modestly replied, "I guess I just got in touch with my inner Juliet." He laughed and patted my shoulders. For the next hour, we kept practicing and practicing the parts we could play best. Then soon came the best one: the death scenes. I laid on the crypt and pretended to be dead. Trust me, I'm an expert; I've been known to fake my death last year, just to get back at Evelyn for something she said about me. I looked like Carrie, except with fake cuts all over me and a fake slash across my throat.

Continuing on with this role, I felt something warm to the touch encircle me as his lines rattled my ears.

O my love; my wife!
Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath,
Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.

His words faded as I focused on the touch that warmed my cold skin, the small beating sound. Such music that night; a music I've never heard before. Wait, I've never said such things like that in all of my life! Hmm, must be my inner Juliet talking. As he fell to the ground and I rose, my lips tightened reluctantly. Well, better get this over with, I thought. Kneeling down to his side, my hand smoothed over his as I spoke.

What's here? A cup, closed in my true love's hand?
Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end.
O churl! drunk all, and left with no friendly drop
To help me after? I will kiss thy lips.
Haply some poison yet doth hang on them
To make me die with a restorative.

My lips shook in that blinking moment. My hand twitched and I quickly jerked back before I could actually get my first kiss. Alejandro's head bucked up and an eyebrow rose at me.

"You can't possibly be afraid to kiss me, now, are you?"

"Sorry. I never really had my first kiss, so, I don't know if I'm good or not." He chuckled dryly and brought me back down to his level. Then came a whisper that sent chills down my spine.

"There's only one way to find out... Juliet."

A smile crept across my face before he closed his eyes and resumed his "lifeless" state. With that whisper echoing oh-so softly in my mind, I repeated my lines and laid my hand back on his. I pressed my forehead against his and closed my eyes as my lips slowly came on top of his.

A lovely gasp came in my mind; he was an amazing kisser. I always wondered what the inside of a rose would feel like, and I did once I kissed him. My hand that rested on his came up to his cheek to curl a free strand. Snapping my eyes open to what I was doing, I released and looked down upon him. The entire auditorium faded from mind and we were the only to left.

Snatching the plastic dagger off of the ground and "piercing" it through my heart, I fell on top of his barrel chest and let the prop slip from my palm. Silence consumed our voices for a moment, but then I gripped his shrit and asked wryly,

"Was I good?"

"Perfect. But, maybe before kissing me, try squeezing out some tears. Raw emotion is what the audience craves." I nodded. My whole body felt numb as my hair spilled on his collar bone. Sighing, he said staring straight at the flickering spotlight above us, "I think we should get up; we gotta get home, anyways."

"Umm, is it okay if we stay like this for a moment...?" A soft laugh came from him. "I don't really have much to do, anyways."

"As you wish."

~Chapter 7~

A locker slamming snapped me out of my thoughts about last night.

"Hey, Heather," I said to begin the convo. She just scoffed and placed a hand on her hip.

"Alright, you better answer me when I ask this and you better answer now: how could you get the role and not me?"

"Jeez, how many times do I have to tell people? I didn't want to audition, they just picked me because they needed a Juliet."

"But I'm very capable for a role like that, too!"

"Yeah, if the Giuseppe heel fits." She glared down at the floor and groaned at my mean comment. Quirking an eyebrow, I formed a smirk.

"Aww, isn't this just beautiful? Something tells me that you're not just upset about the role; no, you're upset because of you didn't get the role to be with him."

"Stop mocking me!"

"C'mon Heather, face the music, already. You loved him, you betrayed him, and now you want him to forgive you. Well, I'll tell you if he does after the play."

Walking down the halls calmly, I heard her last sentence echo in the dim hallway.

"No one messes with Heather Malone!"

Al almost burst laughing at how pathetic Heather's outburst was once I told him about what happened today.

"Don't worry, Heather's only mean to people because she sees them as a threat." I nodded. Drumming my nails on the lunch table, I nervously looked at my watched and already began packing up my stuff. The play's a few days from now and considering how nervous I was about my kiss with him last night, I needed to be alone again to cool off. Before leaving, a hand came to my shoulder. I turned around to ask him about it, but all Al said before I left was,

"Trust me, you're gonna do great."

With a tiny blush, I smiled.

"Where on Earth were you?!" Mom asked angrily as I tried to sneak in. Hey, I thought wearing a grey hoodie over my blue skull shirt would make me blend in more. Sighing, I turned to her, and she pushed her glasses closer to her face and yelled at me to answer her.

"I was rehearsing with Alejandro."

"That Latino from the TV show?" She sighed as she facepalmed herself. I honestly didn't understand what she was upset at me about this time, but all I knew was she could just be too darn bitter. After massaging her temples, she turned to me, brows furrowed sternly.

"Pixie, while I do have some respect for that young man, I do not thing you should hang out with him so much. Remember what he did to you?"

"Mom, that was two years ago. Two! People change by then; or at least some do!"

"Well, it's not only that. You snuck out of this house and you could've gotten hurt. I mean, look outside. There are barely any lights on at this time; you could've gotten killed out there."

I rolled my eyes. Does she always have to be so paranoid? Before we could get too in-depth with this fight, she grabbed my shoulder and whispered, both lovingly and soberly,

"Just don't do that again, Priscilla."

Ugh, how I hate that name! In all honesty, the full name Priscilla Abigail Stefani Picard is worse than Harold's full name. Priscilla is just too sophisticated, which is why I choose Pixie over Priscilla. Nevertheless, I looked at my feet and murmured,

"Yes, Mom."

~Chapter 8~

Well, opening night's tonight and I was panicking. Time really flies when rehearsing; all actors must feel that way. Still, I couldn't fight off that annoying jittery thing inside my stomach that lives up to the phrase "butterflies in my stomach".

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