Phillip (Toad)
Team Victorious


Gender Male?
Hair color Blond
Episode Eliminated "The Amazing Four"
Place 4th
Relationship Tess (wife, unknown status)
Family Mom, Dad, Tess
Friends TBA
Enemies Ari
Fear Killer Mutant Red Blobs of Doom
Talent Stalking About, Filmmaking
Phillip is labeled as The Disturbing Kid and is in a lot of my stories, such as Total Drama World Tour II and Total Drama Seas.


Phillip is a strange boy. He refuses to cut his hair even though it looks like female hair, causing him to be mistaken for a girl almost daily. Phillip's favorite pastime is filmmaking, which he is very bad at. All he does is move his Lego people around and make weird noises. He posted his videos on MyCircle but none of them got more than 69 views. He also has a really high voice, and he is extremely immature, being thirteen and still crying whenever he doesn't get his way. At his summer camp, nobody likes him. He stalks girls all the time there, including Ari. He also bothers the counselors, including Mattie, and does other creepy stuff. At the sleepover night for his camp, nobody wanted to share a tent with him because of his weird odor and the fact that he still sleeps with a teddy bear, but three magical dudes were forced to sleep with him. Nobody likes Phillip, and his best friend is his mom.



  • Phillip is based on and named after a creepy kid who goes to my camp, although the real Phillip got his hair cut.

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