Phil, labeled the Anti-sexist Jock is a camper in Total Drama Infinity.

Gender Male
Hair color red
Episode Eliminated "Tell me something I don't know"
Place 10th
Relationship None
Family parents, little sister
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA


Since Phil was five years old, he was very interested in sports. He'd get his hands on any sport he can, from Baseball, to Soccer, to Basketball, to Football, to Hockey, to Lacrosse, you name it, he plays it. Phil has a knack for letting ANYONE play with him and his friends so long as the new player is around his age or older. The jocks in his group, mostly sexist jock types, argue against him when he lets a girl play, but Phil lets her play anyway, because he thinks strongly that anyone should have a shot, no matter what. The only person he never lets play with him is his evil little sister, who sabotages every game she can. She watched Total Drama: Boney Island when it was on and rooted for Missy. Phil however, watched the (superior in his opinion) Total Drama Insanity action instead, and rooted for Zeke because Zeke renounced his sexism, something Phil is very much proud of him for. Phil joined Infinity to prove that a good jock isn't sexist at all.


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