Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Father, Mother, Siblings
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Stingrays
Talent Being Kind, Roller Blading, Baseball
Peter is The Kind Dude of the group.


Remember that kid in school that would always cheer you up? Well, Peter's that kid. Peter has always been kind. Peter's hero has always been his father. However, when he was ten, his father was killed in a car accident. Peter was devastated. However, his family managed to cheer him up. His mother eventually married another man. Peter loves his step father, but misses his real father. Peter is a kind, caring, and is an extremely loyal person. However, he is stubborn, head-strong, and is sometimes defensive. Peter has loads of friends due to his friendly nature, and they all know that he'd stand up for them in a heartbeat.

Peter joined Total Drama: The Production because one of his friends told him about it. At first it was a joke, but it soon turned into reality.

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