Melancholy Memories
Team Heather
Melancholy Memories (II)
Fearless Flashbacks
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "GLOR-E"
Place 8th
Family Mom, Dad
Friends Everyone
Enemies Elliot
Fear The apocalypse
Talent Helping

Petal, labeled The 100% Nice One, is a contestant on Total Drama Flashback.


Petal has always been nice. When she was little, she tied shoes for people without their shoes tied. By 6, she had started a small charity among her friends. (Though she didn't donate directly, she donated to another charity with the money she collected). She helps people with their homework, gives them tips they need to know, lets people cut in front of her, and is actually very modest and humble. Even in the dog-eat-dog world of high school, not a single negative comment is directed towards her.

Petal joined Total Drama Flashback to show that nice girls don't finish last - and that they can get dirty...or something like that.


  • Petal is an edit of Gwen.
  • Her name came from the MySims character Petal, but nothing else.
  • Her role models are Jessica and Susan.
  • Petal was the first person to quit Total Drama Flashback.
  • Petal was the winner of the show in the draft where Marien was the runner-up. Preceding her as the winner was Roy, where Blue was the runner-up.
  • Petal was the fifth juror.

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