TAU requiest
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated ""?""
Place  ?
Relationship None
Family Father, Mother
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Rejection, Loneliness
Talent Stalking, Cheerleading

Paulina is a character labeled the Clingy Stalker. Paulina has yet to appear in a story.


Paulina is an only child. She is a very loving and affectionate individual, but with poor social skills. Whenever someone, especially a boy, helps Paulina with something, or tries to befriend her, or acknowledge her existence in a positive way, she treats them like her absolute best friend in the world. She will continuously try to converse with them in school, text message them, leave affectionate e-mail messages for them and sometimes even show up to their house uninvited and unanticipated. This behavior is incredibly off-putting to Paulina's peers, though she merely sees it as being a good friend. Paulina now has a reputation in her school for being a stalker, but she is blissfully unaware, and continues to unintentionally harass her "friends". Paulina's situation isn't all bad though; she may have a nasty reputation around her school, but she has a few close friends that know the reason she does the things she does, and accept her eccentricity.

Paulina auditioned for Total Drama to make new friends, and to hopefully become famous.


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