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Patrick, labeled The Smart Guy, comepted on Total Drama Isle, but didn't make it to Total Drama Vegas.

Barking Dogs
Patrick 2
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "The Least Imporatant Relay"
Place 20th
Friends None
Enemies None
Talent Unknown
Counterpart Harold

Chapter Guide

Chapter 1- He was put on the Barking Dogs, who won

Chapter 2- His team won

Chapter 3- He was voted least important and was voted off

Chapter 18- He was hanging out with Jared, which they fought a lot. He wants Gwenyth to win and voted out Nelly.

Reunion- Patrick hung out with Jared, Gwenyth, and Ashley. He talked about his game and wasn't chosen to compete on season two.


  • Patrick is an edit of Harold

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