Patricia (SS)
Clam ChowdersPatriciaRedraw
Gender Female
Hair color Dirty Blond
Relationship none
Family Mother, Father, Brother
Fear Having her favorite TV show jump the shark
Talent Writing

Patricia, labeled as The Reality TV Fan, is a character on S.S. Total Drama. After S.S. she became the host of low-budget reality show Hostage along with Meredith.


Patricia became fascinated by competition reality shows since she watched the first season of The Astounding Race. She watched the show religiously with her mother, who was also a big fan of the series. Some time later, Patricia discovered the reality shows that involved strategical gameplay and eliminations by vote, and delved into internet blogs and other communities dedicated to every kind of competition reality show. She still watches them with her mother. Patricia is very close to her mother and her home, and her mother is very supportive of her, even when Patricia came out to her as bisexual. What her mother doesn't approve is Patricia's pessimism. Patricia discovered Total Drama, and became a fan of it mainly because it was the only reality show that, in her opinion, hasn't 'jumped the shark' by returning the same specific player over and over, or recruiting a celebrity to its cast to boost ratings.

Patricia joined Total Drama, because her dream is to compete in a reality show.

After S.S. Total Drama

After losing to Carlos on S.S. Total Drama, Patricia returned home and does not keep in touch with any member of the show. Her mother says she has been even more pessimistic and depressed lately, but she has given up in knowing why. Patricia has stopped caring so much about reality TV, even her favorite show “The Astounding Race”, having missed an episode in the premiere day, something she had never done in her life. Patricia is writing a lot more now in hopes of following that career for her life. She says depression inspires her.

Following the cancellation of her favorite show, The Astounding Race, and the drop in quality of current reality shows, Patricia decided to take things in her own hands and produce a local, low-budget reality show down in an elderly woman's basement in Virgin, Idaho. She now hosts it along with fellow S.S. Total Drama competitor Meredith.


  • Patricia was supposed to return in my cancelled story, Total Drama Ranch. She would have gotten 14th out of 22.


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