Patricia, labeled The Smart Girl is a camper on Total Drama Infinity.

Gender Female
Hair color black
Episode Eliminated "That was hilarious, painfully hilarious!"
Place 7th
Relationship None
Family single mom
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA


Patricia always was a smart child. Some say she gets it from her father, who home-schooled Patricia for years. Patricia's dad was a genius, and taught Patricia everything he knew, and Patricia was always eager to learn. She was taught to be sweet, kind, and humble by her father. However, one day Patricia's father left for a science convention, so that he could show an invention he made to the world. Patricia never saw her father again. Even after her father left her, Patricia took his teachings to heart and to everything she did. After her father left her, Patricia started going to public school. Always nervous around other people, Patricia became very shy and refused to talk to anyone except for her mother. Instead of playing sports or doing social activities, Patricia started spending her time in the library. Patricia joined Infinity to learn more, and to possibly make a discovery about herself.

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