Owen (TD...S)
Screaming Leeches
Screaming Directors
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated "TDI...S: Pinball Pandemonium"
"TDA...S: The Trouble With Anime"
Place TDI...S: 14th
TDA...S: 7th
Friends Beth, Cody, Duncan, DJ, Izzy, Lindsay, Noah, Tyler
Enemies Courtney, Harold, Heather
Fear Swings (conquered)
Talent Burping the alphabet

Owen, labeled The Chubby Bundle Of Joy, was the fifth contestant introduced on Total Drama Island... Sorta. He was placed on the Screaming Leeches. He also joined Total Drama Action... Sorta and was chosen to be on the Screaming Directors.


Owen can clearly be described by his stereotypical label. A true Canadian, Owen's everyone's best friend. Well, almost everyone's best friend, but no one can beat his best friend: food. He's a total food fanatic. Put something on a plate and he will eat it! Seriously! Anything! However, his obsession with food has caused him to be overweight, something which he is constantly picked up on at school. However, he just ignores it. His happiness is like a verbal shield, and his body is kind of like a physical one. With his bubbly personality, it's clear that he can make some really good buddies, or annoy someone to the breaking point. It's this ability to go over the limit that can cause him to be a target. A really big target.

Total Drama Island... Sorta

Total Drama Action... Sorta

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