Oweboy, labeled as the Super Obsessed Oweguy fan is a contestant in Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem. He was originally on the Sandy Dollars team.

Sandy Dollars
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Surfin' Birds"
Place 12th
Relationship None
Friends Radley, Mudkip
Enemies Oweguy (from his point of view)
Fear Unknown
Talent Knowing everything about Oweguy


Oweboy's real name is Jimmy but he calls himself Oweboy because he is Oweguy's biggest fan. Just like Sierra in Total Drama World Tour Oweboy knows everything about Oweguy from his early life before hosting to his hosting career. He has never met him unfortunetly but he hopes he will someday. Others think he's kind of crazy including Sierra but due to the two of them being Dax, Sparky, and Wentworth's super obsessed fanclub she tries to be nice to him. One day Oweboy saw an add for Total Drama and saw that Oweguy was hosting the season so as soon as he saw that he signed up immedietly.

Oweboy joined Total Drama just to meet Oweguy and to hope to be noticed by him.


  • TDALindsayfan1 gave me the name for Oweboy.
  • I used Oweboy because it makes it sound like he would be a serious Oweguy wannabe.
  • I planned on Oweboy making it to the merge but I had decided to vote him off before the merge after planning out chapter 9.
  • Oweboy's elimination was pretty much Harold and Cody's in TDI mixed together. He got distracted by Kenzey's bra and got mauled by a bear similar to Heather's breasts making Harold lose the challenge and Cody getting mauled by a bear making him lose.

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