This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

Hello, everyone. This is Overcome, a collab fanfiction written by Plat and Leshawnafan. 20 abandoned teens are stranded in an abandoned desert trying to overcome their differences. In the end, there will be one winner, who will "Overcome" the rest.

Characters and Bios

Shayna (The Shy One): Shayna has always been an outcast, because of her awkward personality. She signed up for Overcome so she could break out of her shell, and become a person people want to be around.

Bree (The Strategic one): Bree is a very smart girl, no matter what situation she is thrown in. She knows all the moves ahead of time, and how to execute them. She has a bit of a big ego and personality, but she only let’s that slip through when she knows its ok. She signed up for Overcome to show how strategic and smart she actually is.

Alexa (The Pretty One): Alexa has always been the girl everyone wants to be with or be. She knows that and uses it to her advantage in challenges. She isn’t the smartest person you will meet, but she isn’t dumb. She can make smart moves, and survive on her own. Alexa signed up for Overcome to show looks aren’t everything, even though there a nice thing to have.

Jennifer (The Odd Ball): Jennifer is quite a unique and odd character. She always tries to do the craziest stunts and activities, like sky diving, and swimming with sharks. No one else has really understood her humor or interest in things like this, so she’s a bit of an oddball and outcast. She signed up for Overcome because it was just another crazy activity she hasn’t tried yet.

Cassandra (The mysterious one): Not much is known about Cassandra. She has flown under the radar of life, with no written records on her, no relatives to talk to, and no one even knew who she was. We don’t even know why she signed up for Overcome. We just wanted to see what she was like because of her mysterious background.

Todd (The “Street Smarts” one) : Todd thinks he knows everything that there is to know. He calls it “Street Smarts.” There’s only one problem: He actually doesn’t. This attitude is something that could backfire on him in the competition. He signed up for Overcome because he wants to show off the “street smarts” that he actually doesn’t have.

Kevin (The Nerd): Kevin loves reading books, playing chess, watching insects, studying science related things, etc. You can basically call him the “supreme nerd.” But hey, being a nerd could actually be an advantage for him. He signed up for Overcome to show off his nerd like personality, and to “nerdify” our group.

Derek (The Athlete): Derek has always loved any type of sport. If it has a ball, a net, any other equipment, you name it, he plays it. He could be called the perfect athlete or not, but because of this, he is very competitive. He signed up for Overcome because it’s just another competition for him.

Boris (The unfriendly one): Boris has never been a very nice person. When he was little and in Elementary school, he was teased and bullied because of how different his name was. All that torment turned him into the bully, and now he’s a bully. He lives to point out people’s flaws, and make their lives as uncomfortable as possible. He joined Overcome just to do this.

Collin (The Colllector): Collin has always been a big collector. Whether it’s bugs, toy cars, marbles, cards, anything that can be collected, he will collect it. He is a bit of a nerd, because he knows everything there is to know about what he collects. He signed up for Overcome to collect new things while they are competing.

Santa (The Lovable Fat Guy)- Santa joined Overcome to overcome being ridiculed for being overweight. He is nice and friendly to everyone, however, most people see his outer beauty rather than his inside beauty. When Santa was five, he was so obese that the children in his class called him "Santa" and the name stuck to him throughout his life. Santa's real name is Jake, but even his own parents forgot his real name. Why should he win? It'll help him gain some lost confidence.

Adam (The Class Clown)- Adam is the class clown who always screws up. He makes comments at the wrong times, and constantly gets sent to detention. Adam's parents forced him onto to the show to try to get more serious. However, Adam prepares to survive the desert by partying and chilling, and caring less about the actual game. Adam doesn't care about life, as he thinks that it is all one huge joke. Why should he win? He thinks that him winning will be a huge ironic joke.

Seth (The Asian Sensation)- Seth has spent his life playing video games and practicing karate all of his life. He is forced to go to learn Chinese, and his parents forbid him to have any sort of social life. However, Seth secretly signed up for Overcome to try to regain his childhood that he has never lived. He will use his karate skips to his advantage, but doesn't know how to make friends. Why should he win? Seth thinks that the money he will win will help him gain a social life.

Soup (The Bully)- Soup is very insecure. Soup has been beating up people ever since he was two, after he learned that his parents named him while eating lunch. Soup has always had low grades, but he is extremely athletic and attractive. However, his main weakness is his inability to see the goodness in people's hearts, as he bullies others before they can ridicule his name. Why should he win? Because he will beat up a nerd if he doesn't.

Bob (The Mysterious Guitarist)- Bob has been practicing the guitar since the age of five. He always has been intrigued by music, and has already started his own band to try to make albums. However, Bob is seperated from society because of his constant efforts at music. He prefers rock and roll over modern music, and joined Overcome to spread his knowledge across the world. Why should he win? He should win to promote the well being of classic rock.

Maria (The Latin Chick)- Maria has lived in Miami all of her life. She has been surrounded by Cubans and is fluent in Spanish as well as English. Maria was always generally liked by her classmates, and was persuaded by her best friend to join the show. She joined Overcome to have a fun time, and also to overcome some stereotypes attached to her. She wants to also show some girl dominance in the game. Why should she win? It would be an honor to her family.

Hayley (The Popular Chick)- Hayley has always been really popular in her school. She has always been flirty, and uses her looks to fly through school. She heard about Overcome, and wanted to share her beauty around the world. Basically, she joined for selfish reasons. She has no intention on making friends, as she would like the money to shop, shop, and shop some more. Why should she win? It would be an honor to my....just kidding, I want it for totally selfish reasons.

Snitchy (The Overachiever)- Snitchy has been getting straight "A"'s all of her life. She always aims higher than she achieves, and yells at people when she doesn't get what she wants. Her life has always been overachieving, and she is the lead role in her school play. Her name was made after she started organizing her Binkies from birth. She always says her name with pride, even though she is secretly embarrassed. Why should she win? She is aiming for first. Anything lower than that would be an unadjusted goal.

Girl (The Follower)- Read everyone else's bio. Why should she win? Ask someone else.

Hannah (The Clueless One)- Hannah has never been the brightest apple out of the bunch. She has been struggling in school, and has been constantly mocked for being blonde. However, contrary to most stereotypes, she has never gone out with a guy, nor ever plans to. She knows that going out will just cause conflict with her already harsh life. She joined Overcome to try to gain more knowledge and try to survive reality. Why should she win? It would remove her stereotype at school.

Chapter 1: A Sandy Beginning

20 bodies were lying on the ground as a single man approached them. The unconscious bodies breathed in rhythm and were synchronized. The man studied the 20 bodies, looking them all over to get an impression from them. This was the first time he had met them. Suddenly he pulled out a megaphone from the bag by his right side, and started shouting into it.

“Wake up! This is no time to be sleeping,” the man shouted.

Suddenly the bodies began to stir, and one by one, everyone began to regain consciousness. Slowly standing up, the 20 looked confused, turning there head’s to check out the new environment they were in. The group was very diverse, containing the same amount of girls and boys, and they all looked to have a different approach to the new place they’ve been thrown into. One boy, in particular, even began to venture away from the group.

“Wow, I’ve never been to a place like this before!” The boy confessed as he bent over to pick something off of the ground. “Just what I need to complete my collection.”

“Yeah, yeah, we get it; you’re a nerd who likes to collect things. Big whoop. What I want to know is why we are here and who the heck are you?” A black haired girl questioned, focusing her gaze on the man with the megaphone.

“Settle down, settle down. And you, freak show picking up the random stuff off the floor, get over here,” the man ordered as he watched the boy come strolling back over.

“You are all here for one reason: Overcome. That is the name of the show you signed up for. I’m the host, Crag, or, you could call me my nickname: The coolest man alive.”

“I’d rather come over and smack you,” said the black haired girl while she was patting her clothes.

“Oh feisty! Anyways, why don’t we introduce ourselves, and then I’ll split you guys up into your teams! Let’s start with you, miss “I’m so tough, I can slap the most annoying guy I see!”

The black haired girl rolled her eyes. “My name’s Bree. Remember that name because I’m gonna be going all the way to the end!”

“Yeah yeah, miss overconfident over here thinks she can survive. Just wait till you get to the challenge! Next!” Crag called as a larger guy stepped forward.

“Hi my names Ja-, I mean Santa,” the boy sighed. “At school, I was giving the name “Santa” because of how big I am and I guess happy? But my real name is Jake, so feel free to call me that whenever you want.”

The girl next to him had been fiddling with her hair the whole time, and looked the most confused. “My name’s Hannah and I don’t really understand this? Where am I? How did I get here? Why isn’t my pet dog here with me?”

“So many questions. Hush for now, don’t steal my spotlight. You don’t want to be kicked out already, do you?” Crag asked.

“Ummm no?”

“Sorry to interrupt your idiot conversation, but I think it’s my time. My name’s Hayley. Don’t stare at me for to long, even though I know that’ll be hard.”

A boy at the end of the row began to speak, pulling out a hacky sack to kick around. “My name’s Derek. I play every sport known to man. It’s kind of my thing.”

“Hi, I’m Alexa! I love to accessorize. If I knew we were going to be in a place like this, I would’ve worn something that suited and matched this place.”

“Umm same as her?” One girl said as soon as Alexa was done talking.

“Ah Twins!” Crag exclaimed as he eyed Alexa and the other girl.

“No, I just don’t have anything to say. I’m not really unique. You can call me “Girl.” That’s what everyone else calls me back home, because I don’t stand out.” Girl confessed, looking down to the ground.

“Did I ask for your life story? Next!”

“Yo, I’m Todd. I’m the most alert and ‘Street smartest’ person you’ll ever meet! I know everything there is to know and that’s why I’m so ‘street smart.’”

Crag, with a confused look on his face mutters, “That’s not street smarts at all.”

“Did you say something?” Todd questioned.

“No not at all. Next!”

A girl with curly brown hair, and hazel eyes began to speak, but very quietly as if she were trying to speak without waking a baby. “My name is uhhh Shayna……”

“Awkward. Ok then, next!”

“WOOOOHOOO!!!! Hi everyone! My name’s Jennifer, with an “f”, not a “ph.” Isn’t this show just amazing? I think it is! I want to do the challenge! Now!” Jennifer exclaimed, jumping up and down.

“Control yourself. We still have more people to introduce. Why don’t I give you this flashlight to play with?” Crag pulled a flashlight out of the bag, and handed it to Jennifer.

“Oh where’s the light? Flashlights are useless without the lights!” Jennifer fiddled around with the flashlight, when a mysterious looking girl stepped forward.

“Let me guess, you’re the one who randomly showed up for casting and never filled out the application but somehow got on? Shocker. This show would put a worm on if it entertained the audience.” Crag said, shaking his head in disapproval.

“My name’s Cassandra. That’s all you need to know, and get to know.”

“You’re a woman of a view words, I see. Whatever, as long as you don’t annoy me. Next!”

“Yeah hi, my name’s Boris. I don’t really do introductions. I’d rather be hitting a nerd right now.”

“Hey I can’t judge your life decisions. Next!” Crag shouted as a small boy, with taped glasses and a pocket full of pens on his shirt.

“I’m Kevin. I’m allergic to almost everything, and I get straight A’s in school.”

“Get over here so I can hit you nerd!” Boris shouted from the opposite end of the line.

“I’m Collin! I love collecting things, like my new pet salamander Joey! I have like 20 salamanders at home, with a bunch of different plants, rocks, and food in there home. I also have-”

“Ok that’s enough; I don’t need a layout of your room at home! Next!” Crag replied, losing his patience. “You know what, why don’t you all just say your name from now on, we don’t have all day.”

“I’m Adam. I’m kind of funny to everyone, but I like making people laugh.”

“I’m Seth. Many people call me The Asian Sensation. I don’t find it racist, I find it quite funny.”

“I’m Soup. Yeah I know, ha ha, his name is a food people eat. If you laugh, I’ll make it a personal duty to hurt you. Got it?” Every one of the contestants nodded to show that they understood.

A boy with a guitar slung over his shoulders stepped forward. “I’m Bob. I like playing guitar, mostly Rock, and that’s why I came here, so I could spread the music!”

“Hi, I’m Maria, and I think it’s so cool to be competing in this show! This is a shout out to my BFF who mad me join this show! Thanks!”

“I’m Snitchy. I guess people call me that because I’m an overachiever, and I arranged my binkies when I was young. But the name fits me, and I’ve gotten use to it.”

“And last but not least, you,” Crag pointed to a girl standing next to Bree in the line.

“Yeah, I’m Hayley. You all will want to be friends with me soon, because I’m just that cool.”

Bree rolled her eyes. “Whatever you say miss ‘I’m so cool and everyone must love me.’”

“Finally! Now we can move on to teams. This time, you have been put together based on your personalities and gender. On Team 1 we have Collin, Kevin, Seth, Adam, and Santa. Please go to the green flag over there.” Crag pointed to the green flag, sitting in the sand about a foot away.

The whole team walked over to the flag, and began talking and introducing themselves to each other.

“On Team 2 we have Boris, Derek, Todd, Bob, and Soup. Please go stand by the blue flag.”

“Yes, there are no nerds on our team,” Soup exclaimed while high fiving Boris.

“On Team 3 we have Alexa, Bree, Snitchy, Hayley, and Maria. Go stand by the pink flag.”

“And on Team 4 we have Jennifer, Cassandra, Girl, Hannah, and Shayna. Go stand by the yellow flag.”

All the teams were now standing by there flags, and waiting to here about the challenge.

“Do we have team names?” Snitchy questioned as she looked at Crag.

“Nope, you’ll get to choose those after the challenge. Ok so let’s get down to business. If you haven’t already noticed,” Crag looks over to Hannah who still looks confused. “We’re at an abandoned desert. I thought all deserts were abandoned since who would want to live here, but hey, like I said, I don’t judge people’s life decisions. The whole season will take place right here. We will be staying at the camp right over there,” Crag points to 5 tents set up around an R.V. which is there source of food.

“That’s all we get? But what about my allergies! I need something better than this,” Kevin complained, already wiping his nose as if his allergies were acting up.

“Let me assure you, you’re all safe here, unless you know a hungry snake or coyote stumbles upon the camp. Then you might not be so safe. The elimination ceremonies will take place right here, around this fire. Everyone who is safe will get a cactus statue, and whoever doesn’t receive one will follow that trail to a helicopter where you will be taken back home. Got it?”

The contestants nodded there heads in understanding.

“Good. Now let me explain your challenge. Each team will have a camel, which is standing right behind you now.”

Bree turned around to see a camel staring her right in the face. “Ahhh. Oh I hate it when things sneak up on me.”

“Calm down, Camel’s are harmless.” Snitchy explained.

“I wonder if I could collect some of the hair to take home to continue my collection of fur from desert animals,” Collin pondered. His team gave him weird looks as he turned around to face Crag.

“Now that all your complaining and nerd talk is done, let me continue. This challenge is a camel race to a marked area of the desert. First team there will get the reward, last team will send someone home, and the other 3 teams will just be lucky.”

“Yo, do we get a tracking device or something to help us get there?” Todd asked a question many of the contestants probably had.

“Nope. You have to find it yourself. Don’t worry though, it’s not hard to find. Oh, and one last twist. Each team must carry a cactus with them on there camel. If you cross without the cactus or all your teammates, you’ll have to go back for them. So, to sum it up, last one to cross loses, and you must have all team members and the cactus with you when you cross. Got it?”

The contestants nodded as they all began to get on there camels. The hard part would be carrying the cactus.

“How are we supposed to carry a cactus when they have needle things in them? Those could hurt us,” Seth complained, as him and his team were trying to figure out how to carry it.

“I don’t know. That’s part of the challenge figure it out yourself. Ready? Go!” Crag blew a whistle and the challenge had officially started. No one had yet to find a way to carry the cactus with them as well though.

“How the heck do we carry this thing without it stabbing us?” Bree questioned as her team was trying to figure out what to do.

On the other side, Boris and his team had begun to devise a plan.

“If we all take off our shirts, we can put the cactus in there. Besides, it’s not a full size cactus; it’s just a medium sized one. The shirts will keep the needles from stabbing us, so it works!” Boris explained to his team.

“Right on!” Soup took off his shirt, and then leaned over to whisper in Boris’s ear. “You and I could go all the way to the end! Let’s make an alliance and take all the nerds down!”

Boris nodded in agreement, so he wouldn’t give anything away to his fellow team mates.

“See you at the finish line losers!” Derek shouted back to the three teams as his team began their treacherous race to the end point.

“Umm we can’t do what they’re doing, right?” Hannah asked, as she began to mess with her hair again.

“Of course we can’t, were girls! But, you messing with your hair has given me an idea. Why don’t we use hair bands? We could put the cactus around the leg of the camel! Since it’s not too big, and the camel has fur, it should work!” Jennifer said, as she began to collect everyone’s hair bands. She then tied the cactus down on the camel’s leg, and they began there race to the end.

With only 2 teams still pondering how they could get the cactus to the end, it looked like it would be Team 2 and Team 4 who were battling out first place for the moment.

“We’re falling behind! Come on guys, were the smartest people out here! We need an idea!” Adam complained, and tried to motivate his team.

“Why don’t we hold the cactus upside down? There are no needles on the base of it, and we could take turns doing it.” Seth explained, trying to get everyone to approve his idea.

“I think that’ll work! We just have to be very careful to not hit anyone with the needles.” Kevin agreed. Team 1 picked up their cactus, and began their race. But one teammate forgot something of his. Collin had accidently dropped Joey when he was climbing onto the camel, and was oblivious to that.

“We’re the last team? We can’t be last! I will not go to vote someone off tonight!” Snitchy shouted, stomping her feet into the sand.

“Well maybe if you did a little less complaining, and a little more thinking about our problem, then we might be in first instead of dead last.” Bree complained, obviously getting mad at Snitchy.

Suddenly, Crag walked over to them. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. Do you see that little port-a-potty over there? That’s a confessional. Say whatever you like to it, whenever.”

Bree: (CONF) “Well this is my first time using this……..Snitchy annoys the heck out of me. She’s all talk. She thinks she’s all that. Well if she was all that, we would be winning this challenge right now! *exits confessional.* “Why don’t we use that piece of rope in Crag’s bag over there, and tie the cactus to the camel’s tail, so that it’s dragging in the sand, but still with us?” Alexa suggested.

“I like it! That way I don’t have to hurt myself! Yay, you’re gonna be my bff! We’re gonna go to the end together!” Hannah exclaimed as she ran over and hugged Alexa.

“How do we get the rope though? We can’t just steal something that belongs to Crag. What if he finds out?”

“Who cares? If he really cared about it, he wouldn’t have left this whole bag behind. Wait a minute, why don’t we just dump everything out of this bag and put the cactus in here? The bag is definitely big enough!” Bree announced, looking around at her teammates.

Her teammates nodded in approval, and Bree picked up the cactus, emptied the bag, and placed the cactus in the bag. The whole team climbed onto the Camel, and they, the last team, began there race, trying to catch up to everyone else.

The race was supposed to last over 3 hours, as Crag waited at the finish line, sleeping in a lawn chair. Team 2 and 4 were neck and neck, halfway done the challenge. Both had control of there cactus, and didn’t seem to be letting up. In the mean time, Team 3 seemed to be catching up to team 1, who seemed to be heading into trouble.

Collin began to feel around his pocket, and noticed Joey was not in it. “Oh no! Guys, we need to go back. I must’ve dropped Joey when I was getting on the camel!”

“We can’t turn around! We’ll lose if we do! We’re already tied for last, let’s just keep on going!” Seth said, making sure they didn’t stop moving on there camel.

“No. Either I get off the camel and go back to get Joey, or we all go back. Either way I’m getting Joey.”

Collin’s team looked at him, thinking about what they should do. The team’s camel turned around, and they made there way back to the start line to pick up Joey.

“Woohoo! We’ve taken 3rd place girls!” Maria cheered as her team took 3rd place.

Team 2 and Team 4 were both 3 feet away from the finish line, as Collin’s team had just gotten back to the beginning.

“Joey! I’ve found you! I’m so sorry for leaving you behind! It’ll never happen again, I promise!” Collin got back on the camel, making sure he had Joey securely in his hand, and his team began the race once again.

Team 2 and 4 had tied for first place, now it was all just up to Snitchy’s team and Collin’s team. Collin’s team was not even halfway there when Snitchy’s team got into sight of the finish line.

“Ohh come on you camel, move faster so we don’t have to vote someone off!” Bree exclaimed, getting excited.

“Why are you talking to the camel?” Hayley questioned.

“I was just telling it to hurry up.”

Bree’s team crossed the finish line.

“Well, it looks like we have our 3 winner! Since it was a tie for first, so no one receives the awards.” Crag announced.

At that very moment, Collin’s team crossed the finish line and joined the others.

“Well hello there losers! Looks like I’ll be seeing you 5 at the elimination ceremony. Ok, so let me tell you your team names.”

“Woah, I thought you said we got to choose our team names!” Bob said, looking angry.

“I lied, it’s something I do. You should get use to it. Like I would let you pick your names! Ok, Team 1 since you’re the losers, your Team Cactus, hence the green flag. Team 2, since you have the color Blue, you’re Team Sky. Team 3, the pink team…………well there aren’t any pink things in the desert….. But you do all have make up bags, so Team Make-up! And last, but not least, the yellow team, which will be now known as Team Sand! Ok, Team Sand, Sky, and Make-up, go back to your tents and have a good night. Team Cactus, meet me at the fire pit.”

Team Cactus followed Crag back to the fire pit, and sat down on a long piece of log.

“Ok, so here’s what happens. You each go over to the confessional, right down who you want voted off on the piece of paper provided, and then I’ll count the votes.”

Collin walked over to the confessional, and voted. “I vote Seth, he was about to not let me go get Joey!”

Seth went over and voted. “Collin. You made us lose. We were right there, and you made us turn around.”

The other 3 voted, and Crag went and got the votes.

“Who ever does not receive a cactus idol, must collect all there belongings, and follow the trail to the helipad. I will read the votes now. “Ok, the first Cactus goes to Adam. The next one goes to Kevin. Nice job Santa. And last but not least……………………………..Seth. Sorry Collin, it’s time for you to go.”

Collin looked shocked, and gathered his belongings, and sulked down the trail to the helipad, dragging his bag full of his things. Joey popped his head of Collin’s pocket, and Collin went onto the helicopter.

“Well, that wasn’t surprising… all! See you next time on Overcome!”

Chapter 2: And the Conflict Has Only Begun…

Team Cactus was staring into the distance after the most recent elimination.

“I can’t believe we lost that challenge!” screamed Seth. “And why did you guys vote me off?”
“Uh….because you are weak?” says Santa.

“Well, we all are nerds,” said Kevin. “Hopefully there will be some sort of trivia challenge that we can ace.”

“But what if it is an athletic challenge?” whimpers Adam.

“Well, we are going to have to try our hardest,” answers Santa.

(CONF) “I have taken leadership over this tribe,” said Santa. “For once in my life, I should be able to get somewhere and not be called fat and pimply.”

“Why should we listen to you? You’re fat and pimply,” said Seth ironically.

“Don’t say that! The truth hurts!” says Kevin.

“That’s it, I am so getting rid of you,” says Santa.

“Well, there’s nothing we can do about it now,” says Adam. “Anyone wanna hear a joke?”

Kevin, Santa, and Seth nod to the class clown.

“How would be an easy way to kill Hannah?”

“I dunno,” answers Kevin.

“Put a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of a pool!” laughs Adam.

Seth took offense to this, as he is not a fan of stereotypes.

“Is that a blonde joke?” he asks.

“Come on, it’s all in good fun, right?” asks Adam.

(CONF) “You know, it’s hard to crack a joke when everyone on your team is a nerd,” says Adam. “They need to learn to chill out every once in a while.”

Team Cactus waited for their destiny to occur….

Meanwhile, at Team Sky, there were alliances being made.

“So, you and I are the strongest and coolest people out here,” says Boris.

“That’s sorta obvious,” cockily answers Soup.

“Well, anyways,” starts Boris. “Which chicks do you think here are hot?”

“That’s an awkward question to ask right away,” says Soup. “I honestly haven’t looked at any of them close enough.”
“Do you think we should include Todd in our alliance?” asks Boris.

“Sure, he’s cool,” answers Soup.

Soup and Boris walk up to Todd.

“Hey, dude, wanna join us to the end?” asks Soup.

“Sure, whatevs,” answers Todd, trying to be cool.

Meanwhile, Bob and Derek were hanging out on their own.

“I mean, I would hang out with Soup and Boris,” starts Derek. “But they beat up people for fun, which is not something I would do.”

“Yea, same here, I’d rather play on my guitar or play sports than pick on others,” says Bob.

“Well, let them do what they like,” says Derek. “I’ll do what I consider to be the right thing to do.”

Derek and Bob walked away and saw Soup, Boris, and Todd talking about girls. They overheard the conversation.

“You know who I like?” asks Boris. “That Alexa girl. She doesn’t look too bad.”

“Well, I think that Hayley girl is pretty attractive,” says Todd. “How’s about you Soup?”

“Like I said, I haven’t really looked at any yet,” he says. “I’ll tell you guys later.”

Bob and Derek glared at them and snuck off.

At Team Make Up, clicks were forming already.

“Since all of us are awesome,” says Hayley, “we are going to make two clicks: popular-popular, and not so popular. Alexa and I are going to be awesome, and the rest of you three are going to be our followers.”

“Who put you in charge?” snaps Bree.

“Uh….I did,” answers Hayley. “Do you have a problem with that?”

“Calm down…..don’t get too mad,” Bree says to herself.

“Well, I’m not liking this,” says Maria. “These people here are mean.”

“So, why don’t we get our revenge?” asks Bree.

“Sure,” whispers Maria.
Meanwhile, Snitchy was arguing with Hayley and Alexa.

“Well, I should be in the popular group too! I don’t understand why you guys don’t like me!” she yelled.

“No one likes bratty overachievers,” answered Hayley. “All you will do is nerd up the group.”

“Not true!” yelled Snitchy. “I am a very intelligent person who will not go down without a fight!”

“Whatever,” answer Alexa and Hayley. “You are pathetic.”

“I will get my revenge!” she yelled.

“Don’t worry,” says Bree, coming into the situation. “I will help you with that “revenge” situation, all right, hon?”

Bree comforted Snitchy while Team Sand had plans of their own. Well, they didn’t have too many strategic plans going on. Everyone there was procrastinating until the next challenge. In fact, the only one talking was Jennifer.

“So, what’s your name?” she asked to Hannah.
“Um….my what?” Hannah responded.

“Never mind, you’re of no use. How’s about you?” she asked to Girl.

“Never mind, you’re of no use. How’s about you?” asked Girl.

“Um….that’s what I just…” Jennifer started.

“…asked you,” answers Girl.

“Wow, you are really creepy,” says Jennifer. “I’ll just find some other friends….hey, Cassandra, is it?”

Cassandra nodded her head, and wrote in a small notebook. Jennifer rolled her eyes and looked and Shayna. Before she could utter a word, Shayna walked away almost in tears.

“What an ‘’interesting’’ group of people,” Jennifer mutters.

Crag finally appears announcing the next challenge.

“Today, the challenge is a trivia game!”

“Yes, this is so awesome!” yells Kevin. “This is perfect!”

“Hey, that’s unfair,” exclaims Soup. “None of us are nerds.”

“Well, that sucks for you!” laughs Crag. “Anyways, I will have one member for each team answer a trivia question. The ones who answer correctly win immunity and will have tiebreakers, if necessary. Now let me see the choices!”

After some discussion, Kevin, Soup, Jennifer, and Shayna were chosen.

“Well, here’s the twist: I don’t care about your choices! It’s so much more fun for me to choose who’s going to participate! I choose…Adam, Hayley, Hannah, and Boris!”

All the teams were angered by Crag’s decision. However, they had no decision in the matter. Crag started the trivia.

“So, the first question is for you, Adam. How many dead babies does it take to paint a wall red?”

“Oh, I know this one! It depends on how hard you throw them!” yells Adam.

“Correct!” yells Crag.

“How is this trivia?” asks Seth. “All you are doing is telling inhumane jokes.”

“Correctomundo!” yells Crag. “Next question, Hannah, what is one + one?” he snickered.

“Um….um….Well, what she said! That’s my answer, too!” Hannah said, as she made it up on the spot.

“Correct, the answer is two!”

“How is that fair?” yells Snitchy. “She said too, not two!”

“Same difference,” Crag paradoxes. “Next question is for Boris. How many wedgies can you give in one day?”

“How many can I?” asks Boris. “The answer is 32.”

“Ding, ding!” yells Crag. “Last question is for Hayley. What is a pejerrey’s mass on Jupiter if it is cooked medium rare and has a slight hint of ginger?”

“Um…42 pounds?” she guesses.

“Wrong! The answer is 65.345345553427509342853490543 repeating. The losers are Team Make Up!”

“Um, aren’t the questions a little….I dunno…RIGGED?” Bree shouts.

“Don’t question my authority, I’m always right. Anyways, see you later Team Make Up!” yells Crag in the distance.

Hayley and Alexa started to plot Snitchy’s elimination.

“She’s such a bratty overachiever,” says Hayley. “She needs to go first.”

“I like, totally agree,” says Alexa. “She’s the one that has to go for being so annoying.”

Meanwhile, Snitchy and Bree were plotting on their own.

“Listen, I know how people like Hayley are. All she does is annoy people! She needs to go,” says Bree.

“She said I overachieve! Which I do not!” yells Snitchy.

Maria walks in to the conversation.

“Hey, who are you guys voting for? I’m still undecided,” she says.

“I’m voting for Hayley,” says Bree. “And no one is getting in my way!”

“Good to know,” says Maria. “Anyways, I know that Hayley is voting for Snitchy so I don’t know which way to go.”

That night, Crag appeared with 4 cacti. He tallied the votes and smiled.

“Well, one of you will be the second person voted out of this game. The first cactus goes to Bree, who had no votes against her.”

“Yes!” yells Bree, as she catches her cactus.

“The second cactus goes to Alexa, who had no votes against her.”

Alexa smiled as she caught the cactus.

“The next one goes to Maria, which means that Hayley and Snitchy are our bottom two. And the last cactus goes to………….Snitchy,” he says, as he throws the cactus. “Sorry, Hayley, but with three out of the five votes, you are out!”

“What? But I’m the most popular chick here!” she yells. “I will get my revenge!”

Hayley dragged her stuff, and went to the helicopter. She waved everyone good bye as she left the competition.

“Only 18 remain in this non-rigged competition,” Crag smiled. “Who will be voted out and who overcome all the rest?”

Chapter 3: Eat What?

Team Make Up was sitting outside of there tents together, sharing a conversation about there elimination.

“It was a good thing we got rid of Hayley. She had too much negative attitude, and thought she could do anything. We didn’t need her,” Bree said, as her team nodded. Alexa didn’t look as happy as the others, but she didn’t want to get on Bree’s and Snitchy’s bad side.

(CONF) Yeah, Bree and I didn’t have a very good beginning, getting in a fight like right away, but now Bree and I are the top two in this tribe. If we lose, Alexa will go. We know that we can trust Maria somewhat since she voted with us last time.” Snitchy said, as she left the Confessional.

Over at Team Cactus, the team was still asleep in their tents. After having an easy Immunity challenge gave them extra time to get back to camp instead losing someone else on there team.

At Team Sky, Boris, Todd, and Soup were having there alliance.

“Do you think we should start thinking about who to vote off if we lose a challenge?” Boris asked, looking around at Todd and Soup.

“Nah, we don’t need to worry, because were never going to lose a challenge,” Todd said confidently.

“I like this dude’s team spirit! Watch out guys, were going to be going all the way to the end!” Soup said, as all 3 guys high fived.

Meanwhile, Derek and Bob were back at the tents, and it looked like they have started there own alliance.

“We need to get rid of one of them. They could be a big threat. But we keep winning these challenges, and we can’t throw one, or they would just get rid of us,” Derek said, thinking about what his and Bob’s next move should be.

“I say we just play it cool, wait until we actually do lose a challenge, because trust me, we won’t actually win all of them, and then we can worry about it,” Bob said, and Derek nodded in agreement.

And then there was Team Sand, who, as usual, only had one team mate talking, Jennifer.

“Why don’t you guys talk that much? Talking is really fun! You should try it sometime! Here, I’ll show you how to do it!” Jennifer ran up to Shayna and started messing with Shayna’s jaw, trying to make it look like Shayna was talking.

Girl Ran up to Cassandra and started messing with her jaw, just like Jennifer was doing to Shayna.

“You guys don’t talk much. Here, I can show you how to talk,” Girl said, copying what Jennifer said and was doing.

Just then, Hannah came walking out of the tent, and saw what was going on.

“Umm I’m confused. What are you guys doing? Are you trying to feed Cassandra and Shayna? I don’t think you have to do that, I don’t think they’re babies anymore,” Hannah commented, and Girl and Jennifer stopped and stared at her.

Crag then walked up to all the teams, gathered them together, and took them to their challenge.

Upon arrival, the teams each went to there colored team flags, and waited Crag’s instructions on what todays immunity challenge was. The teams quickly looked over at Team Make up though, so that they could see who they had voted. No one was really shocked to see Hayley gone, and faced Crag once again.

“As you can see, Team Make up got rid of Hayley. Yay for them! Not really, I could care less. Let’s get to today’s Immunity challenge. Today, as you can tell by the four tables next to me that today is an eating challenge. So, each team will send up one member of the tribe at a time to eat one plate of delicious or disgusting food. First person to swallow of there food, and show me their tongue, wins a point for their team. First team to get 3 points wins! The team with the least amount of points when a team wins first place, will meet me at the fire pit, and will send someone home. Got it?” Crag asked the contestants, while looking like he could care less.

The contestants nodded, and sent up there first team mates: Adam, Boris, Bree, and Cassandra.

Each contestant stepped up to the table with there flag on it, and awaited Crag’s next instructions.

“Ok, well it looks like we have our first 4 unlucky contestants. Your first meal is……………Ehhhh I’m talking to you guys right now. Go ahead and uncover the first plate in front you.”

The 4 contestants uncovered the first plate, and found a scorpion sitting on there plate. Bree and Cassandra both screamed, while Adam began poking it, and Boris seemed to have no reaction.

“Ok, A little change to the rules. Any person who eats the meal scores a point for there team. Easy enough now, right? But you must still eat the whole thing and show me your tongue when you are done. Ready? Set, GO!”

Cassandra stood still, staring down at the scorpion, looking like she was terrified of it.

“Come on Cassandra! You can do it! It’s not alive, so you don’t have to worry about it!” Jennifer reassured Cassandra from there team mat, but it didn’t seem to have helped Cassandra at all.

Boris had immediately picked up the scorpion, and ate it in 3 bites. He showed his tongue, and so far, Team Sky was in the lead with 1 point.

Adam, seeing how fast Boris ate it, thought it must not be that bad, so he ate it. He showed his tongue to Crag, and scored a point for Team Cactus to tie it up.

Bree and Cassandra had not even touched the scorpion yet, and were both just staring at it.

“Come on Bree! If we lose, you’ll go home because you didn’t eat it!” Alexa said, as her teammates began to glare at her.

“That makes me even madder at her,” Bree mumbled to herself, but not wanting to let her team down, ate the Scorpion, and showed her tongue to Crag.

“Well, it looks like the only team to not get a point that round is Team Sand. Sorry Ladies. Please send up your next group of vict-, I mean teammates.”

Snitchy, Jennifer, Soup, and Santa stepped forward.

“Well that’s not fair, that guy will eat anything!” Snitchy complained, pointing to Santa.

Santa rolled his eyes and said, “Well at least I’m not a complaining over-achiever who no one likes.”

Snitchy had no response.

The contestants uncovered there next meal, and saw a huge Chocolate milkshake staring them in the face.

“Yeah, I’m being nice to you guys. The only thing is this round is timed. Anyone who finishes there milkshake before 30 seconds is up; gets a point for there team. Anyone who doesn’t, well, you don’t get anything except shame for your team. Ready? 30 seconds begins……NOW!”

Each contestant began to drink there milkshake.

With no shock to anyone, Santa was the first one done, within 10 seconds.

“Shocker,” Crag said.

Snitchy finished 5 seconds after Santa, clutching her head because of the massive brain freeze.

Crag snickered, and Snitchy glared at him.

Jennifer finished right behind her, and Soup finished 1 second before time was about to expired.

“Well, it looks like everyone gets a point that round. Which means Team Sand is still in last point with 1 point, while everyone else has 2. Next!”

Alexa, Kevin, Bob, and Shayna stepped up to their tables.

“Ok, I’m officially getting bored of this, so this will be the last round. Whoever finishes their food and shows me their tongue first gets 2 points instead. Please uncover your plates.” Crag instructed the four contestants.

The four uncovered their plates, and saw a tiny snake on there plate.

“Oh my god, get that thing away from me!” Alexa screamed.

“Uhh I don’t think I can eat that.” Shayna confessed, letting her head hang low, looking ashamed.

“Well, it looks like we don’t even have to do this round. Team Sand, I will you all of you at the fire pit for an elimination! The rest of you can go back to your tents, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Team Sky, Cactus, and Make Up went back to the tents, while Team Sand followed Crag to the fire pit.

(CONF) “Even though Cassandra and Shayna didn’t eat there food, I have to vote Jennifer. She scares me……..and I don’t like people who scare me,” Hannah said.

“Well, these are very interesting votes. I would have never expected that 3 votes would send this person home,” Crag said, while shrugging. “Eh, I don’t know you people so why should I care? The cacti go to: Hannah, Girl, and Cassandra.” Crag said aloud, as the 3 girls caught there cacti.

“Well, this is a completely diverse pairing right here. We have Jennifer, the crazy one, and we have Shayna, the shy and quiet one. So which one of you did the tribe keep around? Eh, I would’ve voted the same way. Shayna, here is your cactus.”

Crag threw a cactus to Shayna, and she went over and hugged Jennifer.

“Well guys, it’s been fun! But trust me, you’ll see me again.” Jennifer said, taking her belongings with her as she made her way to the helicopter.

“Another one bites the dust! Yeah, I said it. Come back next time to see a real mix up on Overcome!”

Episode 4: A New Slope

Team Sand came back from elimination looking very tired. They all glared at each other. Shayna was crying because she almost got eliminated. Girl looked at the crying Shayna and also decided to cry to follow her lead. Finally, Cassandra was the first one to talk.

“H….h…hi,” started Cassandra.

“Um, have any of you seen my mask-Kara?” asks Hannah, entering the room.

Shayna and Girl shake their heads while Cassandra gets annoyed.

“You know what, I’m leaving,” said Cassandra, as the situation just got more awkward.

“You know how to rake too?” asks Hannah, obviously confused.

Cassandra starts to leave, but gets pursued by Girl.

“Don’t even think about it,” said Cassandra. “I want my peace and quiet.”

Cassandra exits their area, while Hannah puts on a clueless face. Girl sees this face, and copies it.

(CONF) “I wish my teammates would do something,” Cassandra says. “However, I have to maintain a low profile to avoid being a threat….I have to stay mysterious.

Meanwhile, at the not so awkward Team Sky, Boris and Todd continued spreading rumors about the other contestants.

“Hey, you know that nerd Kevin?” asks Boris. “I think that he has lost his marbles. There is no way that he will ever be cool, just a nerd all of his life.”

“I know, have you heard he thinks the word dork means cool?” laughs Todd. “I called him a dork all day yesterday and now he thinks that he is the coolest kid ever. What do you think Soup?”
“Uh…yea, I totally was beating a kid up yesterday…” mutters Soup.

“What’s up with you, huh?” asks Todd, to Soup. “You ain’t talking about chicks, you ain’t beating up nerds…are you…?”

“No, I’m not!” yells Soup. “I just don’t know if I should do this.”

“Don’t worry,” says Boris. “We’ll make sure that you do what all the cool kids do.”

(CONF) “I’m not sure whether I’m completely trusting Boris and Todd,” says Soup. “I mean, I should be a bully, but I’m not sure whether I should be that extreme. But, whatever they say, I guess I have to.”

(CONF) “Dudes, we are so teaching him how to be cool!” yells Boris. “This’ll be awesome!”

Meanwhile, Bob and Derek were off on their own.

“Dude, I’m not sure what the heck’s happening,” says Bob.

“Whatever, if we lose a challenge, I can safely say we can manipulate at least one of their stupid minds to vote for Boris,” chuckles Derek.

“Yea, but I’m not sure that those three are the smartest of people,” says Bob. “I mean, I doubt they even know what a vote is.”

Derek laughs. “Don’t worry dude, you’ll be fine.”

Meanwhile, at Team Make Up, there was gossip flying all over the place.

“Guys, guess what?” shouts Snitchy. “Bree has a crush on someone in camp!”

“I do not! Do you want to get voted off?” asks Bree.

“But, I looked through your diary the ot…” starts Snitchy.

“You did what now?” asks Bree. “Ooh, you are so getting it!” she yelled.

(CONF) “I thought that Bree and I were friends,” says Snitchy. “I mean, we did have a fight earlier but I thought we had things sorted out. I mean, we did vote out Hayley together.”

(CONF) “Snitchy the snitch has gotten on my nerves about every single day now!” shouts Bree. “I can’t just let her go though. I mean, I do need an alliance member which I can actually beat in the final two. Now, it’ll be hard to survive that long with that overachiever.

“Calm down you two,” says Maria. “Now, if Bree likes someone, that is her own business, and not anyone else’s.”

“For the last time, I do not like anyone!” yells Bree. “Is that hard enough to understand?”

“It’s ok, loser,” says Alexa. “He probably doesn’t even like you back.”

“Oh, no you didn’t! Any guy would fall for me!” yells Bree. “You shouldn’t even be talking, Ms. “I’m Totally the Next Boot”!”

(CONF) “Even though Bree is my alliance member, she really scare me at times,” says Maria. “Whatever, it’s her funeral, not mine.”

Meanwhile, at Team Cactus, Adam was trying to cheer up the group.

“So, knock knock,” he starts.

“Really, a knock knock joke?” asks Seth. “Only complete idiots would find those funny.”

“Who’s there?” asks an excited Kevin.

“Interrupting…” starts Adam.

“Moo,” answers Seth, rolling his eyes.

“Way to ruin the fun,” says Adam.

Santa joins the group and has a bunch of presents.

“Happy birthday Kevin!” yells Santa.

“Woah, it’s my birthday?” asks Kevin. “Oh my god, I actually have friends!” he yells, as he hugs Adam and Santa.

(CONF) “As usual, my team is 0% strategy and just go around playing stupid party games that take no skill,” says Seth. “It’s pathetic really…and I…don’t…like those kiddy games,” he says nervously.

“Who wants to open the first present?” asks Santa.

“I do!” yells Kevin, as he opens his gift.

Santa had given Kevin an iPod Touch for his birthday. Kevin hugs Santa and cries.

“This is the best gift ever!” Kevin yells.

Seth rolls his eyes, and prepares for the next challenge.

Crag welcomes the four teams as he announces the challenge.

“Today’s challenge will be…” starts Crag.

“Another disgusto eating challenge?” laughs Boris.

“Anyways, like I was saying…” Crag says again.

“What, you can actually talk or is what your saying is jibberish?” asks Boris.


“Stop being such a loser host, you moron,” says Boris.

“That’s it!!!!!” yells Crag. “The challenge was supposed to be host appreciation, but now I don’t even have to think about which team is getting eliminated! Team Sky is going to elimination tonight!”

Crag cried and ran away to his trailer. Boris and Todd were cracking up while Derek and Bob were glaring at them.

“Why did you just lose us the challenge?” asks Bob.

“It doesn’t matter, you’re going anyways, stupid music dork,” says Boris.

Derek listened to the conversation and tried to help his friend out. He went to Soup, the least secure in the alliance.

“Hey, Soup, Boris here lost us the challenge,” says Derek. “Can you vote him out instead of Bob tonight?”

“I dunno, Boris can get pretty mean if I go against him, but I’ll think about it,” answers Soup.

(CONF) “There’s so much pressure on me,” says Soup. “My vote determines whether Bob or Boris is going home. I hope I make the right choice.”

Crag glares at Team Sky as they enter the elimination ceremony.

“You guys will be voting someone….hopefully Boris here, out of the game,” says Crag.

“Isn’t that biased?” asks Todd.

“Life isn’t fair!” yells Crag. “Now vote him out before I yell even more!”

Some of the votes are revealed.

“I vote for that stupid dork musician, Bob,” voted Boris.

“I vote for Boris,” says Bob. “Hopefully Soup will make the right decision.”

“I vote for Boris,” says Derek. “In fact, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t go tonight.”

“My vote goes to Bob,” says Todd. “He’s the nerdiest of all of us.”

Chris reluctantly gives the cacti.

“The first three cacti go to Todd, Derek, and Soup,” he says, throwing them at them. “And the last cactus goes to………………………Boris. Unfortunately, Bob is out of the game.”

“But, Soup, I thought we were friends!” yells Bob.

“Sorry, I just did what I thought was right,” said Soup.

A helicopter came and picked up Bob. Derek waved Bob good bye as waved at his closest ally.

“Wow, that was a shocker,” announces Crag. “Anyways, only 16 are left, who will Overcome the rest?”

Chapter 5: New Friends, New Enemies, A New Game

Team Sky was just getting back from there recent elimination ceremony, and everyone was happy except for Derek.

(CONF) “This isn’t good. Now I’m on the outs because my only ally and friend on the team is gone,” Derek complained. “I need a miracle."

Meanwhile, Boris, Todd and Soup were having their annual alliance meeting.

“I told you guys to not worry. I’m not leaving the game anytime soon,” Boris said, quite confidently.

“Who said we had any doubt, yo? It’s us three to the end!” Todd added high-fiving Boris.

Soup, once again, was silent, but this time, Todd and Boris didn’t feel the need to ask him why he wasn’t talking because they didn’t care anymore.

Over at Team Cactus, Adam was trying to keep his team’s mojo up and was trying to crack a few jokes again.

“So, knock-knock,” Adam said

Seth rolled his eyes, and Kevin was too intent on reading his book that he had no reaction to Adam’s beginning of the joke.

Santa looked up at Adam, but had no reply to it either, going back into the tent.

“Tough crowd,” Adam complained.

Over at Team Sand, the team was still even quieter without Jennifer.

Hannah came out of the tent, with a puzzled look on her face, and holding a hair curler.

“Um, where do I plug this in? I don’t see any of the face looking things that I usually plug them into out here,” Hannah said, scratching her head in puzzlement.

Cassandra rolled her eyes, but then decided it might be fun to mess with Hannah for a little bit.

“Hey Hannah,” Cassandra called over to her. “Come over here and I’ll show you where you can plug that thing in.”

Hannah walked over to Cassandra, and Girl followed Hannah over, after coming out of the tent.

Cassandra stared at Girl for a second, who was holding a tooth brush, but was pretending it was a curler like Hannah, but Cassandra decided to just go with it, and turned back to Hannah.

“You see that book that Shayna is reading over there?” Cassandra pointed at the book, and when Shayna looked at her, Cassandra winked and Shayna decided to go along with it.

“It has one of those ‘Face Things’ on the front of it. Why don’t you go over there and try to use that?” Cassandra told Hannah, holding back a little giggle.

“Ok!” Hannah squeaked, and walked over to Shayna, as Girl followed her. As Hannah and Girl were walking over, Shayna got up and left the book where she was sitting and walked away. Hannah turned the book over, and tried to plug the curler into the book, as Girl did the same. Hannah apparently thought it worked, and was beginning to try to curl her hair. Shayna and Cassandra sat and watched, laughing the whole time.

Over at Team Make Up, Bree was sitting in the tent, keeping a close on eye on Snitchy, making sure she didn’t try to look in Bree’s journal again.

Alexa and Maria were outside, having a little chat.

“Who do you think Bree has a crush on?” Maria asked.

“I have no idea. I mean all we’ve done is compete against the guys, it’s not like we ever talked to any of them, or at least I haven’t” Alexa said.

Maria shrugged, and there team got ready for the next challenge.

Crag gathered the teams together, and began to talk.

“Today I have a little surprise for you things,” Crag confessed, glaring at some of the contestants.

“Today we will have a tribal swap. Well, it isn’t really a ‘swap,’ more like a tribal combine. Team Cactus and Team Sand will combine. Please take your belongings and stand by the red flag,” Crag directed, pointing to the red flag.

“And obviously now, Team Sky and Team Make Up will combine. Please go stand by the purple flag,” Crag said, pointing to the purple flag.

The four teams became two within 2 minutes, exchanging greetings and side chats with there new teams.

“Ok, ok, there’s plenty of time for you to talk later, but I only get a little amount of time to talk each episode so hush. You will no longer have Team names; you will just go by your team color, which makes it easier to remember. And guess what? Your first challenge is right now!” Crag laughed while the contestants moaned.

“Oh stop complaining, if you win this show you get money so calm down! Now, time for your challenge. Today’s challenge is a little endurance test. Behind me, you can see 16 poles. Your challenge is to hang onto those for as long as you can. There are ladders behind them so you can get up and down the pole without getting injured. Now, let’s get started!” Crag exclaimed.

Each team mate chose a pole and climbed to the top.

“Wow this one high pole,” Snitchy commented.

“And it’s way too hot up here! This ain’t gonna be fun!” Bree complained.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the poles are so tall so that the sun is beating right down on them so that you get all sweaty and it’s harder for you to hang on. Now, stop complaining, and let’s begin the challenge,” Crag explained.

All 16 contestants grabbed onto there poles, and hung there.

After about 20 minutes, 10 people had already giving up. 5 team mates were left on the new teams.

After about 10 more minutes we were down to our final 5: Bree, Kevin, Boris, Girl, and Adam.

“Come on! We have numbers on them! Hang in there!” Seth cheered on from the sideline.

Adam started to lose his grip on the pole, and decided he had been on there long enough. He stepped onto the ladder and made his way down. Girl followed him, and got off her pole and made her way down her ladder.

Only three remain, and it seemed Seth’s cheer had actually jinxed his new team.

“I’m getting bored, so can two of you just get off now?” Crag asked, looking impatient.

Kevin’s arms started to shake, and he began to step onto his ladder when his foot slipped and he fell down to the ground.

“Oh my god!” Maria screeched.

Boris high fived Bree as they both made there way down there ladder.

Crag walked over to Kevin, and saw how much pain he was in.

“Yeah, so, he’s going to have to go to the hospital,” Crag said, calling in the helicopter.

The helicopter landed right next to Kevin, and 3 medics stepped out with a stretcher. They placed Kevin on it, put him in the helicopter, and flew away. The contestants watched the plane fly away, and wondered what was going to happen next.

“What now, your royal host?” Boris said sarcastically.

“I’ll see the Red team at the fire pit, while the Purple team gets to go back to there camp site.”

The Red team looked confused, thinking that since Kevin left, they wouldn’t have to eliminate anyone. They followed Crag back to the fire pit, and awaited his orders.

“Well, it looks like you guys had a very unfortunate loss today, losing the challenge and a Team mate. Since that happened, you all get cacti,” Crag passed the statues out to everyone.

“Well, that’s our first elimination with no votes, and our first vic-, I mean contestant to get hurt. Shocker. See you next time on Overcome, unless you don’t tune in.”

Chapter 6: Lots of Private Thoughts Revealed...

After the last elimination, Team Red was not feeling well.

"I mean, they should've at least HELPED Kevin," said Adam.

"I don't know…" said Seth. "I mean, it's all part of the game."

"Are you really that mean?" asked Santa. "He was a valuable teammate."

"Valuable?" asked Seth. "He was a freaking…"

"Um…there are other members of the team too," said Cassandra. "We should be discussing this as a team,"

"You're one to talk," smirked Seth.

"Are you trying to get on my bad side?" asked Cassandra. "I can get loud too!"

"Guys, calm down," said Santa. "We don't want any fights that would further weaken our tribe. We're winners, not losers! In fact, we should do something productive like think of a team name."

"How's about Team Round?" asks Hannah. "You know, since you suggested it?"

"What is that supposed to mean?" asks Santa.

"I mean, you are a little….obese," continues Hannah.

(CONF) "Okay, people tell me that I say the wrong stuff at the wrong time," says Hannah. "But that was nice, right?"

Santa decides to ignore the comment and continue. "So, any suggestions? How's about you, Shayna?"

Shayna shrugged and turned her head away. Upon seeing this action, Girl too shrugs and turns her head away. Santa looks at both of them but decides to continue on.

"Adam, what say you?" he asks.

"How's about blood?" cracked Adam. "You know, the thing your mom was cover…"

"You really know how to pick your moments," says Seth sarcastically.

"Guys, listen to Santa," says Cassandra. "We really need to work as a team."

Seth and Adam decide to ignore Cassandra, and decide to talk to Shayna instead.

"So, Shayna, what do you do for fun?" asks Adam.

Shayna blushes and turns away. Girl also blushes at the comment.

"What do you want?" asks Seth, looking at Girl.

"What do you want?" retaliates Girl, looking as Seth.

"Um…never mind," answers Seth.

(CONF) "Adam is….cool," says Shayna. "Yea…that's it…"

Cassandra comes and pulls Shayna and Girl aside. She ponders for a second and then decides to pull in Adam too.

"Would you mind us three having an alliance in the game?" asks Cassandra. "I mean, it's about time that someone starts to do something on this tribe."

Adam opens his mouth to speak, but gets interrupted by Girl.

"You know what would be a good idea?" asks Girl. "Us three having an alliance in this game!"

Shayna slaps her forehead while listening to Girl, and Cassandra continues to speak.

"I mean, it would be a great opportunity to do this now," says Cassandra.

Seth was getting suspicious and decides to join the group.

"What are you guys talking about?" asks Seth.

(CONF) "Something tells me that Adam, Cassandra, Shayna, and Girl are up to something," says Seth. "I'm not sure of anything, but I think they are making some sort of alliance.

"Oh, just stuff," answers Adam.

"Yea, stuff," says Girl, obviously just repeating what Adam said.

"Well, just saying, Santa is continuing on his "lecture" on the tribe name. He's decided to take everyone's ideas together to create some giant team name," says Seth.

"I got it!" yelled Santa. "We'll be called Team Shyness Awesomeness of Super Fun and the Temple of Disgust!"

"What?" asked Hannah. "Did someone say fun? I love fun!"

"She's got desperate all over her," whispers Seth to Adam.

"Meh, I like someone else," says Adam.

"And who would that be?" asks a curious Seth.

"Let's just say…I like mysterious people," says Adam, walking away.

"I like mysterious people too," says Girl, as she randomly appears and then walks away.

Meanwhile, at Team Purple, more conflict was occurring.

"Hey, everyone, I would like to make an announcement," said Snitchy, to the entire tribe. "Bree has a crush on someone!"

"For the last time, it is NOT important!" yelled Bree. "Stop trying to screw up this tribe!"

"Well, I don't know about you, but I like this chick Alexa here," says Boris. "She's a hot one."

"Dude, nice choice," says Todd. "I'm just glad your chick is still in the game, I liked that Hayley chick, but she was like, second out, dog."

Bree shook her head at Todd's attempts to use his "street smarts". She just decided to look at the boys and stir up a plan.

(CONF) "You see, I want Alexa out of here," said Bree. "However, if all the guys like her, they have enough votes to get either Maria, Snitchy, or I out of the game. So, I only have a couple of options at this point: so…don't judge me."

(CONF) "Yea, we all know who Bree likes," says Snitchy. "It's obviously that weird guy Soup. He's manly and he pretends to be something he's not."

Meanwhile, Soup was talking to Boris and Todd.

"Like I said, I'm not interested in anyone!" yells Soup. "Why don't you leave me alone?"

"Because dude, we need to shape you up into a real homie," says Todd. "You have to at least like one of them."

(CONF) "Listen, I know I'm supposed to be "cool" with my alliance, but sometimes I wonder if they even have a life apart from bullying," says Soup. "I mean, even I sometimes read…you know, I read very advanced material like "The Cat in the Hat." I mean, I'm the first person in my class who's ever read it!"

(CONF) "Dogs, Boris and Soup and I are going to the end!" yells Todd. "They are my homies! All I have to do is whip Soup up into shape and everything else will go fine!"

Bree decided to try something out and talks to Boris.

"So, which one of you men do you think are the best at challenges?" Bree asks.

"Well, I'm obviously the most muscular," answers Boris.

"Obviously," says Bree. "I mean, I think that you are going all the way to the end," she whispers.

"Well, duh," says Boris. "Soup, Todd, and I have a final three alliance."

"Good to know…" Bree says.

(CONF) "Okay, maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to let Bree know about our alliance," says Boris. "However, she's the only girl here the appreciates my awesomeness. She deserves to know tiny details."

Meanwhile, Derek was looking for an alliance member since Bob's elimination, and he found one while talking to Maria.

"So, how secure are you in your alliance?" asks Derek.

"Not very," answers Maria. "I mean, I don't think my alliance members even think I exist," she says.

"Yea, it's hard being on the outs," says Derek. "I look forward to spending time with you, even though the time may be short."

"Yea, same here," Maria says while blushing.

(CONF) "Maria is a nice girl and I would like to get to know her," says Derek. "However, with all the numbers against me, I don't think that'll happen in time."

(CONF) "Aww, Derek is such a sweet guy," says Maria. "He cares for me, and notices my presence, unlike Bree and Snitchy. Whatever, it's their loss in the future."

Derek and Maria continue to talk while holding hands.

"So, aren't we moving things a bit fast?" asks Maria.

"I don't know, in this game, what do you consider fast?" asks Derek.

"You have a point there," chuckles Maria.

Derek and Maria looked into each other's eyes, and shared a kiss. They both enjoyed it, unlike a nearby eavesdropper Snitchy, who had heard their entire conversation.

(CONF) "I heard everything," says Snitchy. "Maria and Derek have no idea about what gossip and rumors they will have to go through."

Meanwhile, Boris was talking to Alexa to see what her personality was.

"So, how many guys have you gone out with?" asks Boris, right off the bat.

"About um…45," she answers. "Why do you ask? Wanna go out?"

Boris was obviously shocked at her quick question. He finally figured out who Alexa was and answers her question.

"If you are that haste, I don't think we should," says Boris.

"Yea, whatever…" answers Alexa.

(CONF) "You see, as soon as he started talking, I knew he wanted to go out with me," says Alexa. "Boys are so predictable. Anyways, I knew to keep him away, I should just ask him out first so he would turn back. Easy as pie."

Crag welcomed the 15 remaining competitors to the next challenge.

"Welcome, losers, to our sixth challenge! FIrst, I changed my mind and want team names. First, red team?" he asks.

"We call ourselves Team Shyness Awesomeness of Super Fun and the Temple of Disgust!" yells Santa.

"Fascinating," says Crag sarcastically. "What about you, Team Purple?"

"Um…we say Team Homedogs," says Todd. "You know, since we're all pimps."

"I was hoping for better answers, but since they both suck, I will give you both team names. Team Red, you are now Team Sun. Team Purple, you will be known as Team Moon," says Crag. "Anyways, let me explain today's challenge. Since we are in the middle of the desert, we will have a Western showdown. Each team will only need one member to participate in a Western duel. You know the drill, you put your gun in the holster, and the one remaining wins immunity for their team."

All the contestants gasp while Crag receives a phone call.

"Uh huh?" asks Crag. "Wait, no what? Fine…" he answers.

Crag hung up the phone. "Producers have told me that a fight to the death is illegal," says Crag. "Instead, we will be using water guns. First one soaked will lose immunity!"

"I will volunteer," says Santa.

"Yea…no," says Seth. "The truth is, you're a BIG target."

(CONF) "Hey, I know I'm like that," says Santa. "However, why the heck does Seth keep insulting me about my weight? Ugh, this is going to be a long season."

"I'll volunteer," says Adam. "After all, there's no other option."

"Listen guys, I am skilled with a gun," says Cassandra. "But Adam, if you insist…"

"Which I do," says Adam. "Now, let's win this thing!"

Team Moon just looks at Soup and pushes him forward.

(CONF) "Yea, I sorta make it a big deal that I am good at shooting," says Soup. "Yea, I talk about it so much, that my tribe gets annoyed by it. Whatever, it sure helps in today's challenge.

Adam and Soup both but their guns in their holsters, and shoot. Both of them get wet, and Crag goes into the instant replay.

"Well, by a close 0.23 seconds, Soup shot first! Which means, Team Moon wins immunity! Sorry Team Sun, but I will see you at elimination tonight," says Crag.

Cassandra glares at Adam, but he ignores this and winks. She rolls her eyes and walks away, while Adam smiles.

"What are you smiling at?" asks Seth. "You just lost us the challenge!"

(CONF) "Cassandra has a way of just making me happy," says Adam. He hears snickers, and rolls his eyes. "No, not that kind of happy. She's just a real, genuine girl."

Meanwhile, Seth was talking to Shayna about elimination.

"LIsten, I'm either voting for Adam or Santa tonight," says Seth. "I need you and your girls to help, ok?"

Shayna nods her head, and Girl agrees too. Cassandra joins in and talks.

"Yea, they are both good choices. I mean, Santa is too happy and joyful, but Adam can get on my…I mean, everyone's nerves," says Cassandra.

(CONF) "Yea, Adam can get really annoying, but I can control him," says Cassandra. "Why do I have a weird feeling that someone is listening to this confessional?"

(CONF) "Yea, Adam can get really annoying, but I can control him," says Girl. "Yea, the producers told me that everyone had to have a confessional this episode, so I just copied Cassandra.

"So, we know the plan?" asks Santa.

"Yea, get rid of Adam," said Seth. "It's already done."

Santa left, and Adam entered the scene.

"It's Santa, right?" asks Adam.

"Sure, definitely," says Seth.

"Yea, agreed with what you said," says Cassandra, also being nervous.

(CONF) "This is the first elimination with both guys and girls in it," says Cassandra. "I wonder what will happen in this chaos."

Crag holds up 6 cacti and the votes. "To be honest, the voting wasn't that close tonight. You guys are oddly somehow getting along. The vote was 6-1 so the decision is as unanimous besides the person out. Let's see, Cassandra, Seth, Girl, Hannah, and Shayna. Cacti for the lot of ya. So, our bottom two are Adam and Santa. The final cactus goes to…………………………………"

"……..Adam. Sorry Santa, but the tribe has voted you out," says Crag.

"Some teammates," says Santa. "Well, I don't know what's with all the hate, but I'll be seeing you guys," he says, as he enters the helicopter.

"Only 14 remain, with Team Sun down by two members. What will happen next time, and who will Overcome all the rest?" says Crag, closing the episode.

Chapter 7: A Change In Mind

After going to two back-to-back eliminations, Team Sun was feeling like they had no chance left.

(CONF) “My team has no strong point or skill or determination at all. It’s just a matter of time until we all get sent home like Kevin and Santa,” Cassandra said, sounding disappointed.

“Ok guys, no matter what the next challenge is, we have to win it!” Adam said, in an attempt to cheer his team up.

“Adam’s right, we need to stay focused and win the next challenge!” Cassandra added, quickly looking over at Adam, who smiled at her.

Cassandra quickly looked away, trying to avoid Adam’s eyes because she was embarrassed.

Shayna, Cassandra, Girl, and Adam did not meet for a talk because they thought that there team was in a good shape for the next challenge, and would win.

Hannah sat by the tent, pretending to curl her hair with her curler that didn’t work, never realizing that it didn’t work.

Seth slept most of the day, since he didn’t really talk to anybody left.

Over at Team Moon, things were a bit more active.

“Why is it every time we’re here at camp you try to tell everyone who I like?” Bree questioned Snitchy

Snitchy shrugged and replied, “Why do you care? You’ve already hit on him.”

Bree rolled her eyes and walked over to Boris, who was sitting with Todd

“Yo, why are you here?” Todd questioned Bree.

Bree ignored Todd’s question and looked over at Boris. “So, is this your little alliance meeting?”

“Maybe. Why do you want to know?”

“Oh, no reason. I just wanted to stop by and say hi,” Bree said, as she walked away.

Todd looked at Boris. “Dude she is totally into you!”

Boris looked at his feet. “Whatever dude, she’s probably just using me.”

(CONF) “Ok so I didn’t want to tell Todd, but yeah I like Bree. I don’t see what’s so interesting about that. And if she’s just using me, I’ll get her back when I find out, if she is using me. Don’t want to do something drastic right now that would make me humiliate myself,” Boris confided.

(CONF) “Do I actually like Boris? I’m not gonna tell you. I don’t trust the camera in here. Someone could take out the tape and go through it, and I ain’t that stupid to confide in here. Let’s just say when the time comes, he’ll either be heart broken or have a girlfriend. And about Snitchy, well, I don’t like her,” Bree ranted.

Derek and Maria were sitting together by their camp fire.

“What’s your favorite sport to play?” Maria asked Derek.

Derek began to think about the question. He never thought of one sport his favorite, since he played most of them.

“Hard to choose. I play a lot of sports, and I like all of them.”

Soup was sitting alone in the tent.

(CONF) “Sometimes I wish I didn’t make that alliance with Boris and Todd. They never really let me in on what’s going on, and they usually just talk to each other, and not me. But if I hadn’t made that alliance, I probably wouldn’t be here. Maybe I should team up with Alexa? She never really talks to anyone else either,” Soup decided to go talk to her.

“Hi,” Soup started.

Alexa looked up at him, but said nothing.

“Do you want to form an alliance with me?” Soup blurted out.

“Sure! Anything that’ll get me—I mean us farther in the game!” Alexa said, looking at Soup nervously to see if he noticed her slip.

Soup didn’t seem to notice and was relieved until he realized what he had just done.

(CONF) “How can I be so stupid?! Now I have two alliances! This is not good!” Soup complained.

(CONF) “Finally, someone smart to partner up with. If only Soup and I had a bigger alliance, then I would be completely safe. But, at least I have an alliance now,” Alexa said.

Crag gathered the 14 remaining contestants and took them to an wide, fenced in area.

“Hello all you lucky people who get to be the final 14! Today will be a challenge that tests your mind and physical ability. In this fenced off are or whatever you want to call it, are 14 angry, bitey snakes. Each one has a word written on a piece wood tied around its upper body/ head part. I don’t really know how snakes bodies are labeled. Anyway, one by one, each tribe will send a member out to try to get there word. Each snake is color marked, so you know which team it’s for. Believe me; we lost a lot of interns setting this challenge up. Then, once you have all your words, you must return to your team flag and begin figuring the phrase out. First team with the correct phrase wins! Ok, first person from each tribe step up.”

Bree and Cassandra stepped forward.

“When I blow this whistle, you two start chasing the snakes. Ready?” Crag waited a few seconds, then blew the whistle.

Bree and Cassandra both had already set there eyes on a snake, and raced after there’s. The snakes were fast, but there was not threat of being bitten by one because the interns had taped the snakes mouths shut, which had made them angrier. Bree quickly out of nowhere caught her snake, and took the word off of its neck. Cassandra was still chasing her first snake by the time Soup had stepped out to start chasing one. Cassandra caught her snake, and took the word back.

Soup and Adam both brought words back at the same time, and within an hour, there was only one more word for each tribe to catch.

Alexa and Seth both were out chasing there snakes, while the members of there tribes were trying to figure out the phrase before they got the last piece. Alexa returned with her word, and Team Moon began the puzzle.

Seth quickly got his word and returned. “Ok guys, I already have an idea of what the phrase is. If I’m wrong, you can vote me out.” Seth than began putting the words together, and signaled for Crag to come over to check if they were right.

Crag went over and read the phrase aloud. “Crag is the most awesome host and he is the coolest person alive today. Very flattering Team Sun! You guys are correct! I’ll be seeing Team Moon at the Elimination fire pit.”

Team Moon went to the fire pit, and anxiously awaited the results.

“I’m in the mood for some drama, so why don’t were air the votes!” Crag pulled out a TV and the Confessional was on screen.

(CONF) “I vote Alexa. She’s the odd one out in the tribe,” Bree voted.

(CONF) “I vote Alexa. She could become a threat because no one notices her,” Snitchy voted.

(CONF) “Yo, I vote Alexa because….well I don’t know why, but that’s what Boris said to do,” Todd voted.

(CONF) "Um...I vote for Boris. I'm deciding to stay with Alexa on this one," Soup votes.

“Ok, I think those 3 votes probably started enough drama. In the end, it was a 6-2 vote, with Alexa being eliminated. I’m sorry Alexa, but it’s time for you to leave the presence of the most awesome person alive, me.”

Alexa collected her belongings and made her way to the helicopter.

“Well, 13 remain, and I’m still the best host ever! Who will rise to the challenge and Overcome the rest? Who knows? See you next time on Overcom---gasps---I just swallowed a bug,” Crag begins to cough, as the show ends.

Chapter 8: Don't Wanna Be An Idol

Team Moon returned from the ceremony. Most of them had neutral feelings on the boot. However, Soup and Boris held an argument.

"Why the heck did you vote for me?" asked Boris.

"Alexa was my ally at the time. Don't worry, it was nothing personal," answers Soup.

"Nothing personal? I almost got voted out! That's it, we're ending the alliance!!!" yells Boris.

"Good, I don't want to continue it either!" yells Soup.

(CONF) "Soup just dug his own grave," says Boris. "He is SO the next one to go."

(CONF) "Boris? I never trusted him in the first place!" yells Soup. "In fact, I should've voted with Derek and Bob when I had the chance!"

"Todd, we need to talk," says Boris.

"Whatever, homie-dog," says Todd.

"I broke up with Soup…" starts Boris.

"Woah, wait," says Todd. "What do you mean by "break up"?"

"That's not what I meant!" yells Boris. "I mean that the alliance is over! It's only you and I now!"

"Oh, ok then," says Todd. "But shouldn't we include some of the girls to gain numbers?"

"That's exactly what I was thinking," says Boris.

Meanwhile, Bree and Snitchy were continuing their conflict.

"I'm playing him," says Bree. "There are no romantic attachments to Boris."

"You like, so totally dig him," says Snitchy. "It's like, way too obvious."

(CONF) "Keep yourself calm Bree, only 12 more eliminations to go…" Bree says.

Boris walks up to Bree and Snitchy holding something that looks like a rock.

"Hey girls, look what I have," starts Boris.

"What is that?" asks Snitchy.

"It's a hidden immunity idol," says Boris.

"Doesn't look like it," says Bree.

The other day, Crag had told the cast that hidden immunity idols would be entering the competition. They could be found and used after the votes are cast, but before the votes are read. The person with the second most amount of votes would be voted out.

"Trust me, I found it under a tree," says Boris.

Todd enters the scene. He oddly looks at the rock in Boris' hand.

"What is that?" asks Todd.

"It's this so called immunity idol that he THINKS he has," says Bree.

"That isn't an immunity idol! He was carving it last nigh….oh, I wasn't supposed to say that, was I?" says Todd.

Boris slaps his forehead while Bree and Snitchy laugh loudly.

(CONF) "Yea, sometimes I don't say the smartest things," says Todd. "Boris will forgive me, though, he's my homedog."

(CONF) "Wow, that guy Todd is REALLY stupid," says Snitchy. "He obviously doesn't get straight A's in school like I do."

Meanwhile, Derek and Maria were still on the outs.

"Yea, my alliance kind of abandoned me," says Maria. "Bree and Snitchy haven't spoken to me in like, forever."

"Well, I hope that changes soon," says Derek. "We don't want to be the next ones out, do we?"

Maria sighs, and rustles the sand around them. She seems surprised when her hand feels a hard object in the sand. She recognizes what it is, and secretly pockets it while Derek is looking away.

(CONF) "I found the hidden immunity idol!!" squeals Maria. "I mean, I could share the info with Derek, but I don't want to put stress on him."

(CONF) "Maria's so genuine," says Derek. "I mean, there is no way she could ever hide secrets from me."

At Team Sun, Seth was freaking out over the hidden immunity idol.

(CONF) "I need to find that idol!" Seth yells. "I mean, I know my alliance would never vote me out, but it'll be good for the merge."

Seth was talking to Adam about where the hidden immunity idol might be.

"Dude, there are only two guys left," says Seth. "We need the idol to survive."

"You mean YOU need the idol to survive," says Adam. "I'm tight with the girls."

Seth continued to look for the idol when Cassandra and Girl enter the scene.

"Hey Adam!" winks Cassandra.

"Hey Adam!" winks Girl.

"Do you really have to copy everything I say?" asks Cassandra.

"Do you have to copy everything I say?" counters Girl.

"Whatever," says Cassandra. "Anyways Adam, what was Seth talking to you about?"

"Just boring stuff," says Adam, looking into Cassandra's eyes.

"Ew, you're disgusting," says Cassandra.

"Like, TOTALLY disgusting," says Girl.

"Shut up!" yells Cassandra, as she storms off.

Hannah is then seen with Shayna in the dressing room.

"I'm going to make you more popular-ar!" squeals Shayna.

"Um…" starts Shayna.

"Don't worry, I'm gonna make you free like the butterknives!" says Hannah.


"Don't worry, it'll make your spear-it better!" says Hannah.

Shayna rolls her eyes and leaves the dressing room.

"You need more making-up!" yells Hannah, chasing after Shayna. On the way there, she trips on the beach over a round object.

"Ew, that thing I tripped over is so ugly!" Hannah yells, as she picks up the hidden immunity idol. She throws it in the ocean, and ignores it.

(CONF) "Hannah is…so…ugh," says Shayna.

Crag entered the 13 contestants to the next immunity challenge.

"Team Sun looking at the new Team Moon. Unsurprisingly, Alexa was voted out," says Crag. "Anyways, the immunity challenge requires two volunteers per team."

"It's probably a romance challenge," whispers Soup. "I think Derek and Maria should do it."

Team Sun was also deciding on who to choose.

"Adam and I are the strongest here," says Seth. "Let us two do the challenge."

Crag looked at the two pairs and chuckles.

"This challenge is a making out challenge!" yells Crag."Whoever makes out the longest wins!"

Maria and Derek shrug and make out. Seth and Adam look at each other, and both shudder.

"No way that I'm doing this!" yells Seth. "Adam and I decide to drop out."

Cassandra and Girl glare at Seth as Crag announces the results.

"Well, obviously, Team Moon is the winner. That means Team Sun has to vote someone out!" announces Crag.

Bree and Boris high five, while Maria and Derek look into each other's eyes.

Meanwhile, back at Team Sun, Seth announces his intentions to his team.

"Listen, I didn't do the challenge because I'm not gay," says Seth.

"Well, you should've let opposite genders do it!" yells Cassandra.

(CONF) "That was a stupid choice on Seth's part," says Cassandra. "Bad move on his part."

(CONF) "What the last person said," says Girl.

"Whatever, we'll see who goes," says Seth.

Seth goes to Hannah and Shayna and says his plan.

"Listen, we are going to get Cassandra out," says Seth. "She is the one causing all the drama on the team."

"Drama? Oooh…I love plays!" yells Hannah. "Why would I vote out a musical?"

Seth rolls his eyes along with Shayna, as Hannah remains confused.

(CONF) "What? That was a valid-id question!" says Hannah.

(CONF) "I don't know who's going tonight," says Adam. "We'll see who my alliance votes for."

Meanwhile, Crag handed out that cacti.

"Let's make this quick because I got a mani---never mind. Ok, so Hannah, Girl, Adam, and Shayna are safe," says Crag.

Seth and Cassandra glare at each other.

"The last cactus goes to……..Cassandra," says Crag. "Sorry Seth, you're out."

"Some team…" mutters Seth, as he enters the helicopter.

"Only 12 remain," says Crag. "Who will win on Overcome???"

Chapter 9: Lost In Sand

After sending Seth home, Team Sun was actually happy about going to Elimination Ceremony.

(CONF) “We just got rid of one of the people I hated the most!” Cassandra squealed. “Now, things around camp will be a lot better.”

Cassandra walked out of the confessional to find Girl staring her in the face.

“Back off freak,” Cassandra said to girl.

“No, you back off freak,” Girl said in reply.

Cassandra rolled her eyes, and sidestepped so that she was not in Girl’s way any longer.

(CONF) “Whatever Cassandra just said,” Girl said.

This time, Girl exited the confessional and found Cassandra staring her in the face.

“Why do you always copy what I do and say?” Cassandra asked.

“Why do you always copy what I do and say?” Girl countered.

“But I always say and do the things first,” Cassandra replied.

“No, I always say and do the things first,” Girl copied.

Cassandra, losing her temper, stormed off, thinking that Girl was just a lost cause.

Cassandra, Girl, and Adam sat down around their camp fire.

“Hi Adam, what’s up?” Cassandra asked, looking over at Girl to see if she copied her. To her surprise, Girl kept her mouth shut.

(CONF) “FINALLY!!!!!!!” Cassandra shouted.

“Nothing much, enjoying the nice morning,” Adam answered.

Back at the tent, Shayna and Hannah were having another girl talk.

“So like, what’s your favorite color?” Hannah asked.

“Ummm I don’t know, no one has ever asked me that before. I guess………pink?” Shayna replied, looking unsure. “OMG that’s my fav color too! We are totally going to be besties!” Hannah squealed and hugged Shayna.

“Ok calm down!” Shayna said as Hannah began to hug her.

“Can I paint your nails? You would look so pretty with pink nails!” Hannah asked, getting her nail polish out.

“I guess,” Shayna replied.

As soon as the words let Shayna’s mouth, Hannah shot up and began painting Shayna’s nails.

Over at Team Moon, Bree and Snitchy were arguing again.

“I’ve told you like a million times, I’m using him! I ain’t in love with anyone in this messed up place!” Bree shouted at Snitchy.

“Well, that may be true, but I saw the way you looked when you high-fived him yesterday after we won the challenge,” Snitchy replied.

“What? I was happy we won the dang challenge. That doesn’t mean I like him,” Bree stated.

“Whatever, you’re wrong and I’m right. Deal with it,” Snitchy said, walking away.

Bree rolled her eyes.

(CONF) “That girl creases me. Next time we lose a challenge, I’ll work my magic on Boris, get him and Todd to vote with me, and we’ll vote Snitchy out,” Bree said her plan aloud.

Bree walked over and sat down next to Todd and Boris.

“Hey boys. About that whole fake idol thing before the challenge yesterday, I live to forget, so I forgive you guys. But, for me to forgive you, you both need to vote with me the next time we lose a challenge,” Bree said, batting her eyes at Boris.

(CONF) “……………….She is HOT!” Boris exclaimed.

Todd and Boris both looked at each other, and then nodded to Bree.

“Good! I’m glad things worked out this way. Oh and another thing, can you make me another hidden idol?” Bree asked.

“Sure, dudette,” Todd answered, while Boris nodded.

“Thanks!” Bree replied.

(CONF) “What? All I want it for is so that when I have what looks like the hidden immunity idol, Snitchy will totally think it’s real since I have it. Then, I’ll give it to her, and next time we lose, I’ll tell her to use it cause she’s in danger, we’ll vote for her, she’ll use it and humiliate herself, and she’ll go home! My plan is genius!” Bree laughed.

Meanwhile, Derek and Maria were once again talking by themselves.

(CONF) “I feel bad about hiding something from Derek, but I don’t want him to have to worry about the idol. Ugh, this is eating away at me!” Maria complained.

“I’m so glad our teams combined so that I could be on the same team as you!” Derek confessed while holding Maria’s hand.

Maria sighed and looked into Derek’s eyes.

“There’s something I need to show you,” Maria said as she pulled the idol out of her pocket.

“You found the Idol? That’s amazing!” Derek got up and hugged Maria.

(CONF) “I did not see that coming,” Maria confessed.

“You mean you’re not mad at me for hiding it from you?” Maria asked nervously.

“Of course not! It’s the idol, who cares!” Derek said as he kissed Maria.

Meanwhile, Soup was sitting by himself in the team’s tent.

(CONF) “Now that I’m not in Boris and Todd’s alliance, I don’t really have anyone to talk to,” Soup said while sighing.

Crag arrived and took Team Moon to Team Sun’s camp.

“What are you doing here?” Cassandra asked, looking puzzled.

“Yeah, what are you doing here?” Girl asked, making the same expression Cassandra made.

“We’re here because on of your team mates tripped over the hidden immunity idol buried in the sand and threw it far into that vast area of open sand over there,” Crag pointed to the marked off area of where Hannah through the idol.

“Ohh, I tripped on something yesterday. I felt like I was walking on the beach and I threw it into the ocean!” Hannah exclaimed.

Bree rolled her eyes as Crag shook his head.

“Well thanks to Hannah, you’re actually going to have a challenge today. You were going to get a day off, but now I guess you can blame her for not. Plus I am not digging through all that sand by myself looking for the idol. The challenge today is whichever team finds the idol first, gets immunity tonight and also gets to keep the idol. Now go and find that idol!” Crag shouted.

Team Moon and Team Sun spread out digging up the whole marked off area.

Once digging, Derek hit something small but hard.

“Hey guys, I think I might’ve found it! Come over here and help me dig it up!” Derek yelled.

His team ran over and began helping him dig up the object.

Meanwhile, Team Sun had not found anything at all and were beginning to lose hope.

“Think Hannah, think! Do you remember where you threw the idol?” Cassandra asked.

“Um, I don’t know. I thought I threw it into the ocean, but this is just sand. What happened to the water?” Hannah asked, looking puzzled.

Adam laughed as Cassandra lost hope.

Adam looked down right below his feet and saw the idol.

“Guys, I found it!” Adam shouted.

His team came up and hugged his as they waited for Crag.

“Thank you for your help, Team Sun. You get to keep the idol that Hannah lost, but give it to me so I can hide it,” Crag said as Adam handed over the idol.

“Team Moon, I will be seeing you the elimination ceremony tonight,” Crag said.

Derek pulled the object that he and his team had been trying to dig up.

“A Mega-phone?” Derek looked surprised.

Crag walked over and took the Mega-Phone.

“Thank you, I lost that during the first challenge,” Crag confessed.

Back at Team Moon’s camp, things were getting a little crazy.

(CONF) “I could get rid of Snitchy, but after seeing how athletic Derek was today, that’s somebody I don’t want in the merge. I couldn’t beat him in an individual challenge. So, I’ll tell Boris and Todd, and we’ll get rid of him,” Bree said.

Bree walked over to Boris and Todd.

“Change of plans, we’re voting Derek ok?” Bree questioned.

Boris and Todd nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Soup joined Maria and Derek to talk about who to vote out.

“Let’s get rid of Boris, he’s real annoying,” Maria suggested.

Soup nodded his head.

“Yeah, he needs to go. He’s a big threat too,” Derek added.

On the way over to the elimination ceremony, Derek overheard Bree, Snitchy, Boris and Todd talking about getting rid of him.

(CONF) “This isn’t good. I’ll just talk to Maria and she’ll give me the idol,” Derek said, sounding confident about that.

“Ok, so the votes have been casted and I have the results. Now if anyone was smart enough to have found the idol already, now is the time to play it,” Crag said, looking around.

Derek glanced over and Maria, hoping she would give him the idol. She looked at him and mouthed the word “Sorry.”

“Ok, well let’s see. Bree, Maria, Snitchy, Todd, and Soup, here are you cacti,” Crag threw the statues to the safe contestants.

“In a very close vote of 4-3, the final cactus goes to……………………………….Boris. Sorry Derek, it’s time for you to leave,” Crag gave the final cactus to Boris.

Derek stood up, collected his belongings, kissed Maria goodbye, and made his way to the helicopter.

“Well, that was an intense ceremony. Well, not for me because I knew the votes all along. See you next time, and maybe you’ll see who will Overcome the rest!”

Chapter 10: The Moon in the Daylight

"Welcome to the tenth episode of Overcome!" yells Crag. "I hope you're all ready to last a while, remaining cast members!"

"Is it the freaking merge yet?" asked Bree.

"Um…no, now socialize or something!" yells Crag.

At Team Moon, Maria was crying in the corner.

(CONF) "I don't know whether I made the right move or not," says Maria. "I mean, there's still a lot of time left in this competition."

Maria was walking out of the cabin when she walked by Soup. Soup stared at her for a couple of seconds and fell in love.

(CONF) "I never even noticed Maria's existence before today," says Soup. "I dunno, with Derek gone, I'm realizing her true beauty."

Soup discussed his feelings with Todd and Boris. Upon hearing this, the two other bullies laughed.

"Dude, you are SO weak," says Boris. "You're falling over a chick? Let her fall over you."

"Yea, be a pimp and listen to Boris," says Todd. "He has a girlfriend already."

"And that girlfriend's name is BREE!" yells Snitchy.

"Ugh…" mutters Bree.

(CONF) "New change of plan," says Bree. "Snitchy is out of my alliance! All she does is torments me all day!"

Boris and Todd walk up to Bree.

"Yea, like, we should like totally get rid of Maria next," says Boris. "What say you?"

"It depends on how sane I am by the end of the day," says Bree. "Got it?"

(CONF) "Our alliance is going to the end!" yells Todd. "Oh yeah, I guess Soup is included, I guess."

Soup was trying to talk to Maria.

"So, did you vote Derek out?" asks Soup.

"Only because I had to…" says Maria.

"Don't worry, I won't vote you out next," says Soup.

"That's kind…but I'm not available, if that's what you're asking," says Maria.

"Why would I ever ask that?" nervously asks Soup.

(CONF) "She's good! How could she tell?" asks Soup.

"So, I think we're clear that either Maria or Snitchy is going today, right?" asks Todd, to his alliance.

"Yup, we'll see after the challenge," says Boris.

(CONF) "Finally, I won't get bottom two!" yells Boris. "For some reason, I always get the last cactus."

Meanwhile, at Team Sun, everyone was determined.

"Listen, there are only five of us here," says Cassandra. "We could easily dominate in numbers if we work as a unit!"

(CONF) "Its just me and four girls," says Adam. "This is gonna rock!"

(CONF) "The old Team Sand is doing well," says Cassandra. "I mean, we still have

four of our members left."

Hannah was confused as to numbers.

"Is five greater than six?" asks Hannah. "If so, we're doing well!"

"Is five greater than six?" asks Girl.

"Please...stop the copying," whispers Shayna.

"Please, stop the copy..." starts Girl.

Shayna storms off and walks away. She vents in the confessional.

(CONF) "If we lose again, Girl is gone," says Shayna. "If it's cool with

everyone else."

Adam and Cassandra were alone, and talking about their team.

"Is it us two to the finals?" asks Adam.

"Yea, we know each other well," says Cassandra.

"Should we look for the idol?" asks Adam.

"Um...maybe later," says Cassandra. "The challenge is coming up."

Crag welcomes the 11 remaining contestants to the challenge.

"Welcome to your tenth immunity challenge!" yells Crag. "You're almost half way

there, so go make the most of it! Anyways, your challenge is to search through

this pile of junk to find a picture of either a sun or a moon. If it's your

team's logo, you win immunity. If it's the other team's, try to hide it from the

other team so they don't find it! Now, go!"

All six members of Team Moon start to go through the junk. Adam talks to his


"Hey, half of us should dig and the other half should stay back and see if the

other team gets our symbol," says Adam.

Cassandra and Girl stayed back and the others continue to dig. Bree ends up

finding a sun in the debris and stuffed it in her bra.

"I saw that!" yells Cassandra, as she tackles Bree.

Girl also tackles Bree, as the rest of Team Moon also comes over. Cassandra rips

Bree's shirt off and grabs the sun

"With some nasty battling, Team Sun wins immunityy!" yells Crag. "Team Moon, one

of the six of you are going home."

(CONF) "Bree lost us the challenge," says Snitchy. "She is definitely the one to


(CONF) "In the end, it will be either me or her," says Bree. "That's the way

it'll turn out."

Team Moon came back from the challenge all bitter. Bree goes and flirts with


"You know, you won't ditch us, will you?" asks Bree, batting her eyes.

"Yea, we're cool," says Boris. "No one likes overachievers anyways."

Meanwhile, Snitchy was talking to Maria.

"I promise, Bree is with the guys!" says Snitchy. "You don't want a guy to win,


(CONF) "You know, Snitchy may be annoying, but she knows what she's talking

about," says Maria. "Plus, I don't think I need to use my idol this time around

because of their conflict."

Todd, Boris, and Soup had an alliance meeting.

"Dude, who's going?" asks Soup.

"I'm voting with Bree," says Boris. "I trust you guys will too."

Boris walks away while Soup and Todd talk.

"Dude, we like, totally have the swing vote," says Todd.

(CONF) "I am the swing vote again," says Soup. "Why do these votes always

somehow revolve around me?"

Crag welcomes the six Team Moon members to the elimination ceremony.

"It's time to vote!" yells Crag. "After today, only five of you will continue."

(CONF) "I vote for Bree," says Maria. "It's the only way I'll continue in this


(CONF) "I vote for Snitchy," says Boris. "If Bree wants to, so do I."

(CONF) "Who's gone? Obviously Snitchy!" yells Bree.

(CONF) "She thinks she is so confident," says Snitchy. "I vote for Bree. I'm the

only overachiever around here!"

Crag announces the result.

"Well, the voting was 4-2, relatively close," says Crag. "Maria, Todd, Soup, and

Boris all get cacti. Bree and Snitchy, you are our bottom two."

Bree and Snitchy glare at each other as Crag holds the last cactus.

"The last cactus goes to..." starts Crag.

"Wait!" yells Maria. "I would like to give my idol to Snitchy!"

Everyone is shocked as Maria gives her idol to Snitchy.

"Um...if you read the rules that came with the idol, it can only be used before

I read the votes," laughs Crag. "You can't use it now."

Maria blushes and snatches the idol back from Snitchy.

"Anyways, Bree gets the last cactus," says Crag. "Sorry Snitchy, your time is


Snitchy enters the helicopter and leaves the competition.

"How will Team Moon treat Maria and her idol? Will Adam finally hit it off with

Cassandra? Am I the most handsome host ever? Find out next time on Overcome!"

yells Crag.

Chapter 11: An Even Game

Team Moon had just gotten back from the Elimination Ceremony.

(CONF) “I feel bad again. I could have saved Snitchy if I had given her my idol at the right time! I’m just not making good decisions with this thing,” Maria confessed, sighing afterwards.

Bree however was finally happy.

(CONF) “That’s right! Snitchy’s finally out of here! Now I don’t have to ever talk to her again! Yes! Now, if Boris, Todd and I can just convince Maria to use her Idol, and we vote Soup, we’ll get rid of two threats. This is gonna get interesting,” Bree exclaimed.

Maria walked over and sat down next to Soup.

“Bad luck,” Soup reassured Maria, who was still looking upset.

“I know, but it’s like that’s the second time I could’ve saved someone with this idol, and I didn’t. I think no matter what I may just use it next time, because with the way things are going, I’ll probably be out next,” Maria said.

(CONF) “I’m going to make sure that Maria doesn’t get out if we lose. She’s so nice, pretty, fun to be around…I mean… um… I just think she should stay,” Soup said with a nervous laugh.

Todd, Boris, and Bree were once again talking about there next move.

“I think the merge will be soon, so we need to get rid of either Soup or Maria, unless we win the challenge,” Bree told them.

“I think that’s a good idea yo. Plus we need to keep this number advantage we have,” Todd said, agreeing with Bree.

Boris was too busy staring at Bree like usual to say anything until Bree gave him a questioning look.

“I say we get rid of which ever one is stronger. That way they won’t pose a threat to us when we reach the merge,” Boris said as Bree and Todd nodded in agreement.

At Team Sun, things were relaxed like usual.

Shayna and Hannah were sitting together in there tent.

“I’m confused; both teams only have 5 people left. Is 5 the same number as 5?” Hannah asked Shayna.

Shayna shook her head, puzzled about how Hannah could ask something like that.

“If I make it to the end I don’t know what I’ll do with all that money. I’ll probably just go shopping,” Hannah said.

Shayna looked shocked.

“You’re gonna use all that money just to buy clothes?” Shayna asked.

“Not just any clothes, expensive clothes,” Hannah corrected Shayna.

(CONF) “If I see ugly or cheap clothes, I put them in the trash. There’s no reason for anyone to have to suffer by wearing those clothes. I like to think I help people by doing that,” Hannah said.

Meanwhile, Cassandra was sitting with Adam all by herself.

“We need to win this challenge so we can have the numbers over the other team,” Cassandra told Adam.

Girl popped out of nowhere and sat besides Cassandra.

“I think it would be a good idea to win this challenge so we can have the numbers over the other team,” Girl said.

Cassandra got up and walked away from Girl and Adam.

“What’s her problem?” Adam asked Girl.

“I wonder what her problem is.” Girl said to Adam.

At this point, Adam got up and walked away. Then, Girl got up and followed Adam back to the camp.

(CONF) “Now I see why Cassandra gets so annoyed by her,” Adam said.

Cassandra got back to the camp when Shayna and Hannah were coming out of there tent.

“Please tell me that if we lose the challenge you’ll vote with me to get rid of Girl,” Cassandra said to Shayna and Hannah.

Shayna nodded in agreement, while Hannah looked confused.

“Wait, which girl do you mean?” Hannah asked.

“What do you mean which girl? I said vote Girl next time we lose.” Cassandra told Hannah.

“I know! That’s why I asked which girl? There are four girls on our team! Which one is Girl?” Hannah asked.

Cassandra rolled her eyes and walked away.

(CONF) “It’s like I’m on a team of useless idiots. Shayna has some common sense, and Adam is awesome----I mean cool too, but Girl and Hannah are useless,” Cassandra said, looking angry and embarrassed.

Crag welcomed the remaining 10 contestants to there challenge.

“Welcome those who were lucky enough to see me everyday so far. Team Sun, as you can tell, Snitchy was voted out last night. Now we don’t have to hear any more of her complaining,” Crag said, sounding relieved.

“Ok today’s challenge is a game of trivia. Each team will send up one person. The person from each team must answer a question based off of this competition. Oh and the questions will be asked one by one. So as an example, if Bree came up for Team Moon, I would ask her a question, while Adam would have to wait for his question. And by the way, they’re all questions asked about the other team, so you most likely will have to guess. Ok send up your first person!” Crag said.

Maria stepped forward for Team Moon, and Hannah stepped forward for Team Sun.

“Alright Hannah, your question is: Who was the first person Team moon voted out?”

“Uhh I think her name was like Alexis or Alex?”

“Close enough! Team Sun gets one point!” Crag said.

“Ok Maria your question is: Who was the last person to get a cactus statue in Team Sun’s first vote?”

“Cassandra?” Maria asked.

“Nope! It was Adam! Team Sun is winning 1 to 0! First to 3 wins. Ok, send up your next two.”

Boris and Shayna stepped forward.

“Ok Shayna: How many girls have been voted off of Team Moon?”

“2 I think.” Shayna answered.

“Correct! Now Boris: Sam question. How many girls have been voted off of Team Sun?”

“Zero,” Boris answered.

“Correct! You both get a point. The score is now 2-1. Team Sun could win if they get this next one right. So Team Sun, please send someone up,” Crag told them.

Cassandra stepped forward.

“Your question is: Which girl on the other team has a crush on Boris?”

“Well I know Maria liked Derek, so Bree?”

“Correct! Team Sun wins! Team Moon, I will be seeing you at the fire pit again, for the third time in a row,” Crag said.

As Team Moon was leaving, Bree shouted, “I do not have a crush on Boris!”

Back at Team Moon’s camp, Bree was working out a plan.

“Ok, so we all agree that Soup is the stronger one right?”

Boris and Todd nodded.

“Ok. I’ll got tell Maria that I heard her name going around, and that she should play her idol. That way we can flush out the idol, and get rid of Soup!” Bree finished and walked over to where Maria was sitting,

“Hi Maria! Look, I don’t have anything against you, but I over heard Boris and Todd talking, and they’re gonna vote for you. I think you should use your idol,” Bree lied to Maria.

“Ok, thanks for the heads up,” Maria said.

(CONF) “Do I believe Bree? Of course not. I heard them talking. I’m gonna give my idol to Soup, and we’re gonna vote at Todd.

Crag welcomed Team Moon to the elimination ceremony, and the contestants voted.

“Ok, at this moment before I read the votes, would anyone like to use the idol?” Crag asked.

Soup stood up and handed Crag the hidden immunity idol. Bree, Boris and Todd gasped, as Crag looked at the idol.

“Ok, well any votes for Soup will not count. Let’s see, well there are 3 votes for Soup and 2 votes for someone else. The cacti go to Bree, Soup, Maria, and Boris. Sorry Todd, looks like you’ll be leaving,” Crag told Todd.

Todd got up and walked to the helicopter.

“Well, that was unexpected, even for me, and I’m the host! You would think I would know about these things beforehand, but no, no one ever tells the host anything. Join us next time to see if we finally merge on Overcome!”

Chapter 12: Merging Talents

Team Sun was really glad with their winning streak.

"We won three challenges in a row!" yells Adam. "This has got to be a good sign!"

Cassandra nodded her head as she rethought her game plan.

(CONF) "As much as I like Adam, there's no way I can beat him in final two," says Cassandra. "I might have to team up with that useless follower, Girl."

Cassandra walks up to Girl and tries to create an alliance.

"Hey, you should do whatever I say," says Cassandra.

"I will do whatever you say," repeats Girl.

"Woah, that was easy," says Cassandra.

Meanwhile, Hannah and Shayna were discussing about the other competitors.

"So, do you like that A-dumb?" questions Hannah.

"No, I don't!" yells Shayna.

"Really?" asks Hannah. "Even I know that's twuu."

"Fine, it's true," says Shayna. "Don't tell anyone though, ok?"

Unfortunately, Adam had been listening to that entire conversation.

(CONF) "Ew, Shayna and I? No way!" yells Adam. "She is on my elimination list before Girl."

Team Moon was upset at the recent elimination of Todd. Bree and Boris were talking to each other.

"Great, now it's us against them!" yells Bree.

"Hey, it's your bad speaking that got us here," says Boris.

"I don't care!" yells Bree. "We just need to beat them in a tiebreaker!"

Maria and Soup, however, we celebrating their victory.

"Yes! It's now two on two!" screams Maria.

"You're so pretty..." starts Soup.

"Um, what did you say?" questions Maria.

"Nothing...?" answers Soup.

(CONF) "Maria is my life," says Soup. "I don't know what the game will be like without her."

(CONF) "Soup is a total creep," starts Maria. "He's...totally...disgusting? What am I saying? I like Derek!"

Soup leans closer in to Maria but she gets creeped out and runs to Bree.

"Please, vote out Soup next!" yells Maria.

"Whatever you say," says Bree. "As long as it ain't me."

"Are you sure that's the good move yo?" asks Boris when Maria left. "Maria is less useful in the challeng..."

Maria overheard that and yelled at Boris.

"Don't even get me started!" yells Maria. "I'm more useful than the three of you combined!"

Crag broke the tension as he invited the final nine to the next challenge.

" have survived eleven eliminations, with little time for relaxation. Today, it's time for a game changing event," says Crag. "It's time for the merge!!!"

"Eeee!!!" yells Hannah. "I always wanted to do a body part contorting challenge!"

"You know, I was kinda going for the other type of merge, but I like your idea so much better. Instead of a merge, the teams are still intact as you instead merge bodies into one giant human ball!" yells Crag.

(CONF) "I thought Hannah could finally shut her mouth," says Cassandra. "Guess I thought wrong. Ruining my chances to destroy the other team...ugh."

Crag tied up both teams into human balls.

"You see that finish line way over there? You guys need to work as a group in order to get to that point. Go!" yells Crag.

"Come on guys, let's go!" yells Adam.

"Hurry up, guys!" yells Maria.

Team Sun and Moon battle for dominance. In the end, however, Team Sun emerged victorious.

"Ugh! We lost for a fourth time in a row to these nerds?" asks Boris.

"Yea, us "nerds" beat you losers again," says Shayna.

All the Team Sun members hi-fived Shayna for that comment.

(CONF) "Wow, Shayna said something smart-icle!" says Hannah. "I wish I could say something smart-icle-y."

(CONF) "Yea, us "nerds" beat Team Moon again," repeats Girl.

Crag gives Team Sun immunity. "Sorry Team Moon, but someone is going home of the four of you."

Maria went to Bree to confirm her plan.

"We're getting rid of Soup, right?" asks Maria. "He's a total creep."

"Sureee..." says Bree.

Maria left as Boris talked to Bree.

"Isn't Maria going home?" asks Boris.

"I'll tell you who's going..." says Bree.

Soup was talking to Maria.

"Wait, we're voting for Boris, right?" asks Soup.

"Yea, I convinced Bree to vote for him too," lies Maria.

"Well, how'd you do that? She likes him!" interrogates Soup.

"I just convinced he that he was a threat," says Maria.

Crag gathered the remaining Team Moon members at the ceremony.

"You are safe if you get a cactus...yea yea, this is the fourth time in a row I'm seeing you guys. Time to vote!" yells Crag.

(CONF) "I vote for Soup," says Maria. "He's so annoying!"

(CONF) "I vote for Boris," says Soup. "You used to be my friend, but not anymore."

Crag holds the cacti in his hand. "The first cactus goes to Bree," he says. "Everyone else here got votes."

Maria looked shocked after finding this out. Boris and Soup shrugged.

"The next cactus goes to...Boris," says Crag.

Soup and Maria looked nervously at each other and then to the final cactus.

"The last cactus goes to......................."

".......Soup," he finishes.

"What? I thought we were friends!" yells Maria, as she enters the helicopter.

Maria left, as two more helicopters landed on the ground.

"What???" shouts Bree. "Why are THEY here?"

"That's so unfair!" yells Boris.

"I don't recognize either of them..." puzzles Soup. "Which team were they on again?"

Crag ends the episode.

"Only "8" remain...what surprises do we have for our contestants next time on Overcome!"

Chapter 13: Familiar Faces

As the two new helicopters landed, Crag called Team Sun to have them join him at the elimination ceremony. Team Moon was already there, after voting Maria out, and now had shocked looks on their faces as they stared at the two helicopters.

Team Sun walked in, and as they did, they noticed Maria had been voted out.

“Way to vote out the most athletic person on your team,” Cassandra said to Team Moon.

Bree glared at her, and Boris and Soup ignored her comment.

“Hush Cassandra, no need for snarky comments now,” Crag warned Cassandra.

“Ok Teams, as you can tell, we’re down to ‘8’ competitors. Well, that’s about to change,” Crag said as the doors to the helicopters flew open.

Out of one of the helicopters, Jennifer came bounding out.

“Hi guys! I’m so glad to be back! This place hasn’t changed at all! Man, this is awesome!” Jennifer exclaimed as she ran up to the contestants.

Shayna, Girl, Cassandra, and Hannah greeted there old team mate as she joined them.

“Hi guys! Wow, our old team is back together again! That’s awesome!” Jennifer said as she reunited with her old team.

(CONF) “This is perfect. Once we merge, if all of us are still here, we can get the old Team Sand back together, form an alliance, and go to the final 5 together. As long as no one messes up,” Cassandra confessed her plan.

“Ok enough of your little reunion thing, lets see who the other returner is!” Bree demanded.

At that moment, Seth came walking out of the other helicopter, and walked over to the fire pit.

Seth looked around, noticing that none of his former teammates were still there.

(CONF) “It makes me a little uneasy knowing that I’m the only original Team Cactus member left. Now I don’t really know anyone here, and even though I was with people on Team Sun, they didn’t really like me so that doesn’t help either,” Seth said.

The remaining competitors greeted Seth, and Crag began to speak again.

“Ok, so now that you have reunited with Jennifer and Seth, I have some more news. Today, the teams will become one, because it’s the merge!” Crag exclaimed.

Crag looked over to Hannah and added, “No comments like time, ok?”

Hannah nodded and stayed quiet.

“You will all gather your belongings and take them to Team Moon’s camp, which will be your new home. There will be no new name, as you are now competing individually. Now, before you settle in at your new home, we’re just gonna go ahead and have our challenge. Only one person will receive immunity tonight,” Crag told the contestants.

No one was surprised about the merge, and everyone looked prepared to compete in the challenge.

“Ok, for today’s challenge you must create a flag for yourself, using these ten colored flags here. It’s an arts and crafts challenge, but these are the colors that will represent you for the rest of the game. Best flag wins immunity. Got it? Go!” Crag ordered the contestants.

The 10 remaining contestants rushed to decorate there flags, and once they were all done they waited for Crag to inspect them.

“Remember, I’ll be judging based on your creativity and how well your flag represents you,” Crag said.

He walked up to Hannah first, and looked at her flag, and noticed it was blank, except for the color she had chosen, which was pink.

“It matches my nails!” Hannah informed Crag.

“You were supposed to draw things on it though,” Crag told Hannah.

“I know, but I couldn’t find any other colors that matched my nails,” Hannah answered.

Crag shook his head, and moved on to Boris.

Boris had chosen the color orange.

Crag looked over his flag, and applauded his work.

“The pictures are nice. A skull, a lighter, music, and a picture of you bullying someone. Very good Boris.”

Boris smiled, and glared at Seth.

(CONF) “When I drew that nerd on my flag, it was really Seth. That guy angers me, and he’s going down,” Boris said.

(CONF) “Boris scares me,” Seth confessed, while he was shaking from fright.

Next, Crag went over to Bree’s flag. She had chosen the color blue.

He nodded in approval and moved on to Jennifer, who had chosen the color yellow.

“I chose yellow because that was the old team Sands color,” Jennifer explained.

“That’s cool, but you didn’t draw any pictures, you just scribbled on here,” Crag said.

“Oh, I know. I’m just so excited that I’m back, so I couldn’t keep my hands still!”

Crag rolled his eyes, and moved on.

Seth had chosen the color green, while Cassandra had chosen purple.

Next, Adam had chosen red, while Girl had finally done something by herself and not copied anyone, and chose the color bright blue.

Soup had chosen the color lime, and had drawn a picture of soup n his flag, which made Crag laugh.

Finally, Shayna had chosen the color white, and had drawn many odd things on her flag.

“Well, I’m not very unique or anything, so I just drew things about this competition, like cacti, sand, a moon and sun, oh and a picture of Boris and Bree holding hands,” Shayna said.

Crag laughed, while Bree screamed.

“How many times do I have to say it? I don’t like Boris!!!” Bree shouted.

Crag took a moment to think, and decided that Boris had won immunity.

Back at camp, Boris, Bree and Soup sat down to talk.

“Shayna has to go. No one embarrasses me in front of everyone and gets away with it,” Bree said.

“She also seems like she could be a little bit of a threat, with how quiet she is. She could just fly under the radar,” Soup added.

Boris nodded in agreement, and the trio had decided on who to get rid of.

Elsewhere in the camp, Cassandra and Adam were sitting together.

“Now that it’s the merge, I think we should get rid of Shayna. She was gonna be the next one to go if we had stayed in teams anyway, so it just makes sense. And I know Bree wants her gone too,” Cassandra told Adam.

“Yeah, good idea,” Adam agreed.

(CONF) “It’s nice being merged now. It opens doors to new alliances, and it makes it easier to vote someone out,” Cassandra said.

Seth was sitting alone by himself, reading in one of the tents.

(CONF) “I’m just gonna vote Shayna because that’s the name that seems to be going around the most,” Seth said.

Outside by the fire pit, Jennifer, Shayna, Girl and Hannah sat together.

“We should vote Bree. Her attitude annoys me,” Shayna said.

“Ok! That sounds good! Someone needs to tell Cassandra if we want to keep the old Team Sand together,” Jennifer said.

“I think someone needs to tell Cassandra who we’re voting if we want to keep the old Team Sand together,” Girl said.

Shayna rolled her eyes, but Jennifer didn’t seem to care that Girl had copied what she had said.

The contestants walked to the elimination ceremony, and sat down.

“Ok, nobody can vote for Boris since he has individual immunity. That means don’t vote for him,” Crag said, while looking at Hannah.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m not voting for Boris, I’m voting for Bree,” Hannah said aloud, as Bree gasped, and Shayna shook her head.

“Ok then…time to vote!” Crag announced.

(CONF) “I vote Shayna. She annoys me, and for the last time, I don’t like Boris!” Bree voted.

(CONF) “I vote Bree. She annoys me so much, and I don’t like being around people like her,” Shayna voted.

While everyone else got up and vote, Shayna and Bree glared at each other.

“Ok the cacti go to everyone except Bree and Shayna,” Crag announced as her threw the cacti to everyone.

“Bree and Shayna, one of you is about to walk down that trail to the helicopter and fly far away from here. The last person to receive this cactus is………………..Bree. Sorry Shayna, but it’s time for you to go,” Crag said as he threw the cactus to Bree.

Bree caught it, and smiled as Shayna gathered her belongings and left.

“You all may go back to your camp. Sleep well my little angels,” Crag told the contestants.

“Well, with the return of 2 contestants, and the departure of 1, this game is starting to get intense! See who can rise to the challenge and Overcome the rest, next time!”

Chapter 14: Don't Joke Around

Bree dragged Soup over to the side.

"Listen, I know we've had our differences. However, the old Team Moon must stay intact in order to survive, got it?" asks Bree.

"Yea, I get I even though you voted out my precious Maria," sighs Soup.

Boris joins the conversation.

"Dude, she was totally into Derek, not you!" yells Boris.

"Then why did she give me the idol and not him?" asks Soup.

(CONF) "Ugh...even though I like a friend!" says Bree. "He is still annoying as heck."

(CONF) "I wish Maria was here," sighs Soup. "I'm not really much of a bully now, am I?"

Jennifer walked over and sat next to Boris.

"Hi what's up! My name's Jennifer, what about you? I'm like, so hyper right now because it's finally the time for merging and time for joy and happiness!" says Jennifer.

"Wow, I think that's the longest line this season," says Cassandra.

"That's the longest line this season!" yells Girl.

(CONF) "Ugh, when can I get rid of Girl?" asks Cassandra. "Wait, I need her as an alliance member. Why do I have such bipolar feelings?"

(CONF) "I dunno...I'm losing my mojo," sighs Adam. "I feel like my old title of "class clown" is not fitting me anymore. All I have is Cassandra..."

Cassandra walks up and sits next to Adam. Girl starts to follow, but Soup pulls her away.

"Hey, what's up?" asks Cassandra.

"I dunno..." Adam sighs. "I'm just not funny anymore."

"Well, I think you're funny," says Cassandra. "Why are you so serious?"

"This whole experience changed me..." starts Adam.

"What, you finally hit puberty?" snickers Cassandra.

Adam chuckles. "See, you're funny," sighs Adam. "I don't know about myself..."

Meanwhile, Seth was trying to formulate a plan.

(CONF) "You see, last time everyone voted me out because they hated me..." starts Seth.

"We still do!" yells Cassandra from the distance.

(CONF) "Give me some privacy!" yells Seth. "Anyways, I can get the two nitwits, Girl and Hannah to join my alliance."

"Nitwit? What kind of language is that anyways?" laughs Cassandra.

(CONF) "Ughh..." says Seth. "That's it!" he yells, as he breaks the confessional.

The confessional breaks, and wood flies everywhere. The rest of the contestants walk in as they see Seth smiling after searching through the wood.

"I told you he was crazy," whispers Bree. "Smiling after searching through wood? Weird!"

"Umm...for me, wood brings me joy!" yells Hannah.

"Yay! I love woodworking!" yells Jennifer. "Did you know that I once cut off my pinky while carving a harmonica? Look, now it's all metallic!"

"I also have a metallic pinky!" yells Girl.

Crag welcomes the nine contestants for the challenge.

"In light of it being April 1, you all have to tell me a joke. The funniest one wins immunity!" he yells. "I need humor after someone broke our confessional and we had to buy a new one!"

"Great, all we need are more stereotypes," says Bree.

Crag welcomed each contestant up to the mic.

"How did the chicken cross the road?" asks Adam.

"You're not funny," says Crag. "Next!"

Adam's eye obtained a tear as he ran away. The next contestant up was Boris.

"Wanna hear a joke? Caring for other people!" yells Boris.

Crag laughed hysterically and invited Seth up. One by one, the jokes got more lame.

"...and he failed calculus!" snorts Seth.

"She liked him clean!" yells Jennifer.

"Um...friendship?" asks Hannah.

" get to the other side!" yells Cassandra.

" get to the other side!" yells Girl.

"No, I'm not participating in this!" says Bree.

"Interrupting cow," says Soup.

Crag announces the results.

"There was only one person who told a joke that was actually funny," says Crag. "That person was Boris! He wins immunity for the second time in a row!"

Bree hugged Boris as Soup winked at them. Bree slapped Soup as Girl went up to Soup and slapped him again. Jennifer started slapping everyone as Adam sat down and sighed.

"So, who's going home?" asks Boris. "We're really the ones in charge, yo."

"I say Cassandra," says Soup. "She's a huge social threat. I mean, no one likes Seth, so that's why we should keep him."

Seth talks to Girl and Hannah.

"You two are gonna vote for Bree. Got it?" asks Seth.

"Okey-dokey!" yell Girl and Hannah simultaneously.

Adam, Cassandra, and Jennifer agree on voting for Seth.

"No one likes him, why is he even here?" asks Cassandra.

"He returned, remember?" sighs Adam.

"Why are you frowning?" asks Jennifer. "Turn that frown upside down!"

Bree, Soup, and Boris still didn't know who to vote for.

"Well, let's just all vote for one of them," says Soup. "Let's hope that they voted for each other."

Crag welcomed the nine contestants to the elimination ceremony.

"You know the drill," says Crag. "Time to vote!"

(CONF) "Seth," sighs Adam. "I'm making a big decision tonight, let's see how things play out."

(CONF) "I vote for Seth," says Cassandra.

(CONF) "I vote for Seth," says Jennifer. "Ooh, voting is so much fun!"

Crag tallied up the votes and got out the cacti.

"So, remember...." Crag starts.

"Wait," says Seth, as he pulls out a hidden immunity idol. "I found this in the debris of the confessional."

"Whatever, confessional breaker," says Crag. "All votes against Seth will not count."

Crag hands out the cacti. "Boris and Seth for immunity, Adam, Hannah, Girl, Jennifer, and Soup are all safe," says Crag.

"And the last cactus goes to...."

Bree and Cassandra hold their breaths.

"Neither of you...yet!" yells Crag. "It's a tie vote, 3-3! That means we will have a complex tiebreaker to find out who stays!"

"Can't we just have a revote for the peeps who voted for Seth?" asks Bree.

"Yea, that will be a lot more time efficient!" yells Cassandra. "Besides, I will win anyways."

"You messing with me, white girl?" asks Bree. "Don't make me mad."

"I can get you..." starts Cassandra.

"Wait!!!!" yells Adam. "I've decided that no one's going home," he says as he throws his cactus to Cassandra. "I've decided to quit the competition."

Everyone gasps, including Crag.

"Why are you doing this?" asks Cassandra.

"I lost all my sense of humor," says Adam. "Plus, if you lost the tiebreaker, I couldn't stay."

"Awww..." says Cassandra.

Adam and Cassandra move closer and kiss. A disgusted Crag throws Adam on the helicopter and flies him away.

"After our quitter, only eight remain," says Crag. "Who will win the competition of Overcome!"

Chapter 15: Watch Your Back

Cassandra sat by herself, not wanting to talk to anyone.

(CONF) “I’m so sad Adam’s gone! I don’t know how I’ll be able to go any farther without him. He was the only one who kept me sane, the only one who kept me from freaking out every time Girl copied me. I miss him already!” Cassandra confessed, beginning to tear up.

At that moment, Girl walked over and sat down next to Cassandra, and began to start crying, like Cassandra.

Cassandra got up, and began yelling at Girl.

“What is your problem? Why are you always copying whatever I do? Seriously, it’s getting really old and super annoying. I swear if you don’t stop soon you’ll be sad you ever started copying me,” Cassandra screamed at Girl.

Cassandra walked away, leaving girl by herself. This was a first because Girl usually just follows Cassandra.

(CONF) “I’m scared…” Girl said, not copying anyone.

Bree, Boris and Soup were sitting together.

“I don’t know about y’all, but I’m glad this competition is getting close to the end,” Bree confessed as Boris and Soup nodded in agreement.

“Hopefully, if things work out, we’ll be the final 3. From then, anything could happen,” Boris stated.

(CONF) “I haven’t really worked out where I stand with Bree and Boris. Yeah, I’m sort of in there alliance again, but they could get rid of me anytime,” Soup said.

(CONF) “Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’ll make final 3. From there though, I haven’t really thought about who I’ll take with me to the finale if I make it. There are pros and cons for taking Boris or Soup,” Bree said.

Hannah, Cassandra and Jennifer were sitting together by the tents.

(CONF) “I really miss regular food. The food here is like so gross. Do you think the producers will let me order a pizza?” Hannah asked.

“Guys, we’re like one of the main alliances! We and Bree and her alliance are controlling this game. We need to take out one of there members so we can take control!” Jennifer suggested.

“When you say take out, do you mean like take them out on a date?” Hannah asked.

Cassandra rolled her eyes, and Jennifer just ignored the question.

(CONF) “Ugh, I think I should’ve tried to get in with Bree, Boris and Soup. My alliance is nice, but they seem so clueless. If Adam was here, he would know what to do,” Cassandra said, sighing afterwards.

Seth sat alone like usual, reading a book.

(CONF) “I don’t feel like wasting my breath by trying to talk to these people. Besides, if I just sit here and be quiet they won’t see me as a threat, so I’ll be able to make it further,” Seth said.

The remaining contestants walked up Crag, who was standing by a big poster which had a map on it.

“Hello contestants! Welcome today’s challenge. This one is a little elaborate. Today, you will-,” Crag stopped as Hannah walked up to the poster.

“Woah, that’s a lot of lines!” Hannah said as she put a finger on the poster.

At that moment, the poster fell, and landed in a fire that was built by Crag when he was waiting for the contestants.

“NOOOO!” Crag screamed as the poster caught on fire.

“Well, because of Hannah, looks like you guys won’t be having a challenge! Go back to camp, and get ready for the elimination ceremony!” Crag yelled at the contestants.

The contestants arrived back at camp, and the two main alliances got busy talking.

“To be honest, we need to get rid of a threat, and since no one has Immunity, I say we vote Cassandra. She’s very athletic, and she could easily win at the end,” Bree told Boris and Soup.

“Yeah, people are underestimating her, and she could win in the end, whether it’s a challenge or jury vote,” Boris agreed.

“So it’s settled, we’ll vote Cassandra. Now we just need one more person to vote with us,” Soup said.

Meanwhile, Cassandra’s alliance was discussing who to vote.

“Look, Boris has won two challenges in a row, we need to vote for him,” Cassandra said.

“Yeah, he’s such a big threat!” Jennifer agreed, while Hannah shook her head.

“Where’s Girl, we need to tell her who we’re voting!” Jennifer said.

Girl, who had no idea who to vote, wandered over to Bree’s alliance.

“Hi Girl, what’s up?” Bree asked kindly.

“Hi Bree, what’s up?” Girl asked.

“I was wondering if you would vote Cassandra with us tonight. She’s a big threat and I know how mean she is to you,” Bree told Girl.

“I think we should vote Cassandra! She’s a huge threat, and she’s really mean to me!” Girl said.

“Good, I’m glad we’re on the same page,” Bree said to Girl.

Meanwhile Cassandra was talking to Seth.

“Seth, I think you should vote with us and vote out Boris. First of all, he bullies you and I know you don’t like him, and second of all he’s a huge physical threat because he has won two challenges in a row! This may be our only opportunity,” Cassandra told Seth.

“I’ll think about it,” Seth said as Cassandra walked away.

As soon as Cassandra was gone, Bree walked up to Seth.

“Hi Seth, how are you?” Bree asked.

“Ok, I guess,” Seth answered.

“Well anyways, I think you should vote out Cassandra with us. She’s a huge threat, and if she makes it to the end, she’ll win if it’s a challenge or jury vote,” Bree told Seth.

“Ok, I’ll think about it,” Seth said as Bree walked away.

(CONF) “Great, now I’m the deciding vote. This stinks,” Seth confessed.

Crag welcomed the contestants to the elimination ceremony.

“Ok, you know the drill. Go into the confessional and vote for whoever you want gone. I need to catch my show so hurry up!” Crag ordered the contestants.

The contestants voted, and Crag gathered the cacti together.

“Ok, the cacti go to Bree, Girl, Soup, Hannah, Seth, and Jennifer. I only have one left, and the last cacti goes to……………………… Boris! Cassandra, it’s time for you to go,” Crag said as he tossed the last cacti to Boris.

Cassandra looked, shocked, and walked in silence down the trail to the Helicopter.

“Well, looks like it’s finally the end of this episode! Now let me go watch my TV!!! See you next time on Overcome!” Crag said as he walked back to his trailer.

Chapter 16: The Downfall of the Powerful

Soup woke up after the elimination ceremony. It was a nice, peaceful day outside.

"Ah, isn't this weather perfect?" he asks. Suddenly, Bree and Boris also wake up and immediately started fighting.

"No, I was the leader of Team Moon!" yells Boris.

"No, I was the leader of Team Moon!" yells Bree.

"No, I was the leader of Team Moon!" repeats Girl.

Seth looked around but didn't hear anyone slapping their foreheads.

"Oh yeah," Seth starts. "I forgot, I voted out Cassandra last time."

"And wasn't that like, the craziest decision ever?" asks Jennifer. "It doesn't matter, I'm hyper!"

"Ugh..." says Boris. "How many more days are left?"

"Well, I don't know how long we are going to live," says Hannah.

"Did I ask you?" threatens Boris.

"But I-" starts Hannah.

"Don't mess with me," states Boris. "I am not one to pick a fight with."

(CONF) "There Boris goes, yapping his overconfident mouth again," sighs Soup. "Oh well, I'm still forced to stick with them.

Seth gathers the old remaining Team Sun members.

"I don't like Boris' attitude," says Seth. "He is definitely next out."

"Yea, I mean the ob-knee-us thingy I told him was like, totally true!" yells Hannah.

"Good to know?" wonders Seth.

"I'm hyper!" yells Jennifer, totally disregarding the entire conversation.

"I'm hyper too!" repeats Girl.

"Will you stop copying everyone all the time?" asks Bree, as she barges in. "Listen, if you are getting rid of Boris, I'll help."

"I thought you wee in love with him?" ponders Hannah.

"Ugh, I am not! Do you want to put yourself in danger?" asks Bree.

"Well-" starts Hannah.

"It was a rhetorical question!" yells Bree, as she walks off.

Crag introduces the seven contestants to the next challenge.

"Since Hannah prevented us from having a challenge last time," glares Crag, "we will conduct the same one we were going to last time: a fish-off!"

"I thought fishies only lived in aquariums," says Hannah.

"I got a new poster which shows your fishing locations," says Crag.

" tiny problem," starts Bree.

"We're..." says Boris.

"In..." says Jennifer.

"The..." says Hannah.

"Middle..." says Soup.

"Of the desert!" yells Seth.

"We're in the middle of the desert!" repeats Girl.

"That's why we have aquariums," smiles Crag.

"See, I told you guys!" pouts Hannah.

"Will you shut up already?" asks Boris. "This is the 10th time today!"

"No need to be a meanie," says Jennifer, standing up for Hannah.

Crag brought the seven contestants to different aquariums.

"Look, I caught one!" yells Bree. "Try to beat that!"

Seth fell in the aquarium as Girl copied him by also falling in.

"Wow, that's just...pathetic," says Crag.

"Ooh, swimming party!" yells Jennifer, as she also jumps in.

"I can model my new bikini!" squeals Hannah, as the four original Team Sun members are in the water.

"Must catch a fish..." says Soup. "No, it's going to bite me!"

Soup starts crying as the other contestants glare at him.

(CONF) "Okay, so when I was young, I fell out of a motorboat and was almost eaten by a shark!" yells Soup. "Ever since then, fish have scared me."

Crag ended the challenge and saw that only Bree and Boris had fish.

"Let's see...Bree has one, and Boris," says Crag. "Boris wins immunity with 23 fish!"

Bree hugged Boris as Hannah remained confused.

"I thought you said..." starts Hannah.

"Do you not understand secrets?" yells Bree.

The seven remaining contestants made their way back to base camp.

"So, who's our target after Boris?" asks Seth.

"Well, Hannah, what do you think?" asks Jennifer.

"Okey dokey!" says Hannah.

"Umm, I just asked you a question," says Jennifer. "Well, we know who is going home."

Crag enters the ceremony with six cacti.

"Well, landlovers, it's time to vote!"

(CONF) "I vote Soup," says Jennifer.

(CONF) "I vote for Hannah," says Bree. "She really gets on my nerves."

(CONF) "I vote for Soup," says Seth. "Sorry dude, you're strong in challenges."

(CONF) "Hannah, so she finally can shut up," bullies Boris.

(CONF) "I vote Soup," copies Girl.

(CONF) "I vote for Hannah," says Soup. "Hopefully my crying didn't reveal any weak spots."

Crag reads the votes.

"One vote Soup, two votes Soup, one vote Hannah, two votes Hannah, three votes Soup, three votes Hannah," says Crag. "Well, that means Boris, Bree, Jennifer, Seth, and Girl all get cacti. And the final cactus goes to..."

" one yet!" says Crag, as the last vote revealed was for Boris.

"Hannah, you voted for Boris!" yells Seth, as Boris, Bree, and Soup start to crack up.

"Well, it's tiebreaker time!" yells Crag. "In theme of our water day, you both have to swim and wrestle in the aquarium until one yells "Mercy"," says Crag.

(CONF) "Not a water challenge," gulps Soup. "That's why I signed up for a reality show in the desert."

Soup and Hannah are put into the aquarium.

"What's the word again, was it mercy?" asks Hannah.

Crag laughs and responds.

"Wow, you just said it," laughs Crag. "With that, Hannah is voted out!"

"But...but..." says Hannah, as she enters the helicopter.

"Only six remain, who will win the ultimate prize on Overcome!" yells Crag.

Chapter 17: Time to Blow the Competition Away

Soup woke up, thinking about last night’s elimination ceremony.

(CONF) “It’s a good thing I went up against Hannah. Who knows if I would still be here if I went up against someone like Boris or Bree,” Soup confessed.

Bree and Boris were sitting alone like usual.

“Well, what’s our next move?” Boris asked Bree.

“Well, we’ll have to wait until after the challenge to see. Jennifer is insane, and a returnee. I don’t like returnees, so possibly her,” Bree told Boris.

Boris nodded in agreement, and didn’t question Bree’s thinking.

(CONF) “Bree is really smart. If I continue to just go along with her, I’ll make final 2 no matter what. Then, I’ll destroy her in the finale, and win. It’s simple really,” Boris said.

(CONF) “Sometimes I wonder if Boris is just using me. Why am I always the one coming up with the plans? And he always just agrees no matter what, too! It can be stressful. Trust me, I’ll win no matter what, even if it’s me and him in the finals,” Bree said, sounding determined.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Girl were sitting alone by the tent.

“I miss Hannah already! She always made me happy!” Jennifer confessed to Girl.

“You know what, I really miss Hannah! She always made me happy!” Girl repeated to Jennifer.

“I totally agree! You know what Girl; we could totally make the final 2! Let’s do it! Get pumped; because one of us is gonna win today’s challenge!” Jennifer announced to Girl.

“You and I could totally make the final 2! Let’s get pumped, so that one can win the challenge!” Girl repeated once again, and Jennifer smiled as she hugged Girl.

On the other side of the camp, Seth was once sitting alone again.

(CONF) “My plan is working out perfectly! I’m staying under the radar, and no one is seeing me as a threat! Maybe I can actually slip into the finals without ever being in danger!” Seth confessed, looking very excited.

Crag welcomed the final 6 to the challenge.

“Well, you all should be very proud! So far you’ve outlasted 14 other competitors! That’s a great accomplishment! But, I know all of you, and you all are greedy, so I know you don’t care about that, you just want to win,” Crag said to the remaining contestants.

Bree nodded in agreement, while Jennifer laughed, and everyone just shrugged.

“For today’s challenge, you all will have to start a fire from scratch. Once you get it going, you’ll have to stand back and watch to see if your fire goes out when it starts raining. Last fire standing wins immunity, while you get to automatically be in the final 5!” Crag announced as the contestants began to look confused.

“Um, just one problem, it’s completely sunny today! How are you gonna make it rain?” Bree asked Crag.

“Easy! Interns, bring the clouds out!” Crag ordered the interns as they began to wheel giant dark, fake clouds out.

“Once you’re done, we’ll place a cloud over your fire, and it’ll start raining. Now, stop questioning me! Do the challenge! Now!” Crag yelled at the contestants as they ran out

“Oh yeah, you only have half an hour to make your fire! So make sure you make it fast!” Crag told the contestants.

Bree ran out and started gathering some sticks and debris, while Girl began gathering the same things as her.

After 15 minutes, every contestant had gathered there supplies, and had returned to the beginning to start making there fire.

In less than 2 minutes, Jennifer was the first one done, with a huge fire going.

(CONF) “Did I never tell you guys that I’m kind of a pyro? Yeah, I love fire! I used to always burn things when I was younger! That’s probably why my parents are scared of me… Oh well! More fire for me!” Jennifer squealed, sounding very excited.

Girl was watching Jennifer the whole time, and quickly used her technique to make her fire.

In 5 minutes, everyone had made there fires. There were many different looking fires, which is probably the technique they were going for.

“Alright, lets make it rain!” Crag shouted as he turned on the clouds that were above everyone’s fires.

Rain began to fall from them, and in a matter of seconds, Seth’s and Soup’s fires were out.

Seth shrugged while Soup just watched with no reaction.

Following that, Bree’s fire went out.

“Aw, hell no! I wanted to win this challenge!” Bree admitted, looking very discouraged.

Soon, Jennifer’s fire went out.

She shrugged and began to cheer on Girl.

“Come on, Girl! I know you can do it!”

Boris looked very determined to continue his immunity streak, and was very confident he would win.

After 20 more minutes, Girl’s fire began to flicker, and finally went out.

Boris began to cheer as he was granted immunity once again.

Back at camp, Bree and Boris had already decided to vote out and now were thinking ahead.

“What should we do next time?” Bree asked Boris, trying to see what his response would be.

“Um, I guess probably Girl since she’s with Jennifer,” Boris decided.

“Maybe, but we could use her to get rid of the other two then get rid of her at the final 3,” Bree mentioned, while shrugging.

(CONF) “I’m getting a little worried,” Boris confessed. “Bree’s mind is always thinking of new strategic moves. What if she finally sees me as a threat and decides to get rid of me?”

Soup walked up to Bree and Boris.

“What’s the plan?” Soup asked.

“We’re voting Jennifer, if that’s ok with you,” Bree told Soup.

Soup nodded in agreement without a word.

(CONF) “Yeah, I’m in control of this game. I have been since the beginning. It’ll be a shame if I don’t end up winning,” Bree said.

Jennifer and Girl were sitting together, discussing who to vote.

“We should vote for Bree! She’s a huge threat, since she has that alliance!” Jennifer told Girl.

“I think we should vote Bree since she has that alliance and is a huge threat!” Girl repeated to Jennifer.

“Whoa, we had the same thought!” Jennifer said excitedly to Girl.

Seth overheard Jennifer squealing, and got very annoyed.

(CONF) “Ugh, Jennifer annoys me. All she does is act like a crazy toddler. I’m voting for her tonight,” Seth said.

Crag welcomed the final 6 to the elimination ceremony, and waited for them to vote.

Crag returned with 5 cacti, and began to pass them out.

“The first four cacti go to: Boris, Girl, Seth and Soup,” Crag said, as he threw the cacti to them.

Bree looked around confidently, but Jennifer began to get nervous.

“The last cacti goes to………………………………… Bree! Sorry Jennifer, but it’s time for you to leave,” Crag said as he threw the cacti to Bree.

“Well guys, it’s been fun! You’ll see me again sometime! Probably on another reality show or something! I love reality show!” Jennifer squealed as she walked to the helicopter.

“Finally that squeal is gone,” Seth sighed.

Bree’s eyes flew open.

“Dude, that’s like the first time I’ve heard you talk,” Bree told Seth, still shocked.

Seth shrugged and looked away.

“Well, what a ‘shocking’ ending! See you next time for even more surprises and shocks, and see who will get even closer to the end, and Overcome the rest,” yelled Crag.

Chapter 18: Real Alliances Revealed

“The final five,” says Soup. “I’m so grateful to be here!”

“Yea, yea, whatever,” says Bree. “I always knew I would make it this far.”

(CONF) “Yea, even though we are a “couple”, we haven’t kissed…at all,” says Boris. “Something tells me that this isn’t the most stable couple.”

(CONF) “Boris and I?” asks Bree. “Yea, who would be easier to beat for the money?”

(CONF) “I always feel ignored,” says Seth. “Maybe I can be the underdog and win this thing.”

Soup walks up to Bree and Boris.

“So, which one of these losers are going home next?” he asks.

“I don’t care, I’m just gonna win immunity again until the end!” yells Boris.

“I’m gonna win immunity until the end!” yells Girl, copying what Boris just said.

“Ugh, you get on my nerves by repeating everyone!” yells Boris.

“You get on my nerves by repeating everyone!” retaliates Girl.

(CONF) “Well, this is an easy decision,” says Boris. “All I have to do is win immunity and kick Girl out of this game. Seth will go after that.”

(CONF) “Boris thinks he is in charge of this game,” says Soup. “I’ll outlast him. Bad guys shouldn’t win in the end.”

Seth walked up to Girl.

“You know, we are the two up for elimination. I hate being on the wrong side of the numbers,” sighs Seth.

“I hate being on the wrong side of the numbers,” sighs Girl.

“You don’t even care when your life is on the line?” asks Soup, as he stomps away.

“Well…sorta,” whispers Girl, in the comfort of her own vicinity.

Boris started to discuss with Bree.

“Ugh…Girl is getting on my nerves,” says Boris.

“Well, Girl will do whatever we tell her to,” says Bree.

“Yea, I know, she’s a complete copycat,” says Boris.

“I don’t even know how she got into this competition. She probably just copied someone else’s paper,” says Soup.

Even Seth joined in, calling her stupid.

“She probably has no thoughts to herself,” laughs Seth.

Girl was about to enter the conversation when she realized all the conversation was about her. She started to cry and runs away.

“Wow…that’s a first,” says Boris.

“What, someone crying on the show?” asks Soup.

“No, I meant that Girl had an original thought,” laughs Boris.

“Well, at the merge, she did pick her own team color,” snorts Seth.

“Why would we care, nerd?” asks Boris.

“Well, you said-“

“Don’t bother with me, nerd,” says Boris. “I might have to rip your skull out.”

Crag welcomes the remaining five competitors to the immunity challenge.

“Since Boris has won so many challenges in a row, we’re going with something not up his alley,” says Crag, as he takes out glitter.

“Ugh, I am definitely not the glittery type of person,” says Bree.

“Yea, I am not the glittery type of person either,” repeats Girl.

Boris and Seth snicker, as Girl gives an evil glare.

“Well,” says Crag, “There could be more than one immunity winner today. Whoever figures out what I am thinking of and makes that object out of glitter wins immunity.”

The five contestants start to make their glittery objects.

(CONF) “Crag thinks that glitter is not up my alley,” says Boris. “But yea, glitter is similar to spray paint, which I use to make graffiti.”

Boris sets off to work, while Girl looks on and copies him. Bree spills all the glitter on the ground.

“Ugh!” yells Bree. “Now I can’t break Boris’ immunity streak!”

“Only Seth, Boris, Girl, and Soup now can win immunity,” says Crag.

Soup continues to work on his creation, when Crag looks at it.

“Wait, I don’t think of rainbows and unicorns!” yells Crag. “You’re out of the challenge! Only Boris, Girl, and Seth remain!”

(CONF) “Ohhh….I thought we were supposed to glitter something we were thinking of,” says Soup. “Um, not that I would think of rainbows and unicorns or anything,” Soup says nervously.

“Now, let me see your final creations!” yells Crag.

Seth is revealed to have a picture of money.

“Not bad…” says Crag. “What about the others?”

Boris and Girl are both revealed to have a picture of Crag made out of glitter.

“The beauty, the awe!” yells Crag. “Boris and Girl win immunity! Bree, Soup, Seth, one of you are going home.”

(CONF) “Ugh, it’s not fair that Girl got immunity just by copying Boris,” says Seth. “Oh well, you win some, you lose some.”

“Ugh, we can’t vote off Girl now!” yells Boris to Bree, after the immunity challenge.

“Whatever, “ says Bree. “The more eliminations, the better.”

(CONF) “I’m secretly going to vote for Bree,” says Soup. “If she doesn’t go, she wouldn’t know it was my vote. If she does go, there’s no way I could beat her in final two.”

Seth approaches Girl.

“Hey, we’re voting off Bree, right?” asks Seth.

“We’re voting off Bree,” says Girl.

“Wow, that was easy,” says Seth, walking away.

(CONF) “Oh…that Seth thinks he can control me,” says Girl. “We’ll see who gets the last laugh.”

Crag welcomes the competitors to the elimination ceremony.

“Today, Boris and Girl are safe,” he says. “Bree, Seth, or Soup is going home tonight.”

(CONF) “I vote for Bree,” says Seth. “She thinks she is so powerful, but Soup, Girl, and I will show her who’s really in charge.”

(CONF) “I vote for Bree,” says Soup. “Hopefully, this vote stays anonymous.”

Crag throws cacti at Girl and Boris.

“Those two are safe for winning immunity,” says Crag. “Soup is also safe.”

Crag throws a cactus at Soup.

“The final cactus goes to…”

“…Bree,” says Crag. “Sorry Seth, but you have been voted out of the game.”

“That’s what you get!” yells Girl.

Bree, Boris, Soup, and Seth all gasp.

“Woah, she actually said something original!” they yell in unison.

Seth is brought to the helicopter, as Crag draws the episode to a close.

“Only four remain, who will be voted out next in Overcome!”

Chapter 19: A New Threat

The final 4 competitors returned from the elimination ceremony, and were still shocked about Girl finally speaking up.

(CONF) “I didn’t know she had it in her! Maybe my plan about fooling her won’t work…” Bree confessed, still shocked.

(CONF) “FINALLY! I finally spoke up and now I can be myself. It feels good to not have to play along with anyone or anything. I felt stupid always copying people. Maybe it was a strategic move, or maybe that was actually my real personality. I’ll never tell,” Girl shrugged.

Bree and Boris were sitting together.

“We’re getting very close to the end! Do you think we’ll actually make the final 2?” Boris asked Bree, sounding a little skeptical.

“It all depends on who wins the challenges and if we stick together. If we stick together it should happen,” Bree reassured Boris.

(CONF) “Do I trust Bree? To a point, yes. I trust her since we’ve made it this far together. But at the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised if she traded me and went with someone else to the finale. That’s why I need to keep winning immunity,” Boris said, confident that he would.

Girl was sitting by the camp fire by herself, until Soup walked up to her.

“How does it feel to finally be you and say something original?” Soup asked Girl as he sat down next to her.

“It was nice! But now I’m worried that Bree and Boris will see me as a threat,” Girl told Soup worriedly.

“Trust me, if you team up with me, I can get you to the at least one more round. I already know Boris and Bree could break apart, so

If you want to make a big, strategic move in this game, let’s try to break them apart!” Soup told his plan to Girl

“That sounds great! I think I could convince Bree to vote out Boris for being too much of a threat, especially since we don’t know if the finale is a challenge or jury vote. Then, we just have to make sure Boris doesn’t win today’s challenge!” Girl said, agreeing with Soup’s plan.

The two seemed dead set on there plan, and they seemed determined to win the challenge.

Crag welcomed the final 4 onto a stage that was set up in front of Crag’s personal trailer.

“Hello, contestants! Today’s challenge is a fashion challenge! You 4 will be partnered up with another contestant. Today, you must put on a fashion show for me! Bree, you will be partnered with Soup, and Girl, you will be partnered with Boris. The winning duo gets immunity, and will both be safe from elimination tonight! The clothes are behind the curtain on stage! Ready? Go!” Crag announced as the duo’s sprung into action.

Bree and Soup were the first back stage, and they began to pick through the close.

“I think we should dress you up, and we both can choose the clothes!” Soup said to Bree.

“Sure, I love clothes! Anything to get me immunity, I’ll do too! I already have a plan in mind, so just help me look for certain things, and we’ll surely win,” Bree told Soup as she pulled a white dress out of the pile.

Girl and Boris ran over to a pile that Bree and Soup weren’t at.

“Ok, any ideas?” Girl asked Boris.

“No, but I figured you would have some because you’re a girl and girls are obsessed with fashion,” Boris said mockingly towards Girl.

Girl gasped. “That’s extremely sexist,” Girl said furiously to Boris.

Boris just shrugged and sat down.

“Fine, if you don’t help, I wont do anything either. We can lose, and let Bree and Soup win,” Girl said, sitting down on the ground, away from Boris.

Boris shrugged.

(CONF) “I’m pretty confident I won’t be voted out, so why waste my time doing something I find completely boring?” Boris said confidently.

Crag called Boris and Girl out first to show have the show him there creation, and he was shocked when he saw no clothes.

“Well, this is a disappointment. That means that as long as Bree and soup did something, they win! Let’s see what they created!”

Soup stepped out first, and made his way to stand with Crag.

Bree stepped out from behind the curtain, wearing a long, elegant, white gown, with white wings taped to her back, and a sparkling, shining halo on top of her head.

Crag’s and Boris’s jaw dropped as Bree walked down the runway.

“Well, it seems we’ve had an angel hiding among us in this competition! Bree and Soup win immunity for this week!” Crag said excitedly as he stared at Bree.

(CONF) “I knew that would work! But, Boris and Girl not doing anything either helped out a lot!” Bree said, squealing at her victory.

Back at camp, Girl approached Bree while she was sitting by herself.

“I was wondering if I could try to convince you to vote out Boris,” Girl started, nervously.

Bree looked up at her. “Go on.”

“Well, Boris is a huge threat. He only lost today’s challenge because he refused to do it. Mostly every challenge he does, he wins. Since we don’t know what the finale is, you should vote with Soup and I to get rid of him. The finale could be a vote or a challenge. You’ll lose to him in a challenge, maybe even a vote too,” Girl stated.

“You make a good point. I’ll think about it. I’ve actually been thinking about voting him out, so thank you for that,” Bree said nicely to Girl.

Girl walked back over to Soup and told him the news.

Meanwhile, Bree and Boris were talking.

“I know Girl probably talked to you already, but you need to vote her out. She’s a threat now that she knows how to play the game. She could also win a jury vote since she never backstabbed or lied to anyone,” Boris told Bree.

Bree nodded in agreement, and Boris walked away.

(CONF) “I don’t know who to vote. Girl and Boris are both threats. It’s a tough decision,” Bree said, unsure of what to do.

Crag welcomed the final 4 to the elimination ceremony, and the contestants voted.

(CONF) “I vote Boris. Your sexist comment today was just over the line,” Girl said angrily.

(CONF) “I vote Girl. Now that you’ve learned to say your own things, you’re a threat,” Boris voted.

(CONF) “I vote Boris. He’s the most annoying person left. He only got this far because of Bree,” Soup voted.

Crag tallied the votes, and brought out 3 cacti.

“Well, I never saw this one coming! The first two cacti’s go to Bree and Soup, obviously,” Crag said as he tossed them there cacti.

“The final cacti of the evening goes to……………………………………. Girl! Sorry Boris, it’s the end of the line for you!” Crag said as he threw the last cacti to Girl.

Girl jumped up and squealed as she caught her cacti, and ran over to Bree.

“Thank you so much for not voting me out! It means a lot!”

“Oh, no problem honey. Just doing my job!” Bree said, but she added under her breath, “This is my game. I’m here to win.”

Boris got up, and without a word, sulked down to the helicopter.

“Well, we’re finally down to our final 3! See who makes the final 2, and see who the last person is voted out of Overcome, next time!” Crag yelled.

Chapter 20: Three Blind Contestants

Bree woke up, looking confident.

(CONF) "Well, it's the final three with Soup, Girl, and I," Bree says. "I could beat any of them in the final challenge. I guess I felt a little something for Boris, but he was way too much of a threat."

Girl woke up before Soup and started talking to Bree.

"So, are we taking each other to the finals?" asked Girl.

"You bet! Female power for the win!" yells Bree.

"Be quiet," says Girl. "You might wake up Soup."

(CONF) "I can't believe I lasted this far!" says Girl. "Oh wait, I can. That whole follower thing will help me win the game. Best strategy ever!"

"So, how's about the challenge?" asks Girl.

"I think I can beat Soup in any physical or mental battle," says Bree.

"I can't believe he's still asleep," says Girl. "He might miss the challenge!"

Bree and Girl continue to hear snoring from the boys' trailer.

"Well, we have energy," says Bree.

"That we- oh wait, I don't copy people any more," laughs Girl.

(CONF) "I had no idea that Girl had that in her!" yells Bree. "She now has my respect!"

(CONF) "Please stay asleep, please stay asleep," says Girl.

"So, what do you think the final challenge is?" asks Bree.

"I'm not sure," says Girl. "I bet we'll be good match-ups for each other though."

(CONF) "We need a girl to finally win a competition like this," says Bree. "A lot of things are very male-oriented nowadays."

Girl peeked through the window, and saw Soup sleeping.

"Well, sucks for him! It's challenge time!" yells Girl, as she and Bree walk to the challenge site.

"Welcome ladies," says Crag. "Hey, where's Soup?"

"He's still asleep," says Bree.

"Ah, well, you snooze, you lose," says Crag. "Anyways, since there's only two of you, your challenge is standard: a wrestling match. The winner gains immunity to the final two."

Bree whispers to Girl.

"Let's just rochambeau to see who wins. No need to waste our energy," whispers Bree.

"Sure, good idea," says Girl.

Girl gets scissors, while Bree gets rock, and Bree gently pushes Girl to the floor.

"Bree wins immunity!" yells Crag. "She will be advancing to the final two. Now, your vote tonight will probably determine who goes home."

Bree and Girl go back to camp smiling.

"Is he still asleep?" laughs Bree.

"I guess so," says Girl. "See, being nice and waking him up gets you nowhere."

Three hours pass, and Soup finally wakes up.

"Hey girls," says Soup. "When is the challenge?"

"You missed it," says Girl. "Bree won, and we didn't wake you up."

"What?" questions Soup. "You two are evil!"

"Well, too bad, because you are going home tonight," laughs Bree.

(CONF) "I freaking overslept," says Soup. "Wow, this has to be the worst plunder in history. I should at least take a shower to prepare myself for when I go."

Soup enters the showers, grabs a towel, opens it, and randomly smiles.

(CONF) "This will be a great ceremony," says Girl. "I can't believe Soup was that stupid!"

Crag welcomes the three contestants to the elimination ceremony.

"Well, it's time to vote!" yells Crag. "Go ahead, cast them."

(CONF) "I vote for Soup," says Girl. "Good never prevails."

(CONF) "I vote for Girl," says Soup. "Meanies."

(CONF) "Since I have immunity, I have the deciding vote," says Bree. "I vote for Soup, bye-bye."

"I'll go tally the votes," says Crag.

"Before you do that," snickers Soup. "There's a little something I would like to do."

Soup takes out his towel and reveals a hidden immunity idol.

"Idols are allowed in the final three?" yells Bree. "How is that fair?"

"I never said it wasn't allowed," laughs Crag, as he takes the idol. "Plus, it's been there for about five eliminations, and it was the last one we would've placed. It's not my fault you guys found it so late."

"Ugh, stupid karma," says Girl.

"The cacti go to Bree for having immunity, and Soup for the idol," says Crag. "That means Girl is out by default!"

"What?" yells Girl, as she gets dragged to the helicopter.

"Wow, that was shocking," says Crag. "What will happen next time on the finale of Overcome!"

Chapter 21: Desert

This story comes in two perspectives: Soup and Bree's

Finalist 1's Perspective

"I never thought this would happen," Soup says..

Overcome has been a wild ride for me. I was always on the outside of my team, having to use two idols. What's worse is that I'm stuck in the finals with Bree, a strong competitor.

I wake up in the boys cabin...alone. To be honest, I was a little scared. However, somehow I made it to the final two. I walked outside, and saw Bree at the girls cabin. It's a little awkward since she tried to vote my out last time.

" two," Soup says.

"Well, don't expect me to lose, because you're no competition!" yells Bree.

"You sure are happy to see me," whispers Soup.

"Don't get any ideas. I'm here to win, and nothing can stop me now," Bree says, determined.

(CONF) "Bree's right," says Soup. "I'm not gonna win, not in a jury, not in anything. Oh well."

Crag invited us to the final challenge....of the season. I gulp in nervousness. I see Bree walk out of the confessional proudly and looked as keen as an eagle. Again, I remain nervous. I'm pretty sure she could sense it too, as I was shivering like someone who was stuck out in the arctic for days.

"Welcome to the final challenge, final two!" yells Crag. "Before I start the challenge, let me welcome the eighteen competitors who didn't make it this far!"

I look around, and see familiar faces. My crush Maria, her boyfriend Derek, and that loser Boris were in the crowd. I also see that traitorous Seth, and one boy whom I've never even talked to before. In fact, he was the only person in which I've never really talked I decide to talk to him.

"Hey, what's your name?" asks Soup.

"My name is Collin. I'm a collector, and I didn't really do much since I got voted out first," says Collin.

"Well, I barely even knew you existed," laughs Soup.

"That's...comforting," says Collin.

I see more faces, like Hayley and Alexa, the ho- I mean....girls. Speaking of girls, Girl was there too, upset at me.

"Well. I totally am gonna root for Bree, because you're a cheater," says Girl.

"Go back to your following ways," scoffs Soup.

"That was all an act, loser," says Girl.

Anyways, more faces, more faces. Adam, Cassandra, Shayna, Todd, Hannah, I outlasted a lot of people.

I see Boris sweettalking with Bree. It's kind of disgusting, if you ask me. Let me tell you, they are totally meant for each other. Everyone knows it too, but Bree is still in denial. I snicker at their conversation.

The eighteen competitors sat in the bleachers representing who they supported in the finale. On my side, there was Derek, Snitchy, Maria, and Collin....and that's pretty much it. Everyone else supported Bree.

"Really guys?" Soup asks.

"You're such a coattail," says Jennifer. "Plus, you're not as hyper as Bree!"

I smile at Maria, but she turns away.

"I'm only supporting you because Derek wants to," says Maria.

"Derek?" Soup asks.

"Well, I don't like Bree. She hated Maria and I the entire game," says Derek.

Soup looks at Snitchy.

"This is my default option," she says. "I just hate Bree."

All I had left besides those three were Collin.

"My two second conversation with you was more than I ever had with Bree," laughs Collin.

I glare at Bree's supporters too.

"Ew, you're too ugly for us to vote for you," say Hayley and Alexa in unison.

(CONF) "Even the others hate me," cries Soup. "I'm never going to win!"

Well, Crag cleared the air by announcing the final challenge.

"The final challenge will not be a jury vote!" yells Crag. "Each competitor must choose three people to help them with the final challenge."

I look around at my...options. I hope Bree doesn't choose all of her athletic supporters.

"I choose Maria, Derek, and Collin," Soup says.

I saw that Bree chose Jennifer, Boris, and Girl. three good options, but I was surprised she didn't choose Seth for puzzles or Todd for athletics. Anyways, I saw Bree glaring at my support. It's not nice for her to be laughing at Collin. Collin is..good know for...stuff. Well, Derek and Maria have good chimestry together, I could use them. However, I think Maria still hates me for my romantic interest towards her. She did give me the immunity idol instead of Derek though so that's saying something that I will always hold over my head.

"Well, since you now chose your three contestants, I will now announce the final challenge," says Crag. "It's an easy two part challenge. First, you must dig through the sand to find four ancient artifacts representing the four original teams of the competition. You will then break apart those artifacts to reveal 400 puzzle pieces. You will use these pieces to spell out a word phrase that when completed, will show me that you've won the game. First person to correctly spell the word phrase wins Overcome!"

I start to strategize with my team.

"I am a fast digger," says Derek. "Maria can dig fast, too. We need to find those four ancient artifacts before Bree does."

Soup and Bree go to the starting line, and Crag announces the start.

"Ready, set, go!" yells Crag, as all eight competitors grab a shovel and start to dig.

Immediately, Boris finds a piece. "This is so easy!" he yells confidently.

Before we even started to really dig, Boris finds ANOTHER piece.

"I have our second!" yells Boris.

I start to yell that it's unfair....but believe it or not, Boris found a THIRD piece.

"You guys need to hurry up!" yells Boris.

Derek and Maria start to dig in an area, and they discover one piece.

"We have a piece!" yell Derek and Maria confidently.

Boris starts to dig for the last piece, and Collin was afraid. You will not believe what happens next. Collin grabs his shovel, and smashes it hard against Boris' knee and broke it.

"Oops, my bad," says Collin.

"Hey, is he allowed to do that?" yells Boris.

"Oh well, too bad Boris," laughs Crag, obviously not caring.

Jennifer saw that Collin did that and immediately tried to do the same to Maria. She and Maria start to have an epic fight with their shovels while everyone else continues to dig. We were up: Derek, Collin, and I were digging while only Bree and Girl were digging on their side.

Derek found the second piece for our team.

"We're catching up!" Collin yells.

I look to the side and saw Maria and Jennifer epically battling. They were really strong and started to do some moves that real fencers would make. However, thankfully in the end, Maria pulled through and had Jennifer injured.

"Aren't you going to help Boris and Jennifer?" yells Bree.

"Me? Help? Who do you think I am" Crag laughs hysterically.

Since we had four compared to their two, I found the third piece rather quickly. Suddenly, without Boris or Jennifer, it was all tied up again. We all started to rush to find the final piece.

"I found it!" yells Colliin, as the four run to start to work on the puzzle.

The four ripped open the artifacts, and revealed hundreds of tiny little puzzle pieces. The team was so confused. They stared blankly at the puzzle pieces for ten minutes, which gave Bree enough time to find the last artifact. Girl and Bree started to fly through puzzle like it was no one's business. Soup was scared and panicked.

"What are we going to do?" nervously asks Soup.

"Wait, I think I got it!" yells Collin, as he starts to work on the puzzle.

Soup smiled as Bree and Girl were stuck for a bit, and suddenly became neck and neck.

"We can do this!" yells Maria, since they had four people still left.

Bree and Girl worked really hard, and neither side wanted to lose. Near the end, both sides only had 20 pieces left to go.

Finalist 2's Perspective

"I'm not surprised I've made it this far," Bree says.

"Overcome has been an awakening for me. It's taught me things I didn't know before. Usually I'm quick to judge people before they even speak to me. I've learned you should get to know the the people you're with before you make snap judgements," Bree confessed.

She woke up that morning, with the first realization of being in the final 2 upon her, as she looked around the some what abandoned cabin. Bree slowly got out of bed, and stumbled out of the girls cabin. She saw Soup walking out of the boy's cabin. She didn't know how he would react to her since she tried to vote him out last time.

" two," Soup says.

"Well, don't expect me to lose, because you're no competition!" Yells Bree.

"You sure are happy to see me," whispers Soup.

"Don't get any ideas. I'm here to win, and nothing can stop me now," Bree said determined

(CONF) "Soup doesn't scare me," Bree says. "He just flew under the radar most of this competition. He as supposed to go last time, but he had a fricking idol! There's no way I can lose to him."

Bree walked out of the confessional and found Crag standing with Soup. He invited both of them to the final challenge of the season. Bree looked over at Soup, and she saw him gulp nervously. She knew this was gonna be a piece of cake.

"Welcome to the final challenge, final two!" yells Crag. "Before I start the challenge, let me welcome the eighteen competitors who didn't make it this far!"

Bree looked around as the eighteen losers began to file in. She noticed Boris, her "lover" who had been in an alliance with her throughout most of the season, Girl who she had recently befriended right at the end, and Snitchy, the annoying over-acheiver who had sparked many confrontations with Bree near the beginning.

"Well, if it isn't miss Snitchy. What, are you surprised I'm still here?" Bree asked Snitchy, taunting her.

"Shut it, Bree. If it wasn't for you, I could've totally made it to the end," Snitchy said angrily towards Bree.

Bree walked over to Boris, who was waiting for her.

"Nice to see someone who is sane and actually played the game is in the end," Boris said nicely to Bree.

"Thanks honey! Couldn't have made it this far without you though!" Bree said nicely back to him.

Bree turned around and saw Soup glaring at her and Boris. She didn't mind this. She knew Soup was only angry because he had no close allies like she did.

Then, Bree turned back around to see Girl standing right in her face.

"I know you're gonna win today! There's no way you could lose to Soup! I'll be supporting you no matter what, so get focused and you can win!" Girl said sweetly in a short pep talk.

Bree watched as she saw the eighteen competitors make there way to the bleachers. She watched as they chose who's side they were going to sit on, and was relieved when only four of them were sitting on Soup's side.

"Thanks y'all! Your support means the world to me!" Bree thanked the competitors who sat on her side.

"You got this, Bree!" Jennifer cheered for her from the bleachers.

"Wait, I don't see anything in her hands yet, how so she have it?" Hannah asked questionly to Jennifer.

"I was cheering for her, not being literal as in she actually has something in her hands!" Jennifer explained to Hannah, get frustrated.

Bree looked at Shayna, who was sitting next to Jennifer and Hannah.

"I never really talked to you, but my team mates like you, so I figured I'd support you. Plus you're representing the girls in the end, so might as well support!" Shayna explained.

"Hey, support is support, no matter what the reason," Bree said while shrugging.

Bree spun around as she heard Crag begin to announce the final challenge.

"The final challenge will not be a jury vote!" yells Crag. "Each competitor must choose three losers to help them with the challenge."

Bree looked up at the bleachers and quickly chose her three.

"I choose Boris, Girl and Jennifer," Bree said aloud.

Bree looked over at Soup's helpers, and laughed. Seeing as though he only had four supporters, he had slim pickings to choose from for help. Bree now knew it would be even easier to beat Soup, after looking at his supporters.

Bree saw Soup looking puzzled at her supporters. He porbably thought she would pick someone athletic like Todd, or smart like Seth. But he was wrong. Boris won almost all the individual challenges, he was her athletic and all around one. Girl and Jennifer were both loyal to Bree, and they both had good energy which is what she needed.

"Well, now that you both have chosen your three supporters, I will now tell you your final challenge," says Crag. "It's an easy two part challenge. First, you must dig through the sand to find four ancient artifacts that resemble the symbols or the four original teams of this competition. You will then break apart those artifacts to reveal 400 puzzle pieces. You will use these pieces to spell out a word phrase that when completed, will show me that you've won the game. First person to correctly spell the word phrase wins Overcome!"

Bree quickly began to strategize with her three supporters, as they huddled together to talk about there plan.

When they were done strategizing, Bree and her team faced Crag to wait for his signal to go.

"Ready, set, go!" yells Crag as all eight competitors rushed and grabbed the shovels.

Bree and her team spread out, and began digging through the sand.

In a matter of seconds, Boris had found the first piece. "This is so easy!" Boris yelled confidently.

In a few more seconds, Boris had found another piece.

Bree smiled as she knew she had the upper hand. She heard Soup begin to protest, but stop as Boris found another piece, making that Bree's third piece.

Bree watched as her team began to dig for there final piece. However, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Collin run over and hit Boris in the knee with his shovel.

"What the heck? Is he allowed to do that?" Boris yelled angrily at Crag.

"He already did, didn't he? Oh well, too bad," Crag said with fake sympathy to Boris.

Bree watched as Jennifer ran with her shovel to Maria, and began an epic fight with her, trying to do the same thing that Collin had done to Boris. Now, Bree started to get a little nervous. Now it was only Girl and I digging for my team, and Soup, Collin and Derek digging for Soup's team.

"Come on Girl, we only have to find one more piece! We can do this!" Bree told Girl, trying to stay confident.

But her confidence soon shattered as she saw Jennifer fall to the ground, injured from her fight with Maria.

"Aren't you going to help them?" Bree asked angrily towards Crag.

"Me? Help? What do you think I am?" Crag said, laughing histerically at the thought of helping the two losers.

Bree began to shake, as she thought about her dwindling chance of winning. She had come into the challenge, winning by a landslide, and now Soup had caught up to her. There was no way she could beat a team of four with only one supporter left.

Bree fell to her knees when she saw Collin pull out Soup's last piece, and Soup's team began running. Bree couldn't believe it. She knew it was done then.

Suddenly, Girl pulled out the last piece of Bree's artifacts, and Bree sprung to her feet.

"It's not over yet!" Girl said determined.

The duo started running, and when they reached there destination, Bree shot a little smirk over at Soup who was just staring at his puzzle pieces.

Bree and Girl ripped open there pieces, and poured out the hundreds of puzzle pieces. Bree stared at it for a few seconds, then got an idea. She whispered it to Girl, and they both started flying through the puzzle.

"Come on Girl, no giving up now!" Bree told Girl as they continued to put pieces together.

"I told you that you would win! There was no doubt in my mind that you could lose to him!" Girl said, not mentioning Soup's name.

Bree noticed that Soup's team had caught up to her and Girl, and both sides had only 20 puzzle pieces left.

The Results

It was coming down to the end. 10 pieces, 5 pieces, 3 pieces. However, only one side got the message first. The first team to finish were...

.. Bree and Girl. They smiled and jumped in excitement as they noticed they had beaten Soup and his team. What they hadn't done was read the phrase carefully.

Crag walked over to make sure that Bree and Girl had actually gotten the right phrase, and burst out laughing when he read it.

"Sorry girls, but you have not won! Read the phrase," Crag told Bree.

"You have not Overcome the rest because this is the wrong phrase and now everyone will be laughing at you for failing to get it right," Bree read aloud.

She looked at Girl in disbelief. They had failed to read their phrase before telling Crag, and now they have made a big fool of themselves. Bree fell to the ground ashamed of what had just gone down.

Soup, Maria, Derek, and Collin however, had finished their puzzle too.

"Let's see if this one is as bad as theirs," laughs Crag.

"You have overcome all the rest to win Overcome! Plus, all remaining helpers besides the winner have made it into All-Stars!" reads Soup. "Yes!!! I won! I can't believe it!"

The four jump for joy as Soup anxiously awaits his prize.

"For winning Overcome, you have won..." starts Crag.

"....yes?" asks Soup.

"An autographed microwave signed by yours truly!" yells Crag, as Soup's jaw drops.

"Wait...what?????" asks Soup. "So, we were stranded in the desert for forever and all we get is an autographed microwave??"

"Hey, be happy it actually works," scoffs Crag. "I was originally going to give a broken one, but I decided to be nice."

"Oh well, this the new improved silver plated microwave???" asks Soup.

Collin and Soup look at each other and start screaming for joy while Bree rolls her eyes.

"You guys are such nerds," says Bree, obviously still upset about losing.

"You don't understand, this microwave is one of the best in the world! It can heat up to seven items at once! I couldnt've asked for a better prize," says Soup, hugging Crag. "Also, it sells for a million dollars!"

"What?" yells Bree. "You can sell it for a million dollars?"

"Why would I ever sell it? It's the best microwave ever!" yells Soup.

"Umm...that's sort of weird," says Crag. "Anyways, the second part of the message says that Bree, Girl, Derek, Maria, and Collin have made it into All-Stars!"

"When is that?" yells Bree.

"Um...four years from now," laughs Crag. "Have fun!"

"Well, it's been one heck of a season! We've seen conflicts, relationships, friendships, and freaks all in the matter of one season! And of course, no one can forget the most amazing host in the world, me! But nothing can compare to what next season will bring. Too bad I'm not telling you anything about! So long suckers, and see you for season 2!" Crag yells.

Elimination Table

Place Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
19th Hayley WIN OUT
20th Collin OUT

Color Chart

  •      This contestant was on Team Cactus.
  •      This contestant was on Team Make Up.
  •      This contestant was on Team Sky.
  •      This contestant was on Team Sun.
  •      This contestant was on Team Moon.
  •      This contestant moved on to All-Stars.

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