Rabbid Raccoons
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Blonde
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated "Spike It"
Place 24th
Relationship None
Family Father
Friends Zev (In Orville's opinion)
Enemies Zev (In Zev's opinion), Valeria, Nico, Liz
Fear Falling, Crashing, Dieing
Talent Flying,

Orville is The Aviator of the group.


Orville has grown up surounded by planes. His Father is an ace pilot who would often, when Orville was little, take Orville on his flights. Ever since he was young, he wanted to fly a plane. It just so happened when he turned 15, he got one! He is out with it 24/7. He has been aknowledged as one of the best pilots of this generation and he's only 16! The secret to his success is that he is afraid of crashing and dieing. He trains so that it will never happen. He joined Total Drama Craziness to get money so he can get more parts for his plane, The Wright Way.

Time on TDC

Chapter One: Orville arrived and joked about the show. He was placed on the Rabbid Raccoons.

Chapter Two: He annoyed Zev greatly with his constant chatter. He was on of the first ones out in the challenge. His team lost and he was eliminated for being to annoying and not being much help.

Audition Tape

Orville is shown putting duct tape on the camera. The camera pans out to show that he is on the plane. Orville yells,

"Greetings to all! I am legendary, Orville! If you want someone who can put the air is airplane, pick me! I'm a real team player, and I haven't met anyone who dislikes me." The tape starts to come undone. The camera then falls and Orville says, "Oh s-" His voice becomes silent as the camera falls to the ground.


  • He is named after Orville Wright
  • He was the first one eliminated from his team and the first one eliminated altogether.
  • His talk about Kitty Hawk is a reference to the author's family owning a beach house along side Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
  • His scarf was intended to be longer.
  • He was always intended to be one of the first ones eliminated, and it just so happened that he was the very first one to be eliminated.
  • His newer image disgards the red scarf.
  • All of the facts he says says planes are true.
  • If it isn't obvious, his plane, The Wright Way, is named after Orville Wright.
  • Orville was going to make a lot of corny jokes about airplanes that would get him eliminated. That was forgotten, though.

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