Once Upon A Psyco

This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Isabel (fanfic)


Shipping- Noah/Izzy

When- After Total Drama World Tour

About- Izzy has abonded her psychotic ways, yet she's not happy. When an old friend reunites her with a friend she has missed he trys to bring her back


Chapter 1- A Small Opening

I walked down the street of my town avoiding eye-contact. People didn’t know my past, perfect. I entered the salon and rapped my fingernails on the secretary’s desk as she hung up her phone.

“Yes.” She said in an irritated tone I heard so much of.

“I have an appointment.” I shot back rolling my eyes.

“You Izzy?” She asked.

“It’s Isabel.” I snapped, “And yes, I do.” She pointed to a young blonde girl talking on her phone, who reminded me of Lindsay and that thought made me smile. I walked over to her and said, “I’m Isabel.” She hung up and looked at me.

“My 1:00? Oh perfect! What do you need darling?” She was bubbly and sweet. Ugh.

“I want my hair straightened and died black, no exceptions.” She was taken back still smiling, but less brightly.

“But you’re orange curls are so lovely!”

“Change it!” I barked. In my purse I found a magazine and opened it. It was “Celebrity Manhunt” my smile turned into shock when I read the next words, “Total Drama Edition.” I checked the table-of-contents to see my name. Nothing. They had nothing on me, good. I breathed a sigh of relief and flipped to the next page. A sigh of content flowed from my mouth and I heard it crack. I remembered my last words before I left Owen, Chris, that hell-hole, and my psychotic was,

Logic. We are incompatible, ergo the relationship must end. Adu. A tear ran down my check, I didn’t even properly leave the show. To them I was still a nutcase; I was still- I was snapped into attention by the blonde woman. Saying,

“Ma’am you’re hair is finished.” I examined the long black locks with content. I simply nodded and handed the woman her money. “I was thinking about this the entire time. I know where I’ve seen you from! You’re Izzy from Total Drama Island.”

It felt like 1,000,000 eyes on me and the only thing I could do was bolt through the door. But with that option there will be suspicion, and with suspicion comes noisy neighbors who can’t mind their business. Yet option B felt like the right choice, just flat out deny it. “You must be mistaking, my name is Isabel Tellerman I have recently moved here from-“I paused. Ontario would seem to close to Izzy so I said, “Yukon. My uncle took care of me there, but I hated the cold. He was a researcher and I was his assistant.” I hoped the story seemed believable or believable enough so I could make my way back to my condo. I turned around, not being able to face her. “Now if you excuse me, I have somewhere to be.” I felt her eyes boring in on me, but I walked out the door and walked home, though the jitters wouldn’t stop.

I got home and rushed into the bedroom and lied down and in a sudden burst of energy and confidence I dialed the number of an old friend, someone I knew, who I could trust. I dialed Bridgette’s number.

I was freaking out when I realized what I had done. “Hello?” said a young voice. Bridgette asked,

“Do I know you?”

“It’s me! Isabel!”

“I don’t know an Isabel. Sorry.”

“Wait, are you Bridgette Muldoon?”

“How do you know my maiden name?” Bridgette was married? “My name is Bridgette Fiesta.” To Geoff? Wait, that’s not surprising.

“How ‘bout Bell? Do you know a Bell?”

“No sorry.” I could say a name, a simple name and everything would be okay. I could say E-Scope, Exspolevio, or Esquire. Those didn’t fit me anymore than my old name. One name, that’s all I had to say, and she would know who I was, but she would still think I was crazy. I could open and close a world of hurt with that name. I took a deep sigh and said,

“It’s Izzy.”

Chapter 2-The Different, Part 1- The Other Side

I opened the door to my favorite restaurant and went up to the podium “I have reservations under, Sabelotodo.”

“You Noah?” The girl asked.

“No. I’m a person named Bob; the mayor’s OTHER eight kids. Noah’s at home.” With a smirk I said, “Yes I’m Noah.”

“I know!” she said with a bright face, “My sons are HUGE fans!” My face softened. After I was told I was a fan favorite I was happy to hear that. I pulled out a small note-pad and a pen and signed it and handed it to her. She looked up, startled and I smiled. She led me to a table and I sat down.

My mind drifted from food to friends. From turkey dinner to Total Drama. Ever since Total Drama ended I was a lot happier. I found out that a lot of people from the show DIDN’T hate my guts. I tried to lose my snarky ways, but sarcastic comments still made their way out of my mouth. I would talk to Tyler a lot and he would try to make me more athletic. Trent gave me a few guitar lessons, and I helped him with some math. I dated Katie for a while but that ended when Sadie tried to get me to kiss her, and I was freaked out. But we keep in touch. Even Bridgette and I still talk. She tried to teach me to surf…wipeout. But a thought accord to me, where was Izzy? I mean we WERE great friends. I shrugged it off and made my order.

After a good lunch I decided to visit my parents. When I was inside my mom and I struck up a conversation about my dad and his job. He was the mayor of this town. My mom was finally alone with him since: Three had children, two where in collage, one was in prison, and two died in a car crash. “Noah, I was watching old TDWT tapes, and you told me you couldn’t get in touch with Izzy.” I nodded. “Well you could always call Bridgette or Tyler to find out where she is.” I shook my head and gathered my things.

“Bye Mom.” I said as I walked out door into the world freshly coated with snow. I saw kids playing and adults watching. I waved and they waved back. It was a quaint town and I was happy. The Izzy issue was bothering me, so I ran back to my house.

When I got on my computer I logged on to “Oodle” and typed in, “Total Drama World Tour, Izzy, whereabouts” and this article popped up,

“Izzy from Total Drama World tour is missing! Last seen in the Aftermath, Izzy has seemed to have disappeared. Others from Total Drama are concerned. In an interview with Eva we got this, “I’m concerned. Izzy, as psycho as she was, was one of my friends.” Wow! She did not go totally angry on us. Anyway back to the topic. Her mother reported that she saw her pack her bags and jump out a window.”

The article ended there. I turned on the TV and saw that the episode I See London…was on and I realized that that’s where I got eliminated, but I did have great lines in that one, so I watched it. When Strip Them Down came on I heard myself sing. My parents said that when they saw me they were surprised, and so was I. I thought I was a bad singer, but now my mind was changed. With a smile I saw my line when I made fun of Sierra, but my favorite line that I ever said in that crap-shack…was when I subtly implied that Chris was old. Although it got me pushed off a cliff, it was worth it.

Part 2- The Conversation

[I could open and close a world of hurt with that name. I took a deep sigh and said,

“It’s Izzy.”]

“Izzy!” Bridgette said

“It’s Isabel! But you can call me Bell, all my friends do.”
“Okay, Bell. I thought you had gone missing.”


“But why can I talk to you Bell?

“Because, I got lonely and you’re the only person I can talk to!”

“Well that’s great!”

“Bridgette, what’s going on with everyone else? Do you keep in touch with everyone?”

“Well yeah!” Bridgette answered. She told me about how everyone was doing and about Geoff and Noah and Gwen.

“Wow.” I replied. “I missed out big time on what was going on.” I chuckled at my own joke.

“Well you know you’re missing.”

“Exactly, but how come you couldn’t recognize my voice?”

“Well you sounded to…” I cut her off,


“Yeah. And you still do!”

“The atomic bomb blast sent me into a state of shock. Not to smart, yet I wasn’t psychotic either.”

“Oh. So Izzy is gone.”

“Yep, now Isabel is here.”

“I got to go, but do you want me to contact Noah and tell him you’re number?”

“Yes please.”

Chapter 3- Brains, Brains, and Crappy Meals

[Although it got me pushed off a cliff, it was worth it.]

I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock. 12:09. Already? How could that be? My thoughts were disrupted by the phone. “Hello.” I said wearily.

“Hey Noah, its Bridgette.” She said.

“Hey Bridge.” I said. I blushed, as I always did when we talked. What happened in the Yukon.

“Noah, I talked to Isabel.”

“Who?” I asked confused.

“Izzy! She’s not psychotic anymore and she calls herself Isabel.”

“HOW? I mean, do you have her number.”

“Yeah. Here” she recited the number and I wrote it down. Afterwards I said,

“If I typed in our conversation in a computer it would underling most of it for fragments.”

“Um-hum.” I could tell she didn’t care. “I’ve got to go. Bye.” As soon as she hung up I dialed Izzy’s number .

“Hello.” I said

“This is this house of Kathy/Isabel.” Answer machine? “Hello.” The voice said.


“Ummmm. This is Isabel…..Noah?”

“Izz-Isabel! I can’t believe it’s you!”

“But Noah, we MUST arrange to meat, no? Ummmm, what?

“Yeah I guess. Where do you live?”

“Down by Ontario, a little town not too far from there. We could meet at a coffee place.” She gave me the address. “Meet me there in 10 minutes!” She hung up and I got ready.

I sat at the Java House and waited. I ordered for a latte and looked at the door. A girl with black long hair, green eyes (didn’t I see those eyes before), a yellow cap, a green blazer with a yellow shirt underneath, a yellow belt and black pants. She was stunning. I hoped she would recognize me from TV we would talk and you know. I heard a noise that I swear I’ve heard before. The sound of me singing: The girl’s cell-phone, it was I singing Strip Them Down. The girl had seen Total Dram World Tour. Yay. I smoothed my hair and saw the girl on her cell-phone. She rolled her eyes and said, “No Bob that’s GOLD. You know the color of my favorite hat? Well that bit is THREE times the gold of that. Um-hm. Yeah. NOW GET IT IN OR YOU’RE FIRED!” That voice…..

“Isabel?” Her expression changed from annoyance to pure joy.

“Noah? OMG it’s YOU.”

“In the flesh!” I said with a slightly more happy tone then I meant it tone. She ran up and hugged me. I closed my eyes and hugged her longer then I should have. She gave me a quick kiss on the check. I told her that I had to use the bathroom. When I got there I started to talk. “Izzy kissed me. Not like a Geoff Bridgette sort of thing but….wait. What am I doing?” I was embarrassed. I thought I was in the confessional! I was so used to talking in the bathroom. I walked out and met up with her. We sat down and ordered.

The food was awful.

Chapter 4-The Proces, Part 1- Changed

[“I got to go, but do you want me to contact Noah and tell him you’re number?”

“Yes please.”]

Noah has changed completely. He is nicer, more….amazing. Everyone I used to know knew I had a I crush on him. I mean, who wouldn’t? I was back at my apartment after lunch with Noah. He made me feel so welcomed, so loved. But he didn’t think about me that way, right? I sighed and began my work.


[The food was awful.]

Izzy has changed completely. Where was that insane girl I had a crush on? I needed to get her back. I needed to be with the girl in the green skirt. I dialed her number,


“It’s Isabel.”

“I know.”

“So why did you-“I cut her off,

“Come over to my house.”

“Why?” She sounded very confused.

“The process.”

Chapter 4-The Process, Part 2-At Last

[“Why?” She sounded very confused.

“The process.”]

“The PROCESS?” She yelled.

“Just come over.” I ordered.

“But it’s raining!”

“Just come!” She sighed and said she would. Fifteen minutes later she came over and said to me,

“WHAT?” I took her hand and said,

“Let’s do this.”

[But he didn’t think about me that way, right? I sighed and began my work.]

I followed him, which in hindsight wasn’t such a good idea. He pulled out a bunch of green fabric.

“Work.” He said.

“What the f*** are you talking about?” I demanded.

“Make your old green skirt and shirt.” He said. I sat down and began to work. “I’ll be back with snacks.” He came back with cookies and milk as I finished the top. When I finished the skirt he instructed me to go put them on.

“Why?” He gave me the look so I went and put them on. When I came back he had orange die and a curler in his hand. “NO!” I shouted. It may sound strange but the orange curls brought back to many painful memories.





“BECAUSE!” He was flushed and red. “I want crazy Izzy back.”

[“WHAT?” I took her hand and said,

“Let’s do this.”]

Crap, crap, crap, crap! She gave me a confused look. “Fine…but make it quick.” I got nervous because I never died my hair, let alone CURLED it. I took the orange die out and began to lather it on to her head.

“Now what?” I asked. She rolled her eyes and said,

“Now you got to wash it out brainiac.” I was struck. It was a simple question! Then it hit me. She was me. She is what I WAS. I leaned her head over the sink and washed out the die. When she came up her hair was straight and orange.

“Time to curl.” I said. She cringed waiting, her eyes shut tight.


“BECAUSE!” He was flushed and red. “I want crazy Izzy back.”]

I was angry, but not at him…at myself, for letting myself become this monster. When I opened my eyes I saw me. Not just, me, me…but me. My old me. Orange-headed me. I felt my hair and smiled up at Noah.

“Thank you” I whispered. I stood up and hugged him and he understood why. He embraced me with warm arms and I buried my head in his chest and cried. He knew why, the pain of it all.

“Let’s go.” He whispered in my ear.


“Let’s go dancing in the rain.


“I can’t believe I’m doing this!” I shouted at Noah who was tap dancing in puddles.

“Do a cart-wheel!” He laughed.

“Noah! I haven’t done a cart-wheel in…forever!” But I tried anyway and the remembrance of the days before made me smile.

“You did it!” Noah shouted. “I knew you would!” I smiled at him like a three-year-old that just tied their shoe. Proud.


[“Time to curl.” I said. She cringed waiting, her eyes shut tight]

It was remarkable. The fact that Izzy was being Izzy again. She shouted to me something I never thought I would hear again, “I HEART MARSHMELLOW SAUSE!” She laughed and I walked up to her and kissed her.

“I heart you.”


[ I smiled at him like a three-year-old that just tied their shoe. Proud]

I kissed him. He kissed me. We kissed. I know it was cliché but, this is how this story ends. The way it begins…is not too far behind, but it is to me. THAT’S RIGHT! I KNOW THAT YOU’RE READING THIS! I am writing this down and you are looking at it…right? Anyway, let’s get back on topic…ends. Some ends are sad, the ending of a life, and an ending of a story. But some endings are good, and this is that kind of ending. A subtle ending that you can write yourself. In your mind you can complete this story. Maybe I, Izzy, runs away and joins the circus. Or Noah and Katie marry for all you Notie people….

But unfortunately that won’t happen, for as you see Noah and I are married. Yep, this is the future. 20 years into the future. I have had a girl named Bridgette, named after the wonderful suffer chick that brought us together.

Now maybe this isn’t the ending that you wanted, OR expected…but I promise you this…I don’t really care. Now maybe it’s because my hands are full with my child and my husband, or maybe I’m just too lazy…but I leave you with this.



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