This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Nostalgic Kind of Love by CrystalNeonSummerSnow


The grass was limp in the snow; limp and lifeless. Trent felt frozen with a sulk as the snow grew harsher. As an entire Total Drama season was continuing after Gwen's elimination, he still felt empty, numb, locked away with pain locked inside of him. And now a reunion was out of the question, for an expected rival of his stole her away. Duncan, that obnoxious rebel who broke Courtney's heart and changed her ways, and now Trent knew he would be forgotten.

Soon after the big finale (and several medical bills Chris had to pay), everything was very boring lately. The Drama Brothers had just released their last album and his parents' businesses have been fairly well, but something was still missing. He pulled out his guitar and started strumming a maudlin melody that not even singing would replace it; only one person was listen to his emotions.

" Hey Trent," a regonizable voice murmured in a Gothic tone. He knew that voice anywhere. Gwen's boots looked rooted to the ground; she barely had a little drop of dignity.

He just looked to the ground as the wind pierced the silence and blew it away; anything else heard was just the bustling of cars and a fe sighs; a little whit of awkward was hanging deep in the air.

With her pride already swallowed, Gwen clenched her fist and spoke again.

" Look, I know you're a little T.O.'ed at me cause of last season and Duncan and all that, but that's really what I wanted to talk to you about. It's okay now, we can take another chance."

" Why should we?"

" Because.... Duncan and I sorta, how do I put this? We sorta broke up."

Trent gulped. Duncan dumped her? Why? He was letting something too wonderful slip out of his fingers. Of course he'd do that, the lazy jerk. He shook his thoughts away and asked. Gwen said that he couldn't live to be without Courtney and just decided to dump her over a text and run off with the bossgirl. Trent then gritted his teeth and strummed harder. If he could get his hands on Duncan, then, let's just say it wouldn't be pretty.

Alas, what good would that do? How could ruining his reputation just to destroy that punk make him feel the same?

He once again shook away his fury and kept his cool. He turned around and noticed a single tear flow down Gwen's cheek. That's when his fury sparked again. That fickle was gonna pay, but maybe in a less violent way. He zipped up his Takamine 6-string away in his bag and said while wiping away her tear,

" I have to head home. See you at school, Gwen. I promise you, by tomorrow things'll get better."

Oh yeah, things'll get better alright, he thought with a vengeful smile on his face.

The next day, Duncan stood at the lockers with his original icy teal stare. The guitarist rolled his more innocent-looking eyes and noticed Courtney coming by with her mid-morning smirk. Trent tapped Duncan on the shoulders and said,

" So, that's your girl, huh?"

" Mmm-hmm." the bad boy replied with a hint of nervousness in his voice. He had a feeling Trent would be bent on revenge and humiliation; I mean, think about all he lost to Duncan and then just throwing the prize away once the musician gave up. Trent, on the other hand, wasn't bent on humiliation, just confrontation.

" Are you angry at me? I mean, you're not exactly the charmer girls think you are." he then retorted.

" Oh, me? No, I'm not angry at all. I was just thinking about you and Courts over there. Isn't it attractive how she bosses you around? How she takes charge of everything instead of letting you choose what you want? How she never listens to your opinions?"

" Aight, if you're trying to make me regret dumping your little pasty Tiffany Ray, you're doing a pathetic job at it."

" Well, you had something good and you can't fix it now. Even if you can fix broken trust like a mirror, in your case we can still see the crack in your self-indulged reflection."

At that point, Trent's rep suddenly rose that day. Telling off Duncan was like winning the Olympics. As everyone clapped and erupted with laughter, another familiar face was watching in the hallway.

That night, Trent took a walk in the park with no one but the moon watching over him, or at least it looked that way. The footsteps behind him and his own sounded alike, but the figure's had a little more lurch in hers. Trent then felt a breath on his neck. When he turned around, Gwen was behind him dressed in an black, sequined colored dress.

He smiled warmly at the sight of no tears.

" You were amazing at school today. No one's ever stood up for me like that before."

" Yeah, I guess that was pretty cool. It's no problem at all."

Soon each other's eyes devoured them; along with the wind caressing through their hair, a strange and warm emotion tickled them. As they slowly leaned in, the moment was struck with sharp, disheartened screams of horror. Around the corner, the only thing they peeked at was Eva trying to fight of a throng of blood-thristy unknown ruffians, but the couple's eyes sealed as a body fell to the ground.

When they reopened, all that was found on the floor were puddles of the blood that scented the air with fear. As the trembling in their shoes reduced, louder and larger warriors loomed from nowhere and a loud thunderclap erupted while the two somehow fell to the bloodstained ground.

1: History

As the teens were entranced on surprisingly comfortable settee for guests, whispers filled the room. Along with the shine of the golden inscripted artwork on the wall, the moon began to glossed the already arrayed volume. One woman with long flaxen hair enriched with shampoo gazed down at the poor unconscious bodies and shook her head in a smug fashion.

" Poor tenants. Ares, I think you should just take care of them."

" The fate of Athens is on a tipping balance and all you care is the slaughterment of these mortals; arrogance, thy name is Aphrodite!" a taller and more instructive woman called out. " Healing and a proper strategy will save crisis from incrementing in the most dangerous way."

" Nobody lay a finger on them!.... Nobody." a man bayed while stroking through his miniscule snow white beard misted from the beads of warrior paint from his face. His name was Zeus, the most powerful god of them all; the man of Greece. He alerted everyone, including his rational daughter Athena, that destiny says that Trent and Gwen are the heroes that must save their friends and all of Athens.

He stood strongly above the addled and awakening two and let out a craggy laugh.

" I apologize if you've come to a rude awakening, but we have a little problem here. Athens's arch enemy, Crete, has kidnapped your friends and robbed all the demigods of their powers. Before we give your instructions to victory, you must understand why Athens and Crete are such rivals."

Gwen rolled her half-unsealed eyes. To her, this would probably be another boring mythology class lecture on how bizarre the Greek life for the gods was and still is, but the main idea of the intense rivalry is what caught her attention.

As far back as they could remember, mythology was an eccentric and outlandish world of lust, war, sorrow, and the gods and goddesses' control over humanity. Athens was the dominating Greek capital after Sparta's downfall, but there were still people outside of Athens who angered the gods, and one of then is Minos. Every year, King Minos sacraficed his best bull to Poseidon, but one year, a calf so perfect was produced and spared, but the sea god was watching...

After this act of inflexibility, Poseidon decided to cause Minos's wife Pasiphae show limerence to the bull, and basically when she thought that bestiality was cleanhanded, soon in her room, a Minotaur was born. Enraged by this, Minos and Daedalus built the Labyrinth and sentenced 14 virgins from Athens to be devoured by the Minotaur. Life for Athens seemed dark and bleek like the maze itself, but the monster was challenged by one Greek icon -- Theseus.

When Theseus came of age, his father Aegeus endowed his son to hoist a white sail if he succeeds in slaying the beast. Once the ship is about to set sail, the rumored mistress of the Labyrinth Ariadne helps him by giving him a clue, a ball made up of twine to help him escape. Once Theseus and the Minotaur meet in the heart of the jungled mesh, the warrior slays the beast and returns home with everyone alive, all except for Aegeus, who died of suicide when Theseus forgot to hoist the white sail....

So now in the present, while the mythology is continued with the shield of oblivion to protect them from earthlings, Crete held an undying grudge against Athens and the gods for diminishing its power and decided to try and take it out on the humans. With the gang captured, it was up to Trent and Gwen to save them and fulfill the prophecy that was given to them. Zeus sat back in his golden sign of royalty and exhaled,

" Even if you find this trivia insipid, now you know why this undying grudge will never be resolved until you two fight for your friends. But, you cannot simply appear with brute force; in order to become demigods, you must pass all of our challenges to go through the deadly initiation."

Soon, silence came back. Trent and Gwen were tied between two problems. If they listen to everything the deities, they could possibly die. On the other hand, if they don't go through with this, the Cretans will surely dispose of their friends. As the couple reluctantly nod their heads, Zeus ordered all the Olympians and lesser gods in the room to think of the most endurant challenges they can think of.

That's when determination sparked in one of the women.

Aphrodite was very vacillated with having one boy choose the adventure of a lifetime over mortality; she could've easily seduced him and her eminence as a symbol of fertility would rise even higher. She had to be sure they would fail, so she jerked him from behind into her bedroom, against his will. As he finally got out of her notably concrete grip, an enticing grin came across her face, much to Trent's displeasure.

" What are you doing? Is this part of the test, 'cause if it's not, that's not funny."

" No, not part of the test, but the word funny won't describe it." she sounded in an artifical type of sweet while placing her palm on the black handpring design on Trent's T-shirt. The boy quickly backed away and got hold of the door. This is worse that I thought, Aphrodite thought, I mean, this is the only boy that's not falling for me. He's obviously a threat. As she turned away with a fake abased sigh, she said with her back turned,

" Okay, Trent. You want my part of the test? Well, here it is. If you really want to become a demigod, then read my lips: do not, I repeat do not, kiss or show any signs of affection and love towards that Gothic at all. One little peck and you two will pay."

She's not bright, but she's blatantly persnickety so I better listen, the musical prodigy thought before remissingly agreeing to those terms.

2: Rainbow

The couple stood out in the ample sleet as they waited for the first god/goddess to arrive. Trent's hand started to twitch a little with the notice of Gwen's hand being open and completely obtunded, the perfect reason he should be holding it right now. However, if he wants to pass Aphrodite's test, he held a strong heart and avoided the temptation. Soon, a lumminous figure appeared with her entire body paler than the Gothic's; shockingly, it was Iris, goddess and personifyer of the rainbow.

" What I have come with today is no color, exactly what you need to find. The rainbow is dim and obtuse today and you have to find the 6 main colors of the rainbow with things only from nature. Oh, and some visitors came by to visit and I think they'll help you with the challenge. Good luck."

It was strange the way such a colorful woman would be so bleached with white that she could bring a rainbow to life. As she disappeared, soon a lurking osseous figure arose from the fog with suspicious red berries wrapped in a leaf.

" You two must be worried about this. Why don't you two have a lotus berry?" he said in a singsong kind of voice. They took the berries away and walked towards an orange grove. Lotus berries? Where did that seem familiar? As they began picking the cirtus, a huge growl insinulated from behind. A saytr was behind them and he got his eyes on Gwen.

She was frozen with fear and tension; she didn't even dare to yell for help. Trent aimlessly pulled out the lotus berrires threw two into the beast's mouth. Suddenly and hilariously, the beast teetered around the grove, still trying to lure Gwen, but was somehow intoxicated. That's it! The lotus berries are drugs, as told in the Odessey story by Homer. When the saytr finally succumbed to comatose, the next color they needed was yellow, and convienently a meadow was right in front of them.

" Wait Trent, I have a bad feeling about this."

" How come?"

" Cause whenever someone is in a meadow, something bad will happen. Take Persephone for example, she was innocently picking flowers and Hades appeared out of nowhere and dragged her down to his realm. And then there's Eurydice, whom's life was taken to Hades because she died of snake poison in, where? The meadows!"

Trent didn't repsond, for a horrendous hissing noise was heard and the animal at first abstruse in the tall patches of dandelions. His only response was, " Speaking of snakes..."

As the scaly vermin cornered them, Trent looked up at a transcending tree above them and got an idea. He latched his hand onto Gwen's wrist and started climbing with all of his might. He thought that if they pretend their still in the tree and have the snakes slither up, then they can jump down and snatch the yellow weeds. Once he saw the venomous fangs and jade lamina glissade across the aging bark, the couple leaped to the ground and started picking.

Before running off, Gwen knew that the next color was green and that, opposed to the jade snakes, one of the snakes was India green, a perfect animated color for the rainbow to come alive again. Despite Trent's worry, she raced back into the field and quickly grabbed one of the snakes. She ran for her life as the ravaging reptiles chased her out of anger. Soon as they caught up, one bit Gwen in the leg as the others confined her.....

Before another could try and kill her, the snakes felt a sharp pain penetrate their scaly hides. Arrowheads with the initials H.S. pierced the lowly animals much to Gwen's amazement.

" That was amazing, Trent! How did you--?"

" My aunt Harriette worked in the carving business."

As Gwen laughed and was helped up, they quickly broke the moment and moved on to the next color: blue.

Hmm, what from nature was blue? As they serched around, then suddenly a man with barely enough clothes on appeared before them -- the god Hermes. They asked why he was here and all he did was hand them a vile with only one drop of blue paint. He shook his head, trying to show off his afro, and said in a calm vocal pitch,

" Trust me, they fall for that every time. Now, all you gotta do is head to the ocean , which is only 17 miles away from this dump. Good luck, you'll need it."

Usually, they'd be confused by now. Hermes was suppose to be a very complicated person, at least their Greek teacher Ms. Shirley thought that way. Honestly, Hermes was a man of cheating, so he doesn't really care about the consequence for helping them as long as they don't die; he was basically a Greek Duncan, someone who's good at cheating, but still has a soft spot sometimes.

As the pair walked all the way to the beach, the awkward came back. While Trent was trying to keep his chastity to the love goddess, Gwen's been secretly nostalgic lately after her breakup with the bad boy Courtney loved. I mean, of course she was sad about losing someone she thouht cared about her, but she felt happy now that she had her old friend Trent by her side, and somewhat longing for something from the gitarist. Something like... love maybe.

When the ocean beamed over the sandy horizon, Trent took out the vile and streamed the liquid into the deep. Soon, the coloring influenced an entire wave of blue in the salty water. When the Goth girl collared the liquid into a bottle, Trent still gazed at the sea in awe. Not only was Hermes an expert at illicit misconduct, he knew how to make it beautiful.

Now searching for the last color, the messager left a note in the bottle.

Hey sqiurts,

Way to go on listening to me. Anyway, I bet you're lookin' for something purple, right. Well, maybe with this spell at the bottom and the use of a lariat, you can steal some of Dionysus's wine and turn it back into grapes. Trust me, that Iris is so ignorant, she'll fall for anything.

- Hermes

PS, for the lariat, you're on your own with that one.

Trent and Gwen groaned at this idea. Steal Dionysus's wine? Really? Despite odds, their friends' lives were on the line so they had to put up with this. Trent looked around and found a bloodstained lariat lying on the ground; it must've been washed up from the sea. How convienent, thought a smiling Trent.

After hours of treking, they finally came across an immense amber palace with the sound of erupting laughter and rapture; Dionysus's gala was turning into a Las Vegas casino blowout. With their hoods up, Trent and Gwen snuck into the royal residence while the room was embodied with ecstasy.

" And the pig says to the horse, 'Hey fella, why the long face?'" the wine god joked. The Toronto couple rolled their eyes; it's silly how Greek people actually found his humor funny. Swiftly, the two locked eyes on their prize: the superfluous stash of grape wine from his cellar. With one silent swing, Trent lassoed in just one bottle; enough for a whole platter of grapes, at least for Dionysus's condition.

" Nice shot!" Gwen playfully whispered. Trent just blushed. When they snuck out, Trent layed the bottle under the moon and started chanting in a mumbo-jumbo that not even Hermes could understand well, but soon a ray of comsic latte dust, the drink compacted into the purple vintage that completed the rainbow. As Iris appeared again with her skin still blanched, she counted up her treasures and stopped at the water and grapes.

Sweat pooled around Gwen and Trent. What if she saw Hermes give them the cheats to win their first task? She simply shot a plastic smile and said,

" Well well, looks like you passed the first task, but I'm afraid we must go back to the meeting room. It appears that Selene said the challenge was disturbed by Hermes. Come along now, you're not in trouble; at least, not yet."

They gulped in unison as the blustering portal back to Olympia made them vanish from the verdant field.

3: Golden

" How dare you! You know that gods cannot interfere with challenges!" Iris yelled; for a nice woman, her yell could be heard halfway to Jupiter. Hermes rolled his spheres of bronzed tawny and remarked,

" Hey, I'm only doing this to help the squirts out. Besides, who's the one that's deeply offended?"

Without a word, Dionysus threw an empty bottle against the wall. Even though he's an optimistic person, he can get angry if you vexate him; his ire can really make you pay dearly. He slaked his lips with the taste of passion fruit from his wine glass, but quickly rendered it to pieces with his oscillating, cafing hand and shot a badgering glare at the intermeddler.

" This is outrageous! After all these years of godliness, never in the right mind would your bait-and-switch tactics reflect me as your gambit. Arrogant little clod!"

As the paroxysm continued, Trent and Gwen just laxed in the hallway and pointed out every single ornimental decoration they could see. Satin, velvety furniture, candle-light Adam style chandeliers, diamond-encrusted statues, and even the julleuchters were golden and rhinestoned; the lavish life before them. As Apollo played his music so elegantly, he overheard some of the quarreling and clicked his tounge.

" Mm-m-mmm, dudes. From what I'm hearing, this is not good."

" Gee, thanks..." Trent murmured in a reserved articulation. Apollo patted his shoulder and continued playing the lyre. Gwen gazed around at the artworks modern painters constructed of the Olympians; one of them with Poseidon and Medusa was burnt out of rage. Yeah, like the world should see Posiedon's dark side; the man could kill you if you talked trash about him.

" Trent, what do you think's happening?"

" I don't know. I mean, from what Apollo told us, the next challenge will probably hell on Earth." Trent laughed, trying to sound blissful to make Gwen feel safe. She grinned and nudged his shoulders.

" How cool the way guys try not to worry to seem brave." Trent simply laughed; sometimes, Gwen can seem like a feminazi, but she's just being herself. When Dionysus stepped out, the blood in his face from screaming at the traitor gradually subsided. He shook his head and said,

" You passed the first test, but due to a valuable agreement, and locking Hermes in a cage, Hestia is removed from the tasks and I'll give you your next challenge instead."

They were semi-reluctant. Sure, Hestia wasn't exactly the most vibrant or adventurous goddess and spent all her time helping mothers give birth, but on the other hand, Hestia would've probably given them an easy one, whereas Dionysus is a more elaborate than the hearth goddess. As the couple entered the room with a spotlight on a sunglow-colored cage withthe tormented Hermes kneeling on the ground from weakness due to blood loss and shards of glass in his skin.

" With him stuck in this cage, he won't bother you durring the second challenge. Hestia, if you can escort these two back into the meadows, I'd be extremely happy."

" Yes, Dionysus." she squeaked in an innocent-sounding voice. In the blink of an eye, they were transported back to where the snakes attacked them; only this time, all that was visable was the revived rainbow and an assortment of snake skeletons. Hestia looked from behind to see if the befuddled god was behind them, unraveled Trent's lariat into a straight line, and threw it on the ground.

" Trust me, from the carnages that gods and goddesses inflict on poor innocent humans because of one sin, you must watch your back with Dionysus and with the lariat beelined, it'll help." she merrily cheeped before vanishing into the night. Not too long after, a huge rumbling ailed the peacefully still, yet echinate shards of grass. As the ground began to sink around Gwen, the god appeared with a sinful smirk on his obese cheeks.

" Well, pick up your lariat and save her."

But as Trent did so, something terrible happened. He watched in shivering dread as the textile of the twine turned into a gold trophy. Dionysus laughed boastfully. Trent had the Midas touch. Now he was stuck in a bind. If Trent doesn't attempt to save Gwen, she'll most likely die, but if so, he'll turn her into a gold statue.

" Uh oh, you might wanna hurry up; I think she's going to fall."

Trent's sneakers shrilled from his overwrought pacing. Oh, how the tension started to rise; death with every desicion he'd make. Yet, then, he got a visionary. He grabbed the frozen riata and warned Gwen,

" Hold on, Gwen! Grab onto the rope! I can't turn you to gold it you're not touching me."

Before she lost balance, she grabbed the hoop and dangled from the dark pit. Before she lost her grip, with one yank Trent saved her from the dephts of nowhere. As Gwen embraced her friend, Trent's arms trembled with concern, but she whispered,

" It's okay, you passed the test, so you can hug me now."

Trent smiled and warmly cerished her close to his broad chest; it was a moment that he dreamt of since the first season. It wasn't a romantic hug, but it was a friendship one. When Dionysus appeared claping his hands, he said sedately,

" I'm very impressed. You two are actually a good team. But hark, Posiedon demands that you be sent to this certain area. Here's a map."

Once they saw the location, their hearts somehow stopped beating.

4: Labyrinth

While Trent sharpened his sword, Gwen wiped away her dashes of neurotic sudor as she looked once more at the Labyrinth. She knew that in the pivot of the maze dwelled a savage, slaughterous, barbaric beast named the Minotaur, a beast who was the Greek Grendel from Norse mythology; in other words, the Minotaur could tear you apart and consume every part of you, like Grendel.

As she felt her heart bleed from its constant dilating, she got her act together to keep from collapsing. So Poseidon wants them to re-slay the bull 'cause Crete brought it back to life, big deal. What's the worse to befall? Swiftly and quickly, Gwen pulled out a bawdy yarn-like item.

" What'cha got there, Gwen?"

" Oh, just the same thing Ariadne used to help Theseus: a ball of twine."

Trent was amazed at the sight; how did she pull that off? She just avered that just like the lariat, a ball of twine oh-so happened to wash up on the shore. Trent's goofy laughter calmed her still-racing core.

Once the ship set sail, the two were already adjusted and ready for battle against the bull. Trent looked at his golden weapon and then over at the yearning coast of Athens. His life was turning into a chasm of hell-fire nightmares for the right reasons. His worst idea of an adventure was unfolding as the tension set in and they felt the sinew dislocate from their already-paralyzed bones.

When they entered the dreaded maze, the sounds of maundering snores stifled the once-amicable atmosphere. With drops of hemoglobic trepidty plucking on the stone-cold canvas, they knew this was the Labyrinth and the Minotaur stirred with his vulgar and besoting wheezing, probably dreaming about his next feast. With barely enough illumination from outside, Gwen clinged onto Trent's thickset shoulders for guidence.

As the tangled coarse twine decreased while the glutton's obstreperous sleeping aggarndizied, they had to continue with more speed and agility. But before the beast's cold breaths were finally felt, the rushing of feet came down the spiral concrete stairs. It was a little girl about 7 with mudstains on her pink dress, a doll that resembled the mistress of the Labyrinth, and her cheeks drenched and aqueous with tears. Trent patted her head to soothe the young girl's cries, in order to keep the Minotaur from hearing.

" Shush, it's alright sweetie. Just tell us what happened and we'll make sure it's resolved."

" I was in here yesterday with my mom and I heard her scream. I ran to see if she was alright, and this huge monster started chasing me and yelling at me; he called me a buttinsky."

The two teens exchanged nervous glances. The little girl's mother had been imbibed by the Minotaur. As he heard a sinister snarl, he grabbed his gem-encrusted blade, he knelt down to Gwen and sighed in a darkhearted tone,

" Gwen, you stay here and keep this sweetheart's crying at bay while I take on the Minotaur."

" Oh no, I'm coming with. There's absolutely no way I'm going to let you take on that barbarian alone."

" Gwen!"

" But he'll easily slaughter you!"

" Look, I know this is dangerous, but if you come along, he'll go for you and the little girl, and I can't live without you; besides, you're good with kids, so you can calm her down. And if I don't make it, then I wanted to say that I lo-l-love... I love.... that we've known each other for so long and can still get along perfectly."

Trent face-palmmed himself while leaving the baffled eerie girl alone. He could've admitted every single piece of amorous fervor he had for her, but as usual, loyalty to the complicated Aphrodite was keeping them apart. Still, Trent had to face the Minotaur alone.

As the sleeping ugly's face was visible and covered in debris, Trent's teeth started chattering. That ugly nudnik was just an inch away from his feet, so with one winged hack, the boy got the upperhand. With rage, the Minotaur lunged forth and threw the boy against the bricked barricade. As the bull closed in, Trent got back on his feet and started swinging again.

With that continuing for hours, the nameless child was clinged up against the tall Gwen. As the sky shifted from stratosphere to myrtle blossom blue, the morbid's midnight-lipsticked lips were chapped and the bottom one bleeding from her gnawing on it. Hearing the tonality of her best friend going up against the monster was officially driving her crazy. She got up, brushed her Stuart Weitzman boots, and ran to the source.

Before she could take a breath and blink, the Minotaur was now, as before, a lifeless chunk of a former brute terror. She high-fived her crush and chortled,

" Hmm, and I thought you'd be pounded into a pulpy, wiggling mass of gore."

" Well, a kitten's claws have to take a break sometimes."

With a few more laughs, they quickly ran back to the ship and hoisted a white sail. They were victorious once again, and as they toasted with some tea to celebrate, suddenly, the girl lit up with an enormous ray of light. She was revealed to be Hebe, the goddess of youth.

She laughed at the look of the couple's dumbfounded expressions.

" I can explain. See, since I'm the goddess of youth, I have the unnatural ability to disguise myself as a young child to go undercover. When I heard you two were heading off to the Labyrinth, I thought that I could give you a challenge-within-the-challenge by disguising myself as a child to see if you had the heart to help someone in need, and just like Poseidon's challenge for you, you two have succeeded."

When Athens appeared on the shore, cheers from the garth came onto the land. While everyone besides Aphrodite cheered for the heroes, one stood with only clapping hands and her face with the beauty of a snowy egret preening; before them stood the goddess of wisdom, Athena.

" While I am impressed by your regining succeeding and voiced personalities, if you can handle the Minotaur, then don't get out of the boat, 'cause you still have some sailing to do."

5: Medusa

As they sailed off again, that time, both of them trembled. The next challenge was to decimate another uncanny fiend -- Medusa.

The story of Medusa dates back for as long as we can remember. Before, Medusa was a ravishing beauty; every man wanted to posess her, but locked away in chastity to Athena, she refused marrige and kept her innocence. However, one man did not let her vow stand in the way: Posiedon, god of the sea. After a tragic crime was comitted on the floor of the Parthenon, Athena believed that Medusa shall be punished with eternal solitude and also eternal appalling looks.

While Medusa's gorgon transfromation made her an idol for all monsters, she was also a target, for the person who beheads her will posess the ultimate advantage. So now, if they behead Medusa, they'll be one step closer to saving their friends, but if they fail, they will also lose their lives.

Halfway there, an arrow stuck the bottom of the ship with force. An effulgent figure zoomed around the ship and laughed before vanishing into the water.

" What the--?"

Before Gwen could finish her cursing, the boat was almost swamped into the deep, a deadly omen. As the bow was completely absconded, Trent dived into the acrid sea water to get his sword back. Before going in deep, he stuck his head out and warned Gwen,

" Climb up to the sail; you'll be able to last longer."

Gwen nodded as he dove back down. His eyesight was blurry, but he could see the relfecting gold and gem of the weapon. With a good grip and brutal strength, he got the sword out of the rubble and submerged from the ocean. With the sail almost underwater, he ordered Gwen to jump off and hold on. As she landed on his broad chest, he swam at the speed of light till they got to shallow waters. Along with her gasping for air, she smiled ardently at the exhausted musican and exhaled,

" You saved my life. You're a hero, Trent."

" Hero? Well, I try my best to be." he laughed. Gwen rolled her eyes and thought, Guys and their glory to try and be brave; it can be annoying.... but with Trent, it's attractive.

While they were gazing longingly at each other, they tripped onto the granular brim of an oblivious isle littered with statues casted with satin sheet gold armor. Medusa's home was before them. As they got up from the shiver-worthy water, they wiped away the sand on their faded outfits and took deep breaths.

" Ready when you are, babe." Trent said in a sober tone. Gwen nodded her head as they heard the hissing of deleterious viperous asps. Medusa's cry of umbrage also thrusted through the last minutes of tranquility. With use of his twinkletoes, Trent took some swift steps back and closed his eyes. Gwen's steps however, were more ungainly and loud.

" Who's there!" a crooked high-pitched voice demanded.

With Trent's hand cinched onto Gwen's wrist, the Gothic looked around wondering where Medusa was, but then a long, broken nail slit her across the back of her next. Soon as the deformed gorgon was about to lunge forth in front of Gwen, Trent's sword covered her eyes. Like before, tearlines of mascara tattooed her pale cheeks as the cracking of stone entered her ears.

Out of eternal rage, Gwen pulled the sword out of her dead sweetheart's grip and decapitated the vile beast with her eyes still shut. As the head fell to the tiled floor, Gwen fell to her stocking-adorned kneecaps and broke down with the frozen Trent's hand still gripping her wrist. When all seemed lost, a man with metal armor appeared with a loud and bitter laugh.

" See what happens when you fall in love? You become useless when it stabs you in the back and-- whoops, wrong problem."

" Look, I have no time for your anger about Lady Godiva cheating on you, I-I just need to grieve."

" Alright kid, technically you passed Athena's challenge, but if you pass my challenge, then maybe I'll revive your stone stupid-headed soulmate. All you have to is knock me down in that spot, which will probab----"

Before he could continue, Gwen just lifted her leg and gave the gloating Ares a swift kick in the jaw. For a girl, he thought, she's got a powerful foot. As he got up and wiped away the blood from his mouth, Gwen snapped at him with a grin on her face,

" I'll keep doing that if you don't act evenhanded and turn Trent back to normal."

" No no! No, you passed; I'll turn him back to normal." he coughed in a raspy voice. With the snap of his fingers, Trent broke out of his stone shell and took a huge breath of air while Gwen flung her arms around him. Ares coughed up more and more blood until he said,

" Just get the hell out of here! Ugh, I hope she had her shots."

As they ran away from the raging jerk destroying the temple and its statues, a swan boat veiled to the shore with Eros's unearthly voice beckoning,

" Come on in, you adorable pair, you."

As they cautiously made their way into the boat, Aphrodite smiled at her son playing along with her plan....

6: Desire

Aphrodite's plan was quick, cunning, and not to mention complex. Her plan was to make sure Trent fails his vow to keep his hands off of Gwen and if he does, she will make sure that the boy will fall for her before people notice he's not. As the two got into the boat with Trent's sword and Medusa's fearful likeness in a bag, Eros clung onto the back of the boat and winked at his alluring mother and her crimson-powdered cheeks.

As the water stirred from the boat, Gwen and Trent turned to each other and smiled. Even with her hands stained from fighting Ares and Medusa and her hair all greasy and dirty, Trent still thought she was beautiful. He rubbed away his sweat and said in his signature cool tone,

" Thanks for reviving me."

" Hey, it was something to repay you for saving me."

Trent's face was cerise from Gwen's admiration for his heroism. He was never called a hero, just talented, so this was a very good thing. As they laughed and talked, Eros pulled out one of his arrows and angled his shot. Yet, surprisingly, when he shot the first two arrows, they instantly bounced off of their skin. That meant one thing: they already were in love. Aphrodite groaned and said,

" Alrighty, time to bring out the big guns. Alright, nymphs and sirens, do your thing."

Soon, angelic singing and erotic dancing around a firey beacon began before their adolescent eyes. Under the moonlight, they focused their eyes on the night sky scattetred with stars and their ears on each other's talking. Soon, the revelry grew louder and and more distracting. Aphrodite's Utopian mind was failing, at the moment. Her "spell to try and send desire for each other's into their bodies" was not working, so all she did was watch them disappear onto the shore.

As the others greeted the heroes, Zeus held up a note and shook his head dismally.

" I'm afraid some of the challenges will have to be cut out tomorrow. One of the Cretans sent this note."

Trent looked at the note and tried to decode, but failed; Gwen smiled at his faux pas; it was just so cute to her. Zeus snatched it out of Trent's hands and replied,

" It says,

Dearest Zeus,

We've been constructing a torture device for the two mortals' inept and lumbering friends. If you don't have your whelps whipped into shape by Friday, our vengence will be concealed.

- Crete"

Zeus sighed and then smiled at the worrying two.

" Hehe, don't worry you two, by tomorrow the initiation will begin after only 3 challenges. For now, Apollo, escort these aces to a bedroom."

The haunting scowls of the Olympians and lesser gods remained in tact. If they didn't improve by Friday, the rest of the gang will easily die. As Trent and Gwen settled on their luxurious beds, Trent peered at the girl's wrist being scraped and bloody. " What happened?" he asked with concern. She looked back at him and just collectedly replied,

" You kinda had a strong grip. Don't worry, it's not severe."

Trent still felt a little dram of guilt; he certainly didn't mean to hurt Gwen; he was just turned to stone. As he rubbed against the lubed fissures, he gazed back at her and leaned in for a moment. He felt her long, charcoal black lash carom against his warm cheek. His eyes closed and his vow was transgressed while Aphrodite watched from behind to see her plan work. When Gwen was about to lean in, she bunglingly pulled back and said in a rattled tone,

" Uhh, g'night Trent. Trent?"

" Yeah, G?"

" You-y-you're definitely one in a million."

He smiled warmly before falling asleep. Aphrodite was then in a fit of frustration; she was that close, but still so far away. As midnight arose in the sky and Hera sat upon the fire, the love goddess tapped Zeus's wife's shoulder and sighed,

" Hera, a word please?"

" Yes, Aphro. Whatever do you need?"

" Listen, for one of the 3 challenges, I came up with suggestions."

With a few whispers and giggles, Hera nodded with an agreeable simper and said,

" I'll go ahead and do it right now."

With the wave of Hera's hands, Trent woke up with his eyes completely black and he pulled an axe from the wall. His eyes set on Gwen as he raised the large hatchet while lightning stroke from outside.

7: Madness

Gwen's eyes widened when she saw the horror before her. As the blade barely missed her, she curveted from the gossamer cyan coverlet and ran for help. His swinging only chopped off mere strands of her unnaturally-colored hair. She ran downstairs to warn the almighties, but then heard the frantic footsteps of Trent. He cornered her---robust and maniacal---ready to kill her.

While she narrowly escaped, she took his sword and tried to fight back.

Once she took a good aim to knock the axe out of his hands, all she succeeded in doing was giving an august slit across his hand. Her oculuses engulfed with alkali, brackish waterworks. Furiated, Trent took a vase and smashed on Gwen's head.

I deserved that, Gwen thought sorrowfully.

With being distracted from the stigma of unintentionaly attacking her soulmate, Trent had the upperhand with slashing her back. He laughed at the sight of her back sluicing with carlet onusing her Hot Topic shirt. Gwen didn't know if she was crying from the agonizing malady or the remorse. Trent changed, at least she thought that way.

Hera appeared and grinned.

" I'm surprised that you're still alive."

" Shut it, cow! Tell me what's going on! Why is Trent trying to kill me?!?!"

" Don't worry, this is just part if the challenge: I sent madness into his mind to make him believe that you're his mortal enemy and that he wants to kill you."

" Oh. Well, is it over?"

" Not yet; not until the sun rises. Trent?"

Trent took hold of his axe again and started averting with atrocity as the queen dissolved laughing. Gwen ran through the hallway with a weave in her step that time. Only a little ray of light was spotted. Time was almost out for Gwen and the challenge. She finally collapsed on the ground and Trent arouse his hatchet. It was going to be all over for Gwen.

With a forced breath, Trent gathered up his strength to hold back his armament and looked down at his bloody almost-girlfriend.

" Gwen.... RUN!!"

Listening to him, Gwen staggered back to the bedroom as Trent chased her. With her vibrissa drenched from the previous foray and her stagger slowing down, she slammed the door and finally fainted. With the ravenous madness of Hera overpowering him, he started chopping down the oak wood door. Once it fell down, Trent finally threw the axe down and wept.

It looked like it was all over.

Zeus and Hera came from behind and clapped their hands. Trent stood up with wild rage.

" I can't believe you guys! I killed Gwen and you guys are happy about that?!"

" Young boy, don't be discouraged. Your love isn't really dead, she's just unconscious. You passed the test by overcoming Hera's spell on you and by Gwen having the courage to fight back. However, we should get her to the infirmary. However, everyone else leave; I think they need to be alone."

While the Charities came and took Gwen to the infirmary, Trent followed with the same repeating thought, Oh God, Gwen please still be alive.

As Trent waited while the girls applied medicine on the fading Gwen, Trent let out a few whimpers before going back to deploring. He knew he was still in love with Gwen, so living without her is like living in a Tarantino movie. If she didn't make it, he swore that he would kill himself. As the sun casted against his cluttered jet black hair, he turned his head back to the possibly barren malignant girl, and mouthed so Aphrodite wouldn't hear,

" I love you."

As the oldest Charity, Aglaea, menadered herself towards the depressed guitarist and sighed in relief.

" She's going to be alright, but expect her to be in bandages for a while. Go on, talk to her. Look I know Mom put trapped you in a challenge, but she's not here, so go for it already."

As Trent raced to Gwen's ductile body and panted in affluence to still hear her breathing. She faintly said,

" Trent, you back to normal."

" Yes, thankfully. I'm so sorry; I never meant to kill you, I swear, I-I'm so sorry." he pitifully wept. Gwen's palm grazed across her cheeks to console his remorseful mourning. Wow, his tears are so cold, she thought. She lifted her head towards him in his grip and a tender beam came across her anemic face giving it color.

" You didn't mean to; Hera just put you under a spell. Speaking of mysticism, what's our next challenge?"

" I think Zeus said something about traveling in the face of early winter and trying to find a cave. I don't care about that, at least, as long as you're still here. I thought... I thought I lost you."

" Trent...." He was the most enthralling sight in Gwen's eyes with his flossy emotions and selflessness for others. She gently pecked his forehead and cuddled up to his neck. Gwen wasn't one for cuddling nor being all mushy; she just let things happen, but with Trent, she could show a softer side; she could be the person she thought she'd hate to be. When she could hear Trent's heartbeat, she let go and said with a playful punch in the shoulder,

" Now let's go do this!"

8: Winter

" Okay, your next challenge is to face a 1-day winter," Zeus insolently said with his voice booming their ears, "and with Demeter's harvest powers and Helios's ability to blot out the Sun, this will be hard. Along the way will come your last challenge and then you'll go through initiation. Okay? Lo, it is time for you two to set off!"

As the cold began to suck all the radiation from their youthful bodies, Trent and Gwen still continued on with each other by their side. Yet, the world was in bad shape. The sky was clouded with tenebrous billows, the grass was ebbed and limned with a lifeless brown, and the air was eclipsed under a jarring blizzard with torrent and laconic Alice blue benumbing storms; the shadow of nature's cycle.

Still, with the final challenge ahead, they had to be strong.

Nevertheless, they were waning. With the nipping cold creeping through her gauze along the mistral, Gwen was abating due to intense pain. While at the same time, Trent wasn't doing so well either; it turned out that the slit Gwen gave him was quite deep, but not fatal. So basically, the agony was becoming too much to handle, but they had to move on. But it wasn't long till disaster struck.

While pacing slowly, the ground suddenly began to crack. An avalanche was taking place at the wrong time.

" Come on!" Trent yelled out. They slid across the algific terra firma while running from the cascading snowdrift. While running away, a whetted icicle creviced across Gwen's collar bone. The cut not only caused her to collapse, the snow was heading right towards her. Trent pulled her by her shoulders and ran away with her weak girl.

They took shelter in the nearest cave.

As the storm raged on outside, Trent and Gwen took a moment to breath. Trent gazed down at his gaping friend.

" Well, that was extremely scary."

" Amen, dude." Gwen laughed.

At that point, Trent couldn't take it anymore. He wanted Gwen badly. She was getting a little impatient, too. As Trent hugged her passionately, Gwen pulled back once more and said,

" Trent, I can't hide this anymore. Ever since the first season, I sorta... well..."

" What is it, Gwen?"

" I.... love you, love you."

Trent began shedding tears again. Gwen didn't know how long he wanted to hear that. As he wiped away his liquid ecstasy, he said at a lips distance,

" I love you too, Gwen."

Aphrodite, his sneaker. Love is inevitable. He leaned and closed the distance between their faces. The kiss began deepening once Gwen started moaning with joy. She combed through Trent's hair as he did the same. Watts of electricity bustled through their framework. When they finally pulled back, Gwen laid her head on his shoulder and fell asleep peacefully.

However, the malevolent seductress was watching them. She cheered with glee; her plan worked; Trent failed her challenge. She raced into the golden garth and pretended to be enraged.

" Oh mighty Zeus, Trent and Gwen failed my challenge. I ordered them to keep their mitts off of each other and guess who I found making out?"

The gods murmured in a subtle anger, yet Zeus remained curious. Aphrodite wasn't the most trustworthy.

" Are you sure that's what happened?"

" Yes yes! Oh, I should've seen it all coming! After Eros sent out the nymphs and sirens like I ordered him to and sinking their ship and now---"

She slapped across her mouth. Her denseness and vanity got the best of her again. As the gods scorned her, Athena stood up and screamed,

" Wicked traitor! Solitude is what you'll get for the next millennium. Shall I take her away, Zeus!"

His throne was turned to the winter raging on and he got an idea for the last challenge. Aphrodite did cheat them, but they still must pay for barely passing. He clapped his hands and ordered for a man named Hades. In a flash, a man with his ribs sticking out of his underweight body appeared with bloodshots in his eyes and a long and livid beard.

" You called?" he canvassed in a grating voice.

" Yes? Can you take a life away for me?"

He rolled his eyes, and them Hades said,

" You don't have to ask."

As he reached into the fire, on Earth, Gwen drew her last breath and died of natural causes.

9: Tartarus

Trent gasped at the sight of Gwen paling even more than ever. He wondered how long she had lain on the ground, but still felt his heart singe away. Even though he was in deep wring hands, he didn't cry, for he knew this was Hades challenging him. He yelled at the ground,

" You want to play that way, Hades. Well, prepare for another visitor to come!"

He ran to the grotto entrance to Hades and swallowed his pride away. He slowly manuvered his way down to the dark, misty realm where Karen stirred. When his folded and painted face turned, Trent handed him some golden coins he found while traveling. Karen was silent, but then croaked,

" Hop on, young weary one."

As Trent rowwed across the river, he felt daunted by the stalactites drip hatred and the dead souls scrabbling and his arms. When the barking of Cerebus erputed, Karen turned and handed Trent a wooden flute.

" If Orpheus could do it, well, go for it."

Trent played the saddest and most romantic melody in Limbo and Cerebus was spellbounded and whimpered. As Hades appeared with Gwen and her hands chained behind her back, instead of weeping like before, he was very incensed. He felt like it was a repeat of the Orpheus-and-Eurydice dynamic, so he raised his hands and sudden forces pulled the young couple apart. As Gwen rose up to a ray of light, Trent screamed as he fell into a deep, blazing abyss.

Gwen was sent to the Island of the Blessed while Trent was damned for eternity in Tartarus.

When Trent woke, his faced was covered with dust from the ground and was whipped with chains be the 100-handers and other damned souls. " Get to work!" they cried as Trent crawled away. The place was crawling with cyclopses, 100-handers, and other trouble. If he was going to pass the final challenge, he had to think quickly.

Meanwhile, Gwen was easily welcomed and given a silk white dress and a feast with others. One girl brushed through her vivid auburn hair and smiled.

" Gwen? Are you okay? You look down?"

Gwen snapped back and said,

" Oh, I'm fine, but you needn't do all this for me."

" Well, we insist; you're in a better place now; may you and your raven hair run freely through thr meadows and rejoice forever!"

As everyone toasted their glasses of champagne, Gwen looked down at her food and faked a smile. What happened to her beloved? The answer would come quite quickly.

While everyone in Tartarus looked for the musician, Trent jumped from behind and threw a man in the flaming river. With everyone panicking, he had an advantage. He chained the 100-handers to the ground and ran for his life. While the cyclopses searched for the boy, he noticed one had a red color in its eye. It was the same one Odysseus stabbed once, so it had to be relived. He grabbed a sharp plank of wood and jammed it into the monster's eye. The others were to distracted to see Trent sneek away into the portal to Heaven.

When he arrived, everyone rejoiced; especially Gwen. As they embraced, the girl who showed concern for the Gothic quickly realized something.

" You two are the ones that the gods are challenging. Congratulations! You cheated death and won it all! Sadly, you must leave to stop Crete from killing your friends. Ado, wonderful mortals!"

The two descended back to the palace and the sounds of clapping erupted instantly. Zeus pulled out one of his lightning bolts and coursed it through the teens' veins. As the rest stood back in awe, they slowly increased as the pain did, too. Their eyes lit up and they fell to the floor once it was over. The initiation was complete and they were officially demigods.

With Crete on the horizon, it was time to head into action.

10: Nostalgic

" Ready for this, Gwen?" Trent asked in a loving voice. Gwen simply nodded and smiled. As they charged into the city, the ruffians and the gang were spotted. They were in bad shape from the kidnap, but still fairly healthy. Trent knelt down and grasped one of the Cretans and crushed him with his stout wrath. Everyone was speechles at the sight. Trent threw the body on the horizon and said,

" Expect more, barbarians!"

As they armed themselves, Gwen then started chasing then and began massacuring the enemies. Yet few refused to give up. One took an arrow and shot in into Gwen's arm. While she was wounded, she didn't faint that time. She instead took the warrior and threw it into the sea, While the others backed up, Trent cornered them and the breaking of bones erupted.

Gwen then set her friends free and they began attacking as well. With the brute force added up more, the Cretans were easily defeated. They cheered and whooped as the blood soaked into the ground. Yet, 5 warriors were from the deciduous forest and ready for a combat. One lunged forth and sliced Duncan across the chest. While Trent thought he deserved it, it was still horrifying. As he took his sword and prepared to strike, Courtney showed brute force of her own.

" You handle the rest, I've got this one!!"

Trent laughed and he helped Gwen murder the rest.

As they stood in front of all the dead bodies, another thunderclap emitted and the gang was back in the Olympic palace. Zeus stepped forth and shook their hands.

" Welcome to Olympia, my new brother and sister."

Everyone's jaws dropped and the gang looked upon the triumphant martyrs with sadness. Even though Trent and Gwen could live the adventures of a lifetime, that meant they had to leave the gang forever. Zeus shrinked the demigods in order to say their teary goodbyes to their friends. Duncan looked at Gwen in an awkward way, but then she jabbed his shoulders and joked,

" Enjoy Courtney."

As the rest said goodbye, the former Drama Brothers stepped forth and wished Trent the best. Justin barely gave much of a goodbye, but it was acceptable for once. Harold wiped away the fog from his monocles and said,

" I wish ye good luck."

Cody just shot his gap-toothed smile, gave Trent a knuckle touch, and laughed,

" The Drama Bros won't be the same without you."

As the gang disappeared, Trent and Gwen grew back in size. From that day forth, Trent and Gwen were now Pepromeno, the god of destiny, and Peripetia, the goddess of adventure. As they settled in their room, Trent gazed at the rejoicing Athens. Once, he was a small town boy with big dreams, and now, he finally found the destiny he was bounded to: immortality and Gwen.

She joined him on the balcony and smiled.

" So, I guess things are gonna be different from now on, eh? A new type of drama."

" Yeah. So, what are they gonna do to Aphrodite?"

" Lock her away for a millennium. She cannot be in contact with anyone for a long time."

" Cool."

" So, I bet you've got everything a singer could want, now."

Trent then pulled out a golden ring and said,

" I will, if you marry me."

Gwen gently touched his hand and just leaned in for a kiss while slipping the ring on.

Everything came out well for them in the end, and for them, their love was a nostalgic kind of love. I mean, of course they longed for each other and they were happy together, but it was kinda sad, too. I mean, they had just said goodbye to their friends and family and the Canadian life they loved so much. Still, with them together, nothing can stop them now.

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