Noelle, labeled The Artsy Girl is a camper in Total Drama Infinity.

Gender Female
Hair color blond
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place 5th
Relationship None
Family brother
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA


Noelle was born in a run-down apartment in New York City, and was always fascinated by the art there. Ever since she was three, Noelle would always find some excuse to make her dad take her to an art museum or any place that there's art. She always loved the vivid paintings, the detailed sculptures, the lifelike drawings, and the like. When she started school, Noelle loved art class the best. She'd spend hours and hours painting or sketching. She didn't care weather she was doing art class or not, Noelle just loved art. When she was 12 years old, Noelle received an art scholarship to a university of art. And so, she left home for college, and spent all her time learning about famous artists and famous works of art. When she wasn't learning about art, Noelle was making art that rivaled the works she studied. Noelle joined Infinity to find inspiration for more art and to share her gift of art with the world!


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