Noah is a player in Total Drama Insanity.

Noah (TDln)
Shouting Spiders
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Take me out to the Drama Game!"
Place 18
Relationship Eva
Family seven brothers, Maya (older twin)
Friends Eva, Maya, Spense
Enemies Halle, Amy, DJ, Tyler, Harold, Sammie
Fear Possibly nothing

Since TDI...

Noah supposedly didn't change at all since TDI. However, the truth isthat either he did become nicer or he was always nice but didn't show it. (as he sacrificed himself for his sister Maya in Take me out to the Drama Game!

Time on TDIn

Noah made a bad first impression in Who ARE these freaks? when he cut off Chris's welcome. He shared a warm reunion with Eva, but the others were annoyed by his appearance. He was put on the Shouting Spiders team and assigned a room with DJ. In One Kick for the Team, Noah played defense for the first half of the game. Later, during the second half, Noah sat next to Eva when he watched his team win. Noah was not selected for the relay race in Batons, Schemes, a Hot Tub, and Ice Cream, but was targeted for elimination by his team before Halle's alliance eliminated Harold instead. Noah voted for Harold.

In Both Reached for the Flag, Noah played prison guard for his team. When Eva got out, and was sent to the jail, she and Noah's passion for one another gave in and they made out. His team won.

In Let's See How Much You Suck!, Noah became angry when he learned that Courtney hurt Eva's feelings. He stayed with Eva in the infirmary when she got injured, and thus didn't see what Halle did to Julie. Noah voted for Sammie.

In Take me Out to the Drama Game, Noah played shortstop. When Eva hit the ball in the last inning, it went flying towards Noah, and he was distracted by her, so the ball flew over his head. Noah voted for Maya, but sacrificed himself for her when she was eliminated, saying that she needed it more than he did. He revealed that Maya was his sister before saying goodbye to her, and Eva, and leaving.


Eva: Noah and Eva are together. Noah sat with Eva while watching the second half of the game in One Kick for the Team. They made out in Both Reached for the Flag. Noah defended Eva in Let's See How Much You Suck! and stood by her when she got hurt. Eva was sad to see Noah go in Take me Out to the Drama Game.


  • Noah received Eight votes throughout the show. (Five in Batons, Schemes, a Hot Tub, and Ice Cream and three in Take me Out to the Drama Game)

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