Nitro also known as the ladies man because of his good looks and mister smooth because of his awesome dance moves.Nitro wears a blue jacket that goes up to his elbows with a white shirt with grey pants.He also wears blue shoes with a black stripe in the middle,he is light skinned and has short black hair.His eye color is also blue and has a white watch on his right arm,around his neck is a gold chain that goes to his chest.He is about 7 foot 3 and his favorite color is blue,his greatest dream was when he was the best dancer in the universe,and all beautiful girls want him.The most embarrassing moment of his life was when his younger brother,painted a mustache on him and he went to school not knowing.If it was the end of the world he would date a celebrity and win a dance competition.Je is also very rich.


Nitro seems to be cocky and never gives up,he is also very charming and is very honest.Also he seems to be manipulative and cunning and wants to be the leader at everything,sometimes he can be somewhat of a geek as he is really good at video games and knows a lot about the

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