Nina, The Crazy, is currently competing in Total Drama Pop Stars and was on Team Baritones and The Cute Little Bunny Rabbits.

Nina (TDPS)
Team Baritones

Cute Little Bunny Rabbits

Merging Survivors

Nina (TDPS)
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family Mother, Father and Twin Brother
Friends Xavier
Enemies Bryan, Sam, William, Priscilla Joanne, Ulrich, Victoria, Chris and Eriq
Fear Being Crazy
Talent Art and Origami


Nina is considered as crazy by alot of people and lives in a youth hostel in order to curb her behavior. Back home she lives with her twin brother and her parents who are seemingly normal compared to her. Nina never dates when she's in school cause she thinks guys dislike her because she's crazy. Nina uses her craziness to aid her in her arts which have gotten critical acclaim the world over. She has won numerous awards from a multitude of people who always buy her paintings or sculptures. Nina once hung 1,000 origami cranes in order to give an ill friend one last wish before dying of cancer. Nina dreams of being a nurse one day and hopes her behavior changes before nursing school begins.


Meet The Singers: When Nina arrived she wouldn't stop talking which caused Chris to cover her mouth his his hand. Nina was than seen glaring at Victoria when she talked about herself being the fan favorite. After the challenge was over Bryan, Sam, William, Priscilla Joanne, Ulrich and Victoria glared at her for being the last one hut, even though they weren't in teams yet. Nina voted for Victoria for wanting to vote her out for losing the challenge.

Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again: Nina questioned Sam about his crontic use of hand sanitizer and called him weird. She was shocked when Sam yelled at Victoria and when Sam revealed his OCD after calling him a germaphobe. She lost her match against Gennifer and claimed that getting knocked out was "not cool" and she didn't do much afterward but was happy that no one else will leave the show.

Wild It Up: After it was revealed that Xavier quit she was placed on a team with Avalon, Tia, Ulrich, Eriq and William by Chris. She picked the team name since bunnies are cute and little shich caused Eriq and William to glare at her but Tia, Avalon and Ulrich cheered for the team name, During the challenge Nina stated she had a good feeling about the task of taming a bear Tia responded that it was a "tough sell." At the elimination ceremony Nina was in the bottom two against Avalon and was happy that she survived.

Hide 'N Shrink: Nina constantly joked about her team's name which cause Tia to tell they have no time for her comedy whiched caused Nina to sigh. Nina told Bryan that his assumption of Ulrich having "Stockholm syndrome" was correct but forgot to mention the lesser known inversed "Lima syndrome" which Chris is seen showing to Ulrich. Nina was than found by either Chef or one of the interns and was happy that her team won when William was the last to be caught.

Fear Fabrication: She's first seen running out of her cabin when seeing the blood on the ground and thought Chris was Edward from Twilight and got yelled at by a fan who made the joke first. She than saw her fear of goth punk and made fun of the face makeup Chris was holding and got yelled at by the same fan yet again. She is last seen at the elimination ceremony hugging William good-bye when he decided to leave the game.

Blah Blah Land: Nina is seen doing the challenge and made it all the way to the final two of the challenge and won it after Victoria spoke. She was last seen cheering when her team won since she was the last one staying silent throughout the problem.

Screw Balled Up: Nina is shown to be optomistic when they had to do the challenge and exchanged cross words with Nick. She was later seen sad that she might be voted off she tells Ulrich about her fancy art school in France. She was last seen at the elimination ceremony voting out Eriq and Tia which they didn't seem to be upest by.

The One With The Big Merge: Nina is seen enjoying volleyball with the others and noticed the out of character behavior between Ulrich and Nick. During the challenge she got second place only losing to Victoria who stayed on the board the longest. Nina sided with Victoria when the latter had a fight with Gennifer and pointed out that Gennifer lied to Chris. At the elimination ceremony she is called out second by Chris and was happy to be safe from going home.

Animal Distraction: Nina is shown with the others on their new tropical island and was surpried to see that it's the same island from Total Drama Tropics. Nina is next shown winning the mini challenge and chose the challenge that she and the other contestants had to do. She is than seen carrying a parrot and got to the finish line first winning the challenge. When Ulrich saw a large shadowy figure run towrds the beach she told Ulrich it could've been a smoke monster. After the elimination ceremony she joins Victoria in the bungalow they shared unaware of what happened to Chris.


  • Nina is the only contestant who has a family but doesn't live with them
  • Nina's biggest dream is to be a nurse
  • Nina has a facination with Chinese folklore
  • Nina is also an artist and gets money for her artwork

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