Nikki, labeled as The Homeless Girl is a contestant in Total Drama Pandemonium.

Fluttering Robins/ Charging Bulls/ Ruling Kings and Queens
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Ethan
Friends Kristen, Tessie, Ethan
Enemies Hugo
Fear Cars
Talent Living on the streets

Challenge Guide

Challenge One: She made it up the tree, but her team lost and she was safe.

Challenge Two: Kristen gave Nikki a makeover that she loved. Aliza slapped Albert in front of her and revealed her true nature to them. Her team lost, but she was safe.

Challenge Three: She was talking with Tessie, Brandon and Ethan. Ethan flirted with her, but she started crying, and then Kristen came after her. She told the story of her ex-boyfriend. During the challenge, Hugo was about to bribe Lyle, but she shot him.

Challenge Four: She and Tessie were the last people left on her team for the challenge. Her team won the challenge.

Challenge Five: She went in the window with Tessie, Ethan and Brandon. She was separated and ended up with Ethan and Albert. Ethan decided to let Nikki win the challenge for her team.

Challenge Six: She was sad when Ethan was eliminated. She was chosen to be on the Charging Bulls. Her team won the challenge.

Challenge Seven: She went with Tessie during the scavenger hunt. Her team won.

Challenge Eight: She did not need to participate in the challenge after Calvin won the first event. Her team won and she qualified for the merge.

Challenge Nine: She worked with Tessie, and the pair juggled. She was safe at the campfire.

Challenge Ten: She went with Beverly and Calvin. She yelled at them multiple times, and was safe at the campfire.

Challenge Eleven: She worked with Aliza and Arianna, and got the woodpecker for them out of the tree. She won the challenge.

Challenge Twelve: She complained about painting nails in the beginning. She won the challenge for invincibility in the bike race, after Derrick crashed into a tree.

Challenge Thirteen: She was telling some of the girls that Kaylee leaving happened, and nothing was going to change that. She fell off the pole, losing the challenge. She made it to the final five.


Ethan- He flirted with her on day three, but it was to little avail. He tried many times after, but it didn't work. He admitted his crush at his elimination and she said that she had known.

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