Nick, The Athlete, is currently competing in Total Drama Pop Stars and was on Team Sopranos and The Stealing Racoons.

Nick (TDPS)
Team Sopranos

Stealing Racoons

Merging Surviors

Nick (TDPS)
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Girlfriend
Family Father and two younger Brothers
Friends Tia and Ulrich
Enemies Chris and Victoria
Fear Losing
Talent Sports


Nick is the oldest of three boys as well as the biggest of the three which causes Nick's younger brothers to look up to him, literally! Nick is also the tallest person in his family as well as his class in high school which is good so Nick can play basketball. Any of Nick's coaches will tell you that Nick maybe a big and scary looking guy but he does have his softspots one of which is singing. Nick's girlfriend found Nick an application form for Total Drama Pop Stars online and had him sign up for the show. Nick's dad doesn't think singing is a valuable carrer but Nick thinks it's nice to have something to fall back on. So root for Nick to win Total Drama Pop Stars so he can finally move away from his dad and live with his girlfriend.


Meet The Singers: Nick arrived second and was disappointed that they had to stay in a rundown music hall. Nick smiles when Tia walks up after she arrived and laughed when Ulrich told Victoria she has a nice personality. Nick also wasn't happy when Victoria said that she's better than everyone else. Nick along with the others were upset when Chris lied and revealed the challenge. Nick along with seven others became apart of Team Sopranos after they won the challenge.

Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again: Nick voted Marissa off after Sam withdrew from the game and wasn't sad to see her go. Nick faced off against Bryan for his team and knocked Bryan out after only a few seconds in the ring. Other than that Nick didn't anything important for the rest of the episode.

Wild It Up: Due to Xavier quitting Nick was excited when Chris stated that they'll be changing locations and that they will be on new teams. Nick thought up his new team name by admiring the racoon's stealing skills and saying how it makes a good hat. Nick's team won the challenge and picked the former Killer Bass cabin as his team's cabin.

Hide 'N Shrink: Nick didn't do much except for being annoyed with Bryan when he was looking for a hiding spot. Nick, along with Richard and Priscilla Joanne, voted Bryan off over Victoria since Bryan annoyed him with random useless knowledge.

Fear Fabrication: Nick was seen counting down Chris' arrival time which was right on cue when Chris appeared in a cloud of smoke. He was than seen questioning Nina's fear asking if it's a real fear which was comfirmed to be real. Nick was shocked to see his dad showing up and called him "coach" and revealed his fear to sing in front of him. He was later seen cheering when his team won since the other team had to vote someone off.

Blah Blah Land: After the challenge Nick is seen talking to the loser contestants he accidentally sat on a nail which caused him to yell. This caused Victoria to lose the challenge when she asked what made Nick scream in pain. Nick later tells Victoria why he screamed and she seemed to be very concerned which he didn't notice.

Screw Balled Up: During the race back to the camp challenge Nick led his team and crossed words with Nina during their race back to camp. Nick was later seen hugging Victoria when they got to be in the final six which he didn't seem to mind doing.

The One With The Big Merge: When Gennifer asked what Chris was doing on his laptop Nick says the Chris could be talking to his boyfriend. Ulrich is seen mad by this and Nick apologizes to Ulrich was called out of character by Victoria. During the surf challenge Nick got fourth place but wasn't show being mad by it and was happy that the last place finisher would'nt be leaving. Nick was called out third at the elimination ceremony by Chris and happily caught his marshmallow.

Animal Distraction: Nick is seen with the others on the tropical island enjoying it until Chris showed up and took part in the mini challenge. Nick got third place in the mini challenge when Nina and Victoria each got three questions correct. Nick was seen being chased by a jungle cat as apart of the challenge and was mad that he lost. After the elimination ceremony he along with everyone else was unaware that Chris was missing leading into a cliffhanger.


  • Nick is the tallest contestant on Total Drama Pop Stars
  • Nick is the only competitor to be dating someone outside of the show

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