Newton is a character labeled as The Genius in Total Drama Idiots.

Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "?"
Place  ?
Relationship  ?
Friends  ?
Enemies  ?


Newton has always been advanced in learning since he was a baby. At the age of two, he could count to a thousand and was attempting first grade math. Due to this, Newton skipped three grades but kept it a secret because he was also very tall for someone his age. After that, he learned at the same pace as everyone else while taking some AP classes just like any other student would do. Due to being smart, he didn’t have any friends at first. After a while, he started to gain some friends that soon turned into best friends like any normal person would have. Right now, he’s a high school senior even though he could be a freshman. Even gaining some good friends, he still hasn’t told anyone. He still isn’t very social but has gained few social skills on the way. He joined Total Drama Idiots to gain money for his family and for college. He also hopes to be more social.

Total Drama Idiots


Audition Tape

A camera pops on with a genius looking guy in front of it.

"Why hello," the genius guy says. "My name is Newton and I am very smart and a very good candidate for the show. Well, that wouldn't actually be correct because this is a show about idiots and a very good candidate would be someone with an IQ of 100 or lower." He pauses and blushes. "The reason I am trying out for this show is to help the lesser smart people so they could have a leader. I also would like the cash for Harvard."

A random guys runs into the room and says, "Did you say Harvard?"

"Every time you say Harvard do you have to come in and sing a song?" Newton asks the older looking fellow.

"I guess I'm excited you'll be attending there next year even if the competition is cutting out of your school, son." Newton's father says enthusiastically.

"Okay, we'll this is weird now. Um... that's why I should be in Total Drama Idiots."

The camera turns off.


  • The picture was drawn by OHF.
  • He was named after Issac Newton.

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