Gender Male
Hair color Sandy Brown
Episode Eliminated "?"
Place  ?
Relationship None
Family Father, Mother
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Dragons, Ogres, Gelatin
Talent Pulling Pranks, Roleplaying

&nbsp Neil is a character labeled The Court Jester. Neil has yet to appear in a story


Neil loves to have fun. Unfortunately for his classmates, Neil's brand of fun usually means trouble for others. Neil is a notorious prankster, known for his classic trick, rigging desk chairs to collapse when sat upon. Neil's "class clown" reputation is so fierce, that while he is seen as hilarious to those who are not victimized, those who are end up despising him, and shunning him from their group. None of this bothers Neil though, and he continues his pranks regardless of their impact on his social life, which actually is not as bad as it appears. When he is not pranking, Neil is a member of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign hosted by one of his friends. True to his actions, he plays as a Bard, boosting the team's morale with his songs and his jester-like tomfoolery. Neil takes his role as "court jester" seriously, and he even bought a jester costume from a local Renaissance Faire to wear during campaigns. Neil auditioned for Total Drama to have fun, and find new people to prank.


Neil was created by The Anonymous User.

Neil's image was drawn by Reddude.

Neil's fear of gelatin is a reference to an infamous monster in Dungeons and Dragons: The Gelatinous Cube.

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