Nathan (TD:W)
Team Cool
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated "TDW: He's Controlling Them,

The Final 5...or 8?"

Place 13th, 7th
Relationship Holly
Family Mother, Brother
Friends Brandon, Zach, Warren
Enemies Cody, Wesley
Nathan is labeled the Fun Guy and competed in Total Drama: Westside.


Nathan has always been the life of the party and has made the meanest people break a smile. He signed up for Total Drama because he thought it would be a lot of fun.


Episode 1: He arrived happily and ended up on Team Cool with Brandon and Zach. In the challenge he was actually pretty good until he eliminated himself by running off the edge while trying to tackle Cody. That night his team was safe from elimination.

Episode 2: He made an alliance with fellow team members Brandon and Zach, along with Warren as well. In the challenge he was the second eliminated after he was laughing at Wesley, who fell before him. He was once again safe that night, unfotunately his alliance member Warren was voted out.

Episode 3: He started to realize that his team needed to win the next challenge or they would be in trouble. He made it to the final two in the sleep challenge but ended up passing out after he ate all the food losing it for his team. His team was then put up for elimination by Wesley, because they were seen as a threat. He thought he was safe that night because Brandon had freaked out on Cody, but Jordan had lied to Cody so Brandon would be safe and Nathan ended up being voted out.

Episode 8: He returned to the island along with Warren and Brandon. He made an alliance with them again and they tried to recruit Jordan again and the prayed that he would come through this time. He did when the vote ended up being a tie between Nathan and Austin in a 4-4 vote. However, it was revealed to be a double elimination and so Nathan was eliminated again anyway.

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