Nanny Renrut
Nanny renrut
Gender Female
Hair color Gray
Relationship Nalyd's Unknown Father (Broken up, possibly divorced), Mr. Tollin (Married)
Family Nalyd Renrut (Son), Unnamed Husband, Amy Pasti (Granddaughter), Elmo Renrut (Grandson), Matt Tollin (Step-Son), Mr. Tollin (Husband)
Enemies Nalyd Renrut, Ravioli Pasti
Talent Bothering her son

Nanny Renrut is the mother of Nalyd Renrut and is a recurring character in several fan-fics.


Nothing is known about Nanny Renrut's early life. (Nalyd has been quoted saying, "She lost her birth certificate over the centuries." Her first name is also unknown.)

She has said that Nalyd's father never loved him.

She is a fan of cage fights.

She married Matt Tollin's father shortly after he divorced his wife.


  • She is a parody of Benny Lopez from George Lopez, and Nanny Moon from Frasier.
  • She is known to speak with a stereotypical "elderly-Jewish-woman" accent, and her catchphrase is "Oh, darling."
  • She is a parody of how her creator pictures his own mother in thirty years.

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