Gender Female
Hair color Red (Dyed)
Episode Eliminated "?"
Place  ?
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father (Walked Out)
Friends  ?
Enemies  ?
Fear Prejudice, Peppy Freaks.
Talent Depressing Others.
Monica is The Gothic Girl of the group.


Monica has always felt like happiness is pointless. She feels like it only brings dissapointment. Although she's had an alright life, she still felt like bad things will come. She never feels anything happy will happen. She doesn't understand how anyone can be so happy during bad times. Monica likes being a goth because then she can she can fully be herself. Monica also has a dirty little secret, she is bi-sexual. She only hangs out with gothic girls. The thing is, she has a crush on one of them. They dated for a while, but their friends found out about them, their group of gothic friends alienated them from the group. The girl Monica dated now hates Monica. Her parents are also ashamed of the fact that Monica is bi-sexual. Monica doesn't get them. They loved her before her secret was found out, why change their opinions of her now? Monica is now very depressed. She doesn't feel like anything good can happen.

Monica joined Total Drama: The Production to get away from life.

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