Miranda is labeled as The Weird Girl in Total Drama States.

Western Cowboys

Southern Belles

American Travelers

The New Miranda
Gender Female
Hair color Purple with Black Streaks
Episode Eliminated "You are now the American Travelers! "
Place 12th
Relationship Nik
Family Father
Friends Nik, Kassi, "Zoo-Zoo", Josie, Ryan, Mari, Charlotte
Enemies Sophie, Chuckie
Fear Bees
Talent Cooking

Chapter Guide

Chapter 1- Miranda introduced herself, and was picked on by Sophie. She was seated with Josie. She voted for Tonie in the Pre-Game Immunity Vote. She was put on the Western Cowboys. She did not race, but her team won.

Chapter 2- Miranda was confused as why Earl said to not go to the lakes in order. Her team arrived at Lake Superior third. Her team won immunity, but not the gourmet dinner.

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