Mina is a contestant in total drama Slasher and a compulsively competitive player , she is known as "The

Team terror
Gender Female
Hair color Purple(NOT natural
Relationship Mike(One-sided)
Friends Nobody but herself
Enemies Gwen-Terry-Zoey-britt
Fear Armadillo
Talent Running
competition" and has many skills


Mina could be similar to jo though she starts out kind she eventually develops into a competitive Winchester who uses all assets to win , she is shown to be a trickster and mean queen m


Mina was born in California and was given a "win meter" go keep her in lib..She could only do fun things if she at least won something..this forced her over the edge and she eventually gained Hythe cheated love of her parents..and a hate Dr sling , Mina signed up as a contestant for slasher but she forced her team into a center and was voted out..or not , she'd eventually come back do to the "revival gift" 

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