Flabby Jowls

Milo new

Gender Male
Hair color Blue Mohawk
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Parents
Friends Shawn
Enemies Dolph
Fear Giant Cats
Talent Swimming, Skydiving, Doing Dangerous Things
Milo is labeled as The Wild Guy in an upcoming collab.


One might say that Milo has an active imagination. At school, he rarely pays attention, and he mostly doodles in his textbooks. Milo also loves to party a lot, and is known as the party guy of his school. To people outside his school, Milo is a very strange boy. He once said that he was reincarnated as a human and was a fish before, and his two best friends were also fish. He also said that he lived in a fish tank in a pet store and went to a place called Freshwater High. He thought that all his classmates were fish, but he didn't remember what any of them looked like except this one who looked like a contestant from Total Drama Revolution. Milo's cousin, Ori, is also a very "special" boy. He has violent mood swings and a disturbing and embarrassing dad. Milo says that if he doesn't get enough water for a few minutes he begins to flop around on the ground and gasp for air, but nobody has ever seen this happen. Because of this theory he carries around a water bottle and drinks it basically every five minutes. Sometimes he talks about his friends Bea and Oscar but there are no people at his school with those names so nobody knows who he's talking about.

Milo joined Total Drama for a wild and crazy time.


  • Milo is based on Milo from Fish Hooks. His bio contains many references to the show.

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