Mike was a contestant on Total Drama Pahkitew Action.

Episode 1:

Mike came in happy with Zoey. He had defeated Mal, and he wanted to go far to help Zoey. But Zoey was placed on the other team, so he had to wait until he made it to the merge. The first episode he made an alliance with Scott, but the alliance never made it that far. The team won that night.

Mike (TDPA)
Polar Bears
Gender male
Hair color black
Episode Eliminated "Dont Touch Me!"
Place 13
Relationship Zoey
Friends Zoey, Staci
Enemies Heather, Scott

Episode 2:

Mike was taken right away by Chef, but no one noticed. The team won again that night, so he stayed another episode.

Episode 3:

Mike was chosen to be a loner, and Chris had to hide the Polar Bears. The challenge was like a challenge where everyone tries to get away from the weird loner. Mike was chosen, because Heather thought he had no friends. He didn't try to find the team since he was depressed about it. He lost for the team, getting himself eliminated.

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