Mike's saviour is a story set during the episode "You've Regatta be kidding me!" but Mike and Zoey's roles are swapped. The story is told in Mike's Point of view.


"Paranahs! Dead ahead! Snappy, toothy, paranahs!" Cried Scott as we head toward the finish line. "And Zoey! We might just catch up!" Said Cameron as we held on. "But who are we going to catch up to? If only there was someway to find if she's really Zoey and not some sneaky alternate persona." I told my best buddy. "There is one way. If you put yourself at risk." Said Cam. "Yeah. That gives me a really crazy idea. Wish me luck." I said and grabbed a pole. I used it to hold myself above the paranahs. "Mike! No!" Cried Cam. "ZOEY!! HELP!" I cried. But there was no response. "ZOEY!!!" I cried louder. Inside Zoey's mind, She must've heard me. "Mike? Mike!" She said. But she suddenly bad again. "HELP!!!" I cried.

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