Mike, labeled as The Underachiever is a contestant in Total Drama Pandemonium.

Arching Lions/ Slithering Cobras
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Chapter Seven: A Very Un-Inspired Challenge"
Place Fifteenth
Friends None
Enemies Beverly
Fear Overachieving
Talent Being lazy

Challenge Guide

Challenge One: Mike only made it up the tree because Aliza blew a kiss to him. His team won.

Challenge Two: Mike was playing cards with Tessie, Rick, and Kaylee. Beverly practically tackled him for dropping a piece of paper in the woods. His team won.

Challenge Three: His team won the challenge.

Challenge Four: His team lost the challenge, but he was safe.

Challenge Five: He argued with Kaylee about picking up some trash. He went with Kaylee and Pam in the challenge. His team lost, but he was safe.

Challenge Six: He was chosen by Rick to be on the Slithering Cobras. His team won immunity.

Challenge Seven: Although Mike was able to locate his item, Arianna proved to have feelings for Derrick, when she voted Mike out over him.

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