Mikayla (TDJ)


Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Fear Isolation
Talent Holding the Spotlight
Mikayla is labeled The B-List Actress in Total Drama Jamaica. She is on the Fiyah team.


From the moment she burst out of the womb, Mikayla was the center of attention. She demanded it with the constant crying, the adorable giggling, and the occasional baby-barf. As she grew up, she simply never lost her attraction to the center of attention. She was the lead of every middle school production, the starring role in every high school musical. She passed high school with flying colors and went to Juliard for college, where she got her degree in theatre and moved on to film school. Now a B-List Actress, Mikayla hopes to be one of the big-shots someday. She is sponsored by many products who want to help her get there.

Mikayla joined Total Drama Jamaica to spread awareness of Mikayla.

Audition Tape

Mikayla was standing in a small apartment. "Hiiiii!" she said. "Well, I'm Mikayla, and this is my apartment! Of course, you can see, it's a little small... but today, Total Drama Jamaica, I am giving YOU a chance to improve my life! This is a favor, you know. I'm going to be famous someday. Of course, if you want a little preview to the next 5 years of your life, take a look at Man of Bronze! I had 3 lines in the soon-to-be-famous coffeeshop scene," she said, winking. "Now. Why should you pick ME for Total Drama Jamaica? My firecracker personality  and potential! Oh, and speaking of firecrackers, make sure to buy yours at Adam and Co., Explosives Galore! See, I could go on and on, but I think I don't need to. I speak for myself." The camera cut to static.


  • Credit to Toad for the picture!
  • Man of Bronze is an obvious parody of Man of Steel.

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