Michael is labeled as The Normal Guy was one of the 16 contestants on Total Drama Chaos.

Raging Raccoons
Chaotic Fighters
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "The Supermenace and the Manipulative Princess/Couple Up"
Place 13th/7th
Relationship Kaitlyn
Friends Kaitlyn, Jenika, Clair, Dawson
Enemies Joe, Teresa, Todd, Paul
Fear Bad people
Talent Making friends, Being nice to people


Michael has a lot of friends, however, he is the only normal one. Alot of them are insane or stereotypical. Before Michael joined Total Drama Chaos, he was a safety officer. He became a neighborhood hero after his first week when he saved an old man's life and stopped a bank robbery by himself. He is also very smart, so smart, he was able to skip the second and third grades. A lot of second and third graders became jealous, but they started to befriend him after two days. At the age of twelve, he had a girlfriend named Nicole, but he soon broke up with her for being too nice. At the age of 16, he joined Total Drama Chaos for three reasons. One, to fall in love with another girl, two, to win the money, and three, to have a fun time.