Meredith (SS)
Clam Chowders


Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father, Brother
Fear Parking along the sidewalk
Talent Entertaining Cats, Dancing

Meredith, labeled as The Goofball, is a character on S.S. Total Drama. After S.S. she became co-host of low-budget reality show Hostage along with Patricia.


Meredith has a tendency to be easily distracted by silly things, and is not the brightest bulb out there. Once, Meredith was playing with her cats but went outside to see a parade that was taking place on her street. Meredith stayed there for twenty minutes, and only when she got back home, she noticed one of her cats was in her head all this time. One of her biggest frustrations is learning how to drive. Meredith has had many classes with her father, but still haven't mastered that skill, she never gives up, though.

Meredith joined Total Drama to have an experience in a cruise ship and possibly win a million dollars.


  • Meredith was originally eliminated right before the merge.

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